Mueller Report is Complete

The first part of this prediction is complete. They imply a financial scandal approaching. However the timing seems uniquely odd as they talk about a Monday. In another old post they also mention July?
Predictions 1-11-18 

Predictions 3-7-18 No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication!  . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass.

Through the lense of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me.

It will cripple his leadership

World Predictions 3-22-19 On a Monday Mueller report… it’s highlight money, money, money… cashes in.

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  1. This didnt actually cripple or damage trump presidency, this probaly helped him for the 2020 election because it showed the democracts cant find any dirt on trump

    1. Another prediction here says Trump will resign, so what’s coming does in fact “cripple his leadership.”

      1. He won’t. I predicted a trump win years ago, and am told still by spirit he will win the next election. I’m not biased, am not an American, don’t live in America and care nothing of American politics. If you look at all American psychics who predict against trump they are left leaning and have skin in the game, so biased.

    2. William Barr: “Although my review (Of the Mueller Report) is ongoing, I believe that it is in the public interest to describe the report and to summarize the principal conclusions reached by the Special Counsel and the results of his investigation.”
      What Barr has released so far is an opinion based on a quick read of the concluding page of Mueller’s full report. The fat lady hasn’e even entered the building yet, so it’s too soon to make opinions either way.

      1. So true Pete!
        The Mueller report will speak for itself!
        The report must be fully released – with the necessary redactions – but no way should have Barr put his ‘political’ opinion into that letter-
        The whole point of the Special Counsel was to get someone to investigate who was NOT a partisan player- and that is why Robert Mueller was there.
        Barr auditioned for trump, selected by trump and did his job for trump -but making conclusions it was not his place to make- and speaking for Mueller was not his place.
        barr should have sent the muller report straight to Congress -without shading Mueller’s report with Barr’s already biased opinion.
        Throughout 2018, Mueller handed off cases to other districts, and there are also other indictments in the pipeline to be unsealed –
        It will be interesting to see how this all plays out-
        There is even a Mueller Grand Jury still going on in full force in Wash DC — as of today!!

    3. Collusion or not, Trump has done so much damage to our country and the world while lining his pocket (and his family’s), not to mention his current mental state and intelligence that do not deem fit to be in any leadership position, let alone being the leader of the free world, and his petulant behavior that even some of his supporters cringe at. So I don’t understand why there are still people blindly supporting him. It’s not a matter of left vs right, it’s a matter of common sense, kindness and human decency (none of which is exhibited by your beloved Trump)!

      1. Ethan, -I could not agree with you more !
        I had a peculiar dream about trump the other night, I entered a restaurant, there was a long bar and trump was sitting there alone, his back was towards the rest of the place…
        I noticed there was a large HOLE on the back of his jacket on the LEFT side, I approached him and thought of tapping him in the back to notify of the hole , then thought I better not…very symbolic once again !

        a few weeks ago had an equally disturbing dream about Putin, he showed a massively long receipt re all the money he had spent…

      2. MiIla, maybe the hole in his back, on the left side behind his heart; might represent all the people that have stabbed him in the back since he became president.

        The media, former friends, business associates, and opportunists like Avenatti.
        When you are in a position that high in society, people will take advantage of you and your position to further their own career and financial advantage.

        That is why many former presidents have called the WH the loneliest place in the world.

  2. No-one knows yet Anonymous how future revelations will affect Trump, partly because we haven’t seen the Mueller report, we’ve only seen the Barr report, and partly because the prediction about the scandal (above) has not happened yet. Unless of course it is in the report and Barr has covered it up.

  3. Guess it must be pretty scandal to cripple his leadership. AG Barr – who was appointed by the president to protect him – also said in his letter of the Mueller report that it does not exonerate him, Barr likely mentioned that since he knows Mueller will likely be called to testify and will likely disclose things which do not exonerate the president.

    1. Every president can choose their own AG..How did he do anything different that all of those before him Cody?

  4. Since the financial scandal approaching is what cripples his leadership, do you think it’s that that causes him to resign or what the Russians release about him in October? I believe the Russians might just release embarrassing stuff on him regarding Russian prostitutes, however I’d it be more than embarrassing if the president is associated with the prediction about the prostitute becoming ill/dying and then it being covered up by the Russians

    1. Russia won’t release anything, just like America won’t release what they have on other leaders. No evidence trump used a prostitution, and who cares if he did, consential sex. If you mean the claim of hookers and golden showers, already disproved

      It’s sad people are always looking to take others down, especially politicians. When you focus on the dark that is all you see, focus on the light

    2. It could but with there verbiage just implying a “crippling” I have doubts that it leads to him resigning for that reason. The main issue I have is July is pretty far away, so to say the Mueller report news is still thriving that far seems unrealistic. Personally there is something separate coming. But I am guessing here.

      1. Thank you Eric- Always! You and Spirit are always right.
        You shine God’s Golden Light for us every day 🙂
        Thank you for guiding us through these dark times!!

  5. Maybe the financial scandal is related to Avenatti, the lawyer that recently represented Stormy Daniels. Avenatti was arrested today for trying to extort $20MN from NIKE. Last week he told NIKE that he had derogatory information related to them and high school sports and if they did not pay him $20MN by today, that he would release his story and NIKE would lost $10BN in market value. NIKE denies everything. He was arrested today.

    He is also facing additional charges in an unrelated case.

      1. I fail to see how that is at all relevant to the Trump-focused prediction:

        “But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass.
        “Through the lense of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me
        “It will cripple his leadership”

    1. Avenatti is the gift that keeps on giving.

      Now, he is accused of not paying taxes since 2009.
      The IRS investigation is 200 pages long…….


  6. This is from Spirit’s predictions to me for 2019 and beyond. They support Eric’s info. I posted this at the beginning of this year:
    “May and beyond seems to be quite significant concerning Mueller pouncing. So it seems the first major indication of action from Mueller concerning Trump and his family will be mid year, possibly June.
    Even though there will seem to be enough damaging proof against Trump, enough for his removal or impeachment, it will not come to fruition this year. The rumblings amongst the American people, stirred on by the ‘close the enquiry’ brigade, won’t get their satisfaction till at least 2020.”

      1. Hello Eric and SWC –
        Pete Medium is absolutely right! Thank you Pete and Eric.
        Eric- you and Spirit are ALWAYS right- no matter how long it may take for the prediction to materialize in earth time-
        I remember clearly you and Spirit predicted (perhaps it was last year or the year before ) about Brexit NOT going through and today- the UK is in chaos, and Brexit and the alternatives that the Parliament offered were all rejected in a Parliament vote!!
        Eric- Again your Brexit prediction seems to be taking shape, slowly but surely.
        here is the Brexit news of today—

  7. Also from Spirit’s predictions for this year:
    “Spirit has said America, and indirectly the world at large, had to have a Trump in order to bring the American people’s attention to the massive corruption that got him President in the first place. The entire legal profession, especially their honesty and moral scruples, will come under close scrutiny. If not for the corruption, the deception, the lying and the powerful manipulators of the law, whose vile power has infested the world, there would not have been a Trump, or those that have supported him right through his life.
    It will be Trump’s Presidency which will cause the numerous investigations, hearings, and specially instigated tribunals necessary for a complete review of the American Political System, including the deliberate undermining of the American Constitution, and all that America originally stood for. It’s effects will ring loudly all around the world, toppling corruption in Governments and generally bringing a new ‘status of honourable thought’ to the peoples of the world. He was and is the necessary evil needed to bring about the coming changes in the world over the next twenty or more years.”

    1. Thank you petemedium for reminding us of what Eric and you have predicted since Trump got elected! It is so frustrating to hear people still defending Trump! The purpose of his election was to WAKE PEOPLE UP TO THE WORST KIND OF CORRUPTION in our government! Thank you Eric for your courage to expose the truth! Everyone please be aware that we are being pitted against each other via social media by Russia and China! Both these countries leaders WANT US TO FAIL. We must overcome our differences and unite or they win.

    2. I triple the thanks to you Pete-!
      your reposting of Eric’s predictions make so much sense and bring much more understanding and – a roadmap of sorts – to what is going on right now today!

      This is so very true- thank you for reposting this from Spirit!
      “Spirit has said America, and indirectly the world at large, had to have a Trump in order to bring the American people’s attention to the massive corruption that got him President in the first place.

      1. let me clarify-
        Your own predictions aligning with Eric and Spirits’.
        thank you for your sharing. 🙂

  8. Like so many saying Hilary would win in landslide! Trump far from perfect, but in comparison to many politicians, he is perfect for our country!

    1. You’re right. Hillary could never have brought the US to the brink of destruction that America faces under Trump. Its the civil war Spirit has predicted that worries me the most. And I think Eric had something re a civil war in one of his predictions. My Guides see it coming from mid to late next year and over a few years after that.

  9. It’s interesting that my posts are always lost on this site when one dares to disagree.. and with facts none the less!

  10. I have studied political predictions by mediums a lot lately and they all seem to be inaccurate with a similar message. The message is anti trump and predicting constantly his downfall but he seems to continually overcome the onslaught. “Spirit” said Hillary would win across just about every left leaning medium I could find… only a very small few predicted Trump. Then boat loads of mediums predicted his downfall almost as if “Spirit” was angry it was wrong about Trump and the medium predictions accurately align very closely with the tactics used to take Trump down but inaccurately align with the results of those tactics. This leads me to believe that “Spirit” is not exactly who he or they presents themselves to be (a benevolent spirit just trying to help). If you believe in spiritual warfare, their are good and bad (and everywhere in between) spirits and if the spirits that mediums are talking to are so accurate on tactics but not results then “Spirit” is only able to tell us what they are trying to do but not what is going to happen. This leads me to believe that their are spiritual forces that want Trump out of the way yet their is other spiritual forces protecting him from the designed downfall. Let me be clear, I am not saying Trump is a good person and a savior appointed by God. Like humans, spirits are not 100% good vs 100% evil. They have agendas and motives like people. Assuming they are all perfectly benevolent because they poorly warn us coming disasters is naive. I say poorly because their warnings are so vague and subject to wildly different interpretations that nobody is ever saved by them but in hindsight they are thought to be proven correct. I think Eric means well as does Pete and other mediums postings in comments on their visions, readings and communications but they are not communicating with simple pure and beautiful spirits that just want to help humanity… if they were, the predictions would look quite different, IMO. The predictions seem more so designed to build a following of believers than to actually help humanity. And the only reason you build a following is to have influence over that following.

    1. is deeply saddening to me that you believe that Trump was elected because he is a good man and that the mediums that predicted this are the accurate ones. There are false prophets everywhere who fool even the most intelligent people every day. I have voted in many elections for different political parties. I am not a liberal or a conservative. I have made mistakes and chosen bad people and made excuses for them. We have to stop making excuses for narcissistic, evil, greedy liars who only care for themselves. I live very close to New York and have heard MANY true stories of good hearted people who Trump swindled money from. I know someone who works in the Whitehouse and I promise you Trump is a very dangerous, deceptive and selfish person. Eric is an extremely caring, kind person who only wants to help people. The Spirits who speak through him and Pete and others on this site have only our best interests at heart.

      1. I actually said the opposite of what you said I said. I literally said that I am not saying that Trump is a good person and a savior appointed by God. I also said that Eric and other mediums mean well. I think a lot of people on this site love to hear Spirit tell them Trump is every bit the evil man they think he is and want to hear Spirit predict his ultimate demise… that makes them feel better when we should all be looking for truth, not what makes us feel better.

        I just find it peculiar that these Spirits “sort of” know the future. I am not discussing political sides, I am pointing out the purpose of these Spirits seems to be missing the mark. They know the tactics being used to take Trump down but not the result of those tactics. That tells me that they are informed of the spiritual forces in play for the attack on this administration but they don’t know the outcome. They know the desired outcome but not the definitive future. They knew Hilary was supposed to get elected but then somehow that plan was foiled. How does “Spirit” sort of know the future? Set aside politics for a moment. Or just pretend for a moment that these accusations of collusion and fraud were made against Obama instead. Would you still consider Spirit benevolent if it were pro Trump? Wouldn’t it concern you that “Spirit” only sort of knows the future but then can be so wrong or so vague that nobody can actually be saved from the disaster coming. I’ve been following Eric for years and I may have missed it but I can’t name one time that “Spirit” has actually saved someone from something because their prediction was clear enough to act on it. Does that not concern anyone? I find it odd that “Spirit” is such a politically left leaning being. Hundreds of millions of babies have been killed due to abortion, each baby having a spirit that cries out in pain as it’s body is picked apart or crushed in the abortion procedure. Spirit has never called out this tragedy (I searched this specifically for this example)… does Spirit think these babies don’t have a soul till their born? Is Spirit more concerned about a woman’s choice? How conveniently progressive of Spirit. Spirit is very in tuned with Republican scandals but rarely sheds light on Democrat scandals… why is that? Is Spirit in favor of the democrat party’s policies because I would have thought all politics to a spiritual being would be divisive and petty compared to the bigger picture.

        Why doesn’t anyone ask challenging questions on this site? I just don’t think this is all adding up.

  11. prophac:On Wed 3rd January 2018 just prior to my preparing the predictions for that year, I received this message from my Guidance.
    “Our Messages to those gifted ones amongst you this past few years have been wanting to say the least. Predictions that were foretold didn’t even come close in some cases, while other major event were seemingly completely missed. This included Donald Trump’s election: We had Hillary Clinton as President, but with a most difficult of Presidencies, ending with her having to leave office because of ill health.
    This is primarily because the Liar energy has enveloped the world and will continue on into this coming year. However, the Truth energy will begin to grow again so that predictions will begin to become more reliable and accurate.
    What we are giving you, at this time, is the best on offer, considering said circumstances.
    So to those reading any psychic prediction this year, up until August, need to understand that even the best of Channellers will have a low rating of accuracy.
    The best We can suggest to you all is, survive the best you can through this troubled time until the later months of 2019 when the new energy begins to break down the Liar’s domain. Let Peace and Good Will always be your standard of living.”

    1. Pete,
      I am in total agreement with you. All of this corruption had to be exposed, even tho it’s putting us through a very tough time. I too cannot understand how anyone can support a man like trump. It is so in your face obvious how corrupt and dangerous he is. But, being angry at him and the people who support him does not help. I know, I was angry, but realized how destructive that was to me, not them. It only increases the negativity enveloping us. As hard as it is, we all must try and bring positive thought and light into the universe to help the spirits and to bring positive change. As far as mediums, tarot readers and such, like you and Eric, not always being accurate, there is a reason for this, I believe it’s due to two factors. One being the enormous amount of conflicting energy that your trying to read and two, because of free will. A person can believe he, or she, will do something, make a choice, one way and then change their mind and choose the opposite. Free will. America and the world is going through a very difficult and dangerous time. We all must be able to unite to help bring about positive change for all. Please, get rid of hate and prejudice. We are all of the same race. The human race.
      Pete and Eric, I have great respect for what you do to try and help all of humankind. I can’t imagine the stress that it can put on you.
      Blessing, love and light to all.

    2. I’ve read that message on your site. I understand your message that we are in a time of Liar Energy. My concern is that Spirit is getting it right on nearly every attack on Trump. Every topic on the media cycle that attacks Trump, Spirit isn’t missing the target on that. The Liar Energy isn’t blocking Spirit from seeing the latest controversy the media will be focused on. Spirit has seen nearly every media focused attack on Trump before it hits. Where Spirit has not seen clearly is the result of those attacks. Trump keeps coming out on the other side relatively unscathed other than the beating he takes by the media. Why does Spirit see the controversy clearly but not the result of that controversy clearly? It seems plausible to me that they see the controversy but not the result b/c they are behind the scenes influencing the message of that controversy thinking they will get a certain result but missing the mark.

      I know you and Eric just want to help people and you are getting messages that you think will help people so you are getting the word out. You also feel goodness and peace coming from these Spirits. I’m just surprised that a non-political spiritual being can make such positive comments towards liberal policies and be so negative towards conservative policies and politicians. Pete, as a politically liberal person, would you be accepting of a Spirit that was giving positive messages towards conservatives and their policies? Even though Eric says they don’t have a party, ever sense Trump was elected they have been very liberal in the their concerns and messages. Why is that?

      I personally believe the Spirit world is even more complex and deep than the physical world and not the Disney-like binary world of good and evil that we want it to be. I believe Spirits can be varying degrees of good and evil and right and wrong; they have personalities and motives and agendas and opinions. Eric has said that their goal is to stop a future evil world leader. They claim there is a creator God that these Spirits adore or look up to. The Bible teaches of a future evil world leader as well that God allows to rule till his time is up and maybe these Spirits want to stop him from ever coming to power because of the horrible things he will do to mankind. A good intentioned motive, for sure. On the flip side, this shows an arrogance of these Spirits to stop something a creator God has foretold as an inevitable event. Maybe these same Spirits have a sense of arrogance that they know better on a lot of things that a creator God may disagree with. Like, they may think God should be stopping humans from suffering in disasters but God allows it to happen. They only want to help but it’s not what the Creator intended. Maybe they are not omniscient and the creator God has allowed a man like Trump to take power for a purpose and they disagree with that. I’ve read another man accurately predict Trump would win and called him a modern day King Cyrus. In case you don’t know, Cyrus was an evil man (King of Media) but God used him for a purpose to re-establish the nation of Israel. Sometimes evil men are used for a purpose. Maybe these Spirits had a different purpose and want to get back on their plan for mankind and Trump was not part of that plan.

      Everyone on this site is going to not like what I’m saying but these Spirits are not all knowing Gods. They may have good intentions but I’m questioning if there is another explanation than the Liar Energy.

      I have a prediction based upon this theory. There will be a new financial based controversy against Trump in the coming months because that is the next plan but it too will be unsuccessful in taking Trump down. Once again Spirit will be accurate on the controversy but not the result. Trump will finish his term and not be impeached or resign. Let’s wait and see.

      1. prophac, it is extremely difficult for me to answer your very long post on someone elses site, even though Eric has been very generous in letting me state what I have to date.
        The simplest and quickest reply I can give you is that materialism, wealth building and the expansion of one lot of people at the expense of another is totally opposed to The Highest Realm. Humanity, world humanity, people as a family, is the core of The Highest Realm’s Love. There is no concept of conservative versus liberal within the halls of ‘Heaven’ or the Palace of the Highest Realm. Lying, thieving, cheating, invading, killing, promotion of one race of people over another has NEVER been sited in ANY belief pertaining to the ‘God’ teachings, in It’s purest form. By it’s very nature ‘conservatism’ is anything but conservative as ‘liberalism’ is anything like total liberal. Concentrating on the ‘earthly’ battles, using earthly terms, simply makes it harder for us all to perceive what The Highest Love has for us all, if we’ll only listen. We are all Channels of This Peace, but to Hear, we must switch off from the material within our soul. Meditation on a regular basis, with our core value attuned to this Peace is the only way we can ever ‘understand’ the fullness of this Love.
        So I hope that helps you to understand where I’m coming from, and if I don’t reply to any further posts from you here, it’s simply in respect to Eric’s site and those that visit here.

  12. So many others predicting the success of Donald Trump and his team taking out the tyrannical Powers That Be and then I come to this site and sure enough, the anti-Trump hysteria is still going on! These “spirits” sure seem like sound like leaking Adam Schiff and Crazy Nancy Pelosi.

    1. Fair enough, Pete… I appreciate your cordial response.

      The only thing I will say is that as a conservative I am not racist and love all people. I think it is a lie being perpetuated that conservatives favor one race over another. I help the poor and the less fortunate but I choose to do that personally instead of the policy of government doing it for me. I’m against abortion because nobody needs protection more than the unborn. I support capitalism because it helps all people increase wealth because economies are not a zero sum game where one making more means another makes less (at the expense of another). Our values are not so different… in all things do good, but society has taught us that the other side is evil when neither is.

      I wish you well.

  13. Eric/SWC … for those who are interested and want to get away from the cable news networks to a certain degree … here is a really good place to get some of your news from. This guy has 93,000 followers. His name is Brian Tyler Cohen and he can be found on YouTube. Watch all of it, he will sift through the lies being told.

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