Taiwan Train Crash

This tragic prediction has happened. Two train accidents back to back, one in India and the other in Taiwan. Unfortunately the prediction was never completed. Please pray for everyone in this tragic situation. — (Updated – re-edited)

Predictions 8-20-18  I had a visual of train tracks. Then another set of two train tracks.  Then their was a blackness around the background covering the tracks.

Predictions 9-2-18  “China.. train.” I had a visual of the number 2. Then they showed a visual of several Asian people worried about their loved ones, as they waited to hear news.


289 thoughts on “Taiwan Train Crash

    1. Star 48
      The reason finally surfaces lol..well that explains a lot. .so great to have answers..
      I only hope it’s not the source of Indian Ocean quake Eric predicted ..poor Mayotte may not fair too well. .
      Kansas oh that’s a 2.5m and early snows ..
      Everything is changing ..seasons coming arly and late ..but hey say it’s cyclic like that we have to adjust ..😯 oh OK we have no choice ..do we ? Mother earth and her sister weather must do what they must do ..we can temper it with prayer love and light ..but she does what she must..

    2. Oh wow yes that explains that doesn’t it. 😯 Well I hope that’s not the area the predicted Indonesian large EQ/tsunami comes from.

    1. Thanks Star48, that’s a really interesting article about the remnants of ancient continents there under Antarctica.
      Thanks for info on Campi Flagri also. Hopefully it will take a while recharging but I have my doubts lately.

    1. Jules 104
      Absolutely I Isaw that too..
      I wondered if if I if I was seeing things ..
      I DIDN’T get get a chance to inveterate as visitors came ..yes Thank you for posting ..
      It’s really odd

  1. Star 48 Jules 104
    Thanks star for strange sounds articles especially Antarctica ancient continents ..it makes me woder if that will be us in 1000 years time some of of our of our land of our land masses hidden ..
    Side note
    Just got another Italy flag Volare again ..

        1. Jules104,
          Not to worry…my self correct does that all the time…drives me 😜…when it is wrong…
          Glad you did not feel them..in the past 24 hrs in Oregon looks like a lot of eq’s over 2.5M

          I have been restless the past few days…I am trying to figure out my body’s responses to coming eq’s….
          Between Italy,NZ,CA…PNW…I am trying to nail something down…
          Of course I am laughing 😂
          One side of the ledger…upset stomach. Other side..Med Eq
          No sleep………. other side ..large Eq.
          You can imagine some of the combos! That is why I am laughing so hard…

  2. Star48 jules104
    Wow thanks star that’s some explosion for sukurajuma. ..yes I did miss that ..
    Glad you were onto it ..
    So funny you searching to place your eq body tones as I call them ..good luck with that .
    The tummy being emotional Centre what ever it is it sounds like it could be a emotionally provoking event ..location is always a round the world in an air Baloon journey .😜😶😔
    Jules I don’t even look at spell check errors any more I just adopted the attitude it’s a unique language spell checker users have between themselves 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Star48, (no reply box below) that sounds interesting and hilarious trying to figure out your bodies responses to EQs.🙅🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🤔 You’ll have to keep
    us updated on how that goes.😆

  4. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star the article on oceans subducting is so interesting ..it makes me think the I e caps melting replenishes some of that too.

    Singer and Kansas .
    Yes he says Flint Hills area is a watch too ..
    He says it’s still building to a more substatial tremor there ..not anything huge I’m thinking ..that’s me saying that..

    1. Star48, Rhona…sorry been busy with soccer trophy’s picnic bbq day. I love all of the links and info you’ve been adding though. Thank You!

    2. Star 48 Jules 104
      Oh wow those waves are just too much 100ft ..and shaking like earthquake what a trip.
      Aweful stuff ..some reaching Portugal. .

      Side note
      I’m a year younger today yay ..
      Happy retrograde to me Happy youthing as well ..hahaha 👍🎁🎁🎂🎂🎊🎊🎉

  5. 🎉🎂Happy Birthday Rhona!🎉🎈👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I hope it is a great one and that this next year will be filled with wonder, prosperity and good health for you… and your family.☺️🙏🏻😇🌟❤️

  6. Eric
    Thank you for a happy birthday
    From you 👻👻👻👻and Bea of course …

    1. Thanks Star48…I’m sort of wondering whether we are going to get an EQ somewhere on our West Coast over Thanksgiving. Seems like a lot of pressure being put on the plate.

    1. Jules 104
      There was evidence of something happening yesterday afternoon ..we went to harbour just south of here for lunch and both hubby and I noticed tide was a bit lower than normal ..
      We also felt as if something amiss and he is not usually like that..
      I also felt nausea and slight headache ..
      Our eldest son felt sick and headache yesterday.
      The area these two quakes struck is further south of the north they usually hit ..unusal area..
      Thanks for posting seeing as we were asleep when they happened ..will be watching …

    1. Star 48
      Seriously we dragged the woolies out this week
      We went from high warm Temps to plunging cold this week ..we are getting really cold . winds ….I can’t take it ..I’m terrible I the cold ..
      Brrrŕr I’m hugging my tea cup right now ..

      1. Hoping both of you are staying warm.🌬⛄️❄️ Thinking of you wishing we were all sharing a kettle of tea!🌈🍋🍯🍵☺️

    1. Wow great job by police and others there in AU! So glad they were watching them and acted sooner than later. I think this could fit in somewhere to one of Eric’s predictions…definite domestic terrorism I think.
      And I’d not want to be the landlords that were renting to them. Looks like their house got pretty smashed up.

    1. Rhona that’s amazing I never knew about this. I love how they preserved everything and turned it into museums and tourist attractions preserving the history. I’m not sure I’d want that big mine hole outside my front door though. That looks pretty deep.👀🙀Thanks for adding all those pics and info. Hope you are staying warm there. The weather is just all over the place lately. 🌴☃️☔️❄️☀️💨

  7. Jules104,
    It was in the 40 ‘s during the day..tonight it is 24 degrees
    tomorrow is 47 —
    tomorrow evening 27 degrees…mix of snow on Thursday…

  8. Star 48
    Thanks for putting terrorism.foiled on thread ..
    I Should have done that ..I thought about it but couldn’t think if it fitted any ..
    Putting on in general could have been the way to go if I had been more with it ..
    Thank you again

  9. Star 48 Jules 104
    I Isee a couple Argentina …Chile and Japan have all had deep is ones 4+ a watch for them ..

    1. Jules104,
      I have been looking..keep getting distracted..
      Having many posts about Hospitals….I will keep going….

      1. Star48, I was doing the same thing…many hospitals. It’s okay …just if you come across it. I was just curious what else was included in the prediction.
        Hope you are staying warm up there. ☺️

    2. Jules104,
      You must have been prescient….about Eric and hospital..11/21/18 at 6:24 pm…

      And now he is in a hospital …🎯🏆

      1. Star48, ha I’m not sure about that… but all I know is I start feeling this really odd feeling like that’s it…the puzzle pieces you know coming together, like someone trying to tell me something. It’s an odd thing that happens. I’m hoping I’m wrong on this. Thought schwoo Beas out of hospital but now Eric’s in so…🙏🏻❤️💫😥

    1. Jules104,
      Weather..Tonight: Rain and snow likely before 2am, then snow. Low around 31. Light and variable wind. Chance of precipitation is 80%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

      Thanksgiving Day: Rain, mainly before 1pm. High near 40. South wind 3 to 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.

      Thursday Night: Rain. Low around 34. South wind 3 to 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.

      And I have no Butter…ran out..

      1. Star48, oh my sounds cold up there. ☃️🌬💦❄️ Just rain down here, but plenty of it! I hope you are staying warm.
        I just bought an Amish butter roll…I’ll be right over!😉😆

    2. Rhona oh yeah I forgot about that one. But yeah it had to do with Eric watching tv while in the hospital and I think it was afterwards that the EQ happens. Thanks!☺️

  10. Ps that should read underbed….not belly ..
    I have links to others too many to link .
    Let me know more of what it’s about .
    Blessings to

    1. Thanks for adding Rhona. A very wise little girl and so tragic. I hope one of these days things will change for the better. Blessings.

      1. Jules star 48.
        Wow your right Jules it might well be the V…keeping watch over Vaniaminof..
        She really is bubbling away up there .
        Thanks star

  11. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Japan 🇯🇵
    The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has issued a Near-crater Warning for Akan volcano (Meakandake) at 03:30 UTC on November 23, 2018. The decision was made due to increased seismic activity at the volcano.


  12. Star 48
    It must be frustrating when they know the sulphur is there with no indication from where.
    I’m sure they will find out one way or another ..
    I hope all fair well in SF who wants to face that much rain …no siree it’s gotta be downer for them …water cycle is well and truly evident at present ..

  13. Star48, Rhona. Have you noticed the 6s going around? And the depth seems to be at 10 km. Could these be the smaller EQs prior to the bigger one?
    Also, I was searching for the dates for old predictions with numbers 24-27 last night and got a pop up again like people were getting. I am wondering if it’s attached to some old predictions. I had to delete my whole google chrome app and start over to get it off. Also I keep getting a drop down add over top of the search bar every time I get on the site at the top of the page. Have either of you experienced this?
    Blessings You Two😇

    1. Jules 104
      Yes absolutely getting ad blind at top of page when I come to site ..
      I thought maybe it was added after Eric talked to world press about pop ups ..
      It’s extremely annoying ..
      I think your right about the pop ups attached to old predictions I haven’t had any yet a but worried about it though it’s always on my mind .did it work reloading chrome .?is blind ad still there for you ..I can’t click the x to get rid of ad it just goes to the ad if I try ..
      I’m hoping the 6s in earthquakes are going to ease a bigger one you know more spread out .
      I think Australia is in for something ..
      Kryon was in Perth on weekend and in Hobart
      He hinted at loss of loved ones and earth movement or balancing ..reminded us when lived ones die they are just changing energy for 😨😲..OK hope we are in the clear here he said the same when in Queensland last week .
      Not the normal channel ..hmm
      Will be vigilant …
      Sending light to surround areas for easement .

      1. Rhona, I still have the add that is across the top of site and search bar. But I noticed there’s no ads on this one prediction except for that at top. But if I go to the main page with latest predictions I get ads. Odd. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyway… no deleting google app did not get rid of ads but it did allow me to do other things. It was one of those pop ups that say you won something and click okay etc. I couldn’t do anything even after clicking okay. Last time I did that it allowed me to click out of the add promo. But this time it froze the whole google app up. So was forced to delete it and start over. 😜 Oh well got it working now.
        Oh very interesting on Kryon channeling. Yes a rebalancing I think too. But still a worry and a watch for sure. Glad you are spreading light and love and being vigilant there in Australia.
        I too will be sending light and love for easement across the planet. Praying for a peaceful planet. 🙏🏻❤️🌏💫

  14. Rhona2 ,Jules104,
    No pop up at this time..had problem when first reported..( than fixed)
    .but not now….ummm. Will be watchful ..

    My eyebrow raised up — Kryon is preparing …his followers,and friends…

    Side note..
    (singer ref? ). Italy 🇮🇹
    Violent Tornado…
    A large tornado hit Rocca di Neto, province of Crotone, Calabria region around 11:30 UTC (12:30 LT) on November 25, 2018, causing significant infrastructural damage and leaving several people injured. This is the second tornado to hit the province in 5 days.

    The twister caused considerable damage to the Le Spighe shopping center and nearby houses, local authorities said.

    While the tornado remained far from the main urban areas, several people were injured and the infrastructural damage is high.

    Serious damage was also reported between Botricello and Cropani Marina.


    1. Star48, glad you aren’t getting the pop up at top of search bar. 😇 Do you get the ads on the main page and newer predictions? Maybe I’m doing something wrong.😕
      Wow two tornados! Those poor people in Italy. Glad it wasn’t in the populated urban areas. But still it must have been terrifying for them. The weather has just become very extreme lately. Praying everyone recovers quickly.🙏🏻

      1. Jules104,
        I had that problem when it first was reported… the pop ups with att/google?
        However it is fixed..?

        I have not had a problem with it since then.

        ..however have had an issue with my email acct…just today…
        Just now could not get emails..from my device
        ..something had affected my ability to sign in for the past 6 hrs.
        Just now fixed it..and added a safety feature with the organization…just in case…

        Too many bad people out there…

  15. Jules104,Rhona2,
    As many as 145 pilot whales have died after a mass stranding in Mason Bay on Stewart Island.

    There were two pods stranded at the southern end of Mason Bay, approximately 2km apart.

    DoC Rakiura operations manager Ren Leppens said half of the whales had already died by the time they were found and due to the condition of the remaining whales and the remote, difficult to access location, the decision was made to euthanise the remainder.


    1. Star48, Very sad! Wow can’t imagine having to be the persons to euthanize the remaining whales, I’d think very traumatic for them, though I know it’s the humane thing to do.
      I hope they can figure out what caused this latest stranding. Praying not a precursor for the larger EQ.🙏🏻

  16. Star 48 jules 104
    Thanks star yes that’s it the tornado in Italy is the more singer mentioned ..will let you know if more to come ..
    The pilot whales stranding earth move around there must have affected magnetics ..
    Shame so.many ..always sad ..

  17. Star 48 Jules 104
    Just received Oceana for next area to watch
    This is Pacific sth Pacific region including Samoa.. Fiji venuatu ..NZ and east coast Australia .
    It didn’t come by song from singer but as a whisper from spirit .
    Will confirm if singer chimes in .
    Thanks you two ..

  18. Star 48 Jules 104
    MEXICO flag from singer ..one flagger.
    Underneath the sun in Mexico song .
    Blessings he says within days …
    Blessings ..

  19. Star 48 Jules 104
    Odd ball one Marroco Marrakesh area flag
    Earthquake singer Says ..Marrakesh Express song came in .
    We will see..

    1. Rhona thanks for the heads up on Mexico and Morocco Marrakesh.
      Eric has a prior Mexico EQ prediction also doesn’t he? Think it was suppose to be big. Do you recall that one?

      1. Yes Jules I do recall it ..hope it’s not too big .
        Sometimes singer pipes in when one of Eric ‘s is close ..confirmation I guess .
        Marrakesh is out there though .
        😊😄thanks Jules .

    1. Star48, Rhona…I’ve seen some articles and programs on this before. Very interesting link here. I think this is confirmation yes. Most people don’t realize how important our oceans really are and what a fine balance we need for everything to work together properly for our planet.
      Wood stoves right along with food and water too I’m thinking.🙏🏻

  20. Star 48 Jules 104
    There is evidence in those tides that there will be another mini ice age so northerners best prepare …wood burners need installed everywhere…it’s a few years away ..maybe 10 15 years Kryon says ..but he warns Canada and Europe. ..
    Thanks for the article it confirms things …

    1. Current I should say ..funny I knew current when I typed but was thinking of tides so typed it ..

    1. Star 48
      Unbelievable moyette. ..it sound like no one knows what it was ..
      Ali of unanswered questions and research to do .
      Remember in 8th of November I lay on grass and Heard audible buzz or hum and felt weird ..maybe a prelude picking up the wave mounting ..it’s posted on China Earthquake thread on 8th November ..at 4.48…I think ..it’ is I remember feeling really tired and dimensional shift type of feeling ..like out of body type feeling ..really odd this wave occurred on 11th of November .. kinda bringing back the memory of it now quite clear .Thanks for posting .
      Hmm is right

    2. Star48, Rhona (oh I remember that lying on the ground buzzing). That is so interesting an article Star48! Wow. And so I watch this lady sometimes “psychic violetta” on YouTube. She is from Poland. Sometimes it’s hard to understand her or get a clear picture of what she’s talking about but she does seem to have a good track record and no ego you know? Very sweet lady. So anyway in a recent Q & A someone asked about Antarctica. She saw scientist watching something going on down there. Maybe she’s just seeing the magnetic shifting of the poles you know? I’m not sure though it seemed odd.
      Anyway I just found this all very interesting now and even more so Rhona with your feeling the buzzing coming from below on 11/11.

    3. Star48, Rhona. I should have mentioned my reply is in response to the ocean currents changes and Mayotte wave ripple around the world. It seems something is going on quite deep underground lately to me.

  21. Star48 yes I believe it could be that. She did not see any malice of sorts but mentioned the scientist were very concerned about it all.
    I remembered this just now though. There was a remote viewing video from the “farsight time cross project” I recall watching a bit back. In their remote viewing I think there were 2-3 remote viewers…they did actually see a manmade machine of some kind under the ice which one described as vibrating and being very dangerous and what another thought was like some sort of thing you get into and meditate and it heals your body which was from another time period or planet or such…as aliens etc. Now who knows…maybe these were two separate things they were seeing and who knows how accurate any of that is right? I did find it interesting though. Sort of like putting the puzzle pieces together as we go along you know? 🤓

  22. Jules 104 start
    Oh wow Alaska has been swarming as well.
    WILL be watching the Italy one very closely
    Singer gave return to me so g last night woke me from sleep with it on bedside radio .
    So flag there for sure ..
    This one is weird ..7m at km depth area 0.83 it says Noth Africa between Mali and Algeria ..
    Can’t find it on esmc..to copy ..and paste will look on another thread will post when find .

    1. Rhona I can’t find it. I keep looking too right Africa for orange dot. Maybe it changed already? I’ll talkyour word for it. Yes oddball. What they hey is going on underground? Something I’d say is coming that’s bigger.

    1. Star48, Rhona…I agree lots of watch areas. I’m feeling Alaska isn’t over. Or there’s another larger EQ that will be happening soon. I’ve had the 2nd on my mind but probably just me. Maybe some other thing happening?

  23. Star48, Rhona. That WV1 asteroid video simulation is amazing in the up close one with our moon. Well I hope nothing like that happening on the 2nd. It does make you wonder when it will occur though since there’s so many lately.

  24. Star 48 Jules 104
    Star thank you very much for taking a screen shot of Mali quake and sending to Dutch ..
    It seems no one want to know about it .
    ALASKA OH MY I’m with you Jules and Star can feel something really big coming just not sure where ..there’s a 9 about somewhere ..
    The asteroid on 2nd wow great video ..
    They just keep coming ..

  25. Jules.. star 48
    6.4m at 134km
    Felt in Darwin Northern Territory..
    Quite a tremor in N.T. they said..
    KANSAS STILL registering quite consistent ..

    Side note had a chuckle at Trump saying people thought he was like Elvis when he was younger ..and I’m Beau Derrick nah second thoughts more Doris Day hehehe😂😂😂😂😉👱💋💋💋💋

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,
      Has CA Eq,and Tsunami…ref..
      They are still talking about the earthquake in North California, the initial timing, wrong. But the riddle of its timing is the same. “3 circled, 7-3, 1:12, 3 is key, 3” I assumed it was a countdown. Perhaps October 3rd, or December 3rd,.. thoughts? They clarified that this event is separate from the expected Tsunami also predicted on the west coast, they also mentioned that it would strike the bay area but would affect a large portion of the eastern part of California

      1. Star48, Rhona…I think you could be onto it Star. I’ll go research that prediction and others. I’ve been wondering about the San Francisco area coming up next. Hopefully no West Coast tsunami yet. Also I watched a psychic David Johnson YouTube video recently where he mentioned CA and how they’d get no help…sounded like a natural disaster scenario. I thought maybe the fires but that wasn’t it I think. So maybe an EQ? Not sure what that was about. Just wanted to mention, it sticks in my mind a bit.

    2. Rhona oh Wow!…a 6.4 that’s rather large for Darwin, N.T. yes.
      I’m wondering could the Alaska EQ travel down the craton edge over to Kansas like it does sometimes. They may be in for a larger EQ soon. Or it’s just under a lot of pressure for something else coming in that’s pressing on our West Coast area right now.
      Ummm No! No Elvis…🤨don’t even go there right? Hahaha.😉 Oh I loved Doris Day. Love those old movies of hers. So funny.😆

    3. Star48, Rhona. Oh I think I misunderstood Rhona. She has it right…”felt” in Darwin Northern Territory. Oops my bad.🤭🙃 Sorry.

      1. Jules 104 star 48
        That’s OK Jules I needed to put Indonesia in there after mag ..oops .
        Yep only felt in Darwin ..
        I’m sure I heard that Alaskan earthquake was felt somewhere in the states ..like miles an miles away …
        I’ll c if I can find I’m curious now where they said

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,
      Wow…funny the did not mention Yellowstone….

      Lots of unrest..

      Strange..side note…

      US Fifth Fleet commander found dead in Bahrain 🇧🇭
      Being investigated…initial report suicide….hid background is from Notre Dame…( I don’t think suicide)


      (I had a friend who’s father was listed as a suicide with his hands tied behind his back…yeah..uh ha..)

      1. Star48, Rhona…Thanks for that info on Alaska Quake Rhona. Pretty cool.
        I agree Star… a lot of unrest going on all over.
        Wow very interesting. Something not right there with the Fifth Fleet Commander’s death…unless something’s been uncovered through an investigation or blackmail, something that we are not aware of yet.
        Notre Dame means he’s Catholic right? So no suicide is what you are saying?
        But really I don’t trust Putin, (maybe the Saudi creepo too, but not sure he’s smart enough) at this point in time and wouldn’t put anything past him, like creating some chaos for the U.S. and the rest of NATO right now.😤
        Praying for Admiral Stearneys family and loved ones.🙏🏻

  26. Star 48 Jules 104
    Volare… flag from singing ..that’s Italy .
    He is saying one flag only ..

  27. Star 48 Jules 104
    Just received north to Alaska song from singer .
    So it looks like ore on its way for up there ..one flag only ..

    1. Rhona2,
      Say a thanks to Singer…
      Will be watching for Italy 🇮🇹 and Alaska..
      Will Alaska be bigger one ? In the same area? Or volcano area?

      1. Hi Star
        Same area in Alaska increase in mag a tad..
        ITALY I think it’s a 5 + moderate damage
        Seems Napoli area ..but I’m not clear .
        Could be more central but an absolute

    2. Rhona, Star48…Thanks for heads up to Singer and yourself. I’ve been feeling a bigger one coming up north also… soon. Also there was a 4.1 NW of Sand Point, Alaska today at 201 km depth. Thought sort of deep for that area. Italy a watch too👍🏻😎

  28. Hope you can read this..if not it is anomalous magnetic event…will try again..
    It is on Planet X news…

      1. Jules104,
        Apparently,it did not or would not post..
        I sent it to you via email…I hope you got it?

  29. Star48, Rhona. I thought this channel from psychic David Johnson was pretty good. He has a good track record and it just reaffirms Eric’s predictions on I believe it was “the rats jumping ship”, “Trump being in the hospital”, “Trump eventually resigning” (I think there will be some sort of “deal” like Eric’s prediction said but with maybe the Republicans?). I thought you two might be interested.
    Also…Star48 have you heard anything from Eric? I hope he and his mom are doing alright. I worry about all the stress he’s been under. Praying for a better year ahead for us all!🙏🏻😇❤️

  30. Star 48 Jules 104
    Hi you two ..
    That quake Jules near me was only one of several on the 3rd my time I believe we had 7 spread out across my state WA but not all were reported only on geoscience Australia net..
    Most were 2s one three ..just reflects how plate is moving 2 in Northern Territory ..one near Adelaide SA and one near Sydney NSW.
    All pretty close in timing
    Star I received email on anomaly. .I’m like wow
    A magnetic shift of some sort but I’m curious to see if science figures the cause out ..as they are stumped ..
    Thanks Jules will check out video on predictions …definitely interested ..
    Oh my Xmas is near upon us ..
    Got all Mt decorations up ..
    We are not hosting this year going g to daughters so I’m having a Vaca from the chaos..
    Hubby will be away but home for New Years .
    2019 is just going to be the best for all of us
    Including Bea and Eric bless them with good health and vitality spirit…
    OK hugs you two 💓

  31. Star 48 Jules 104
    Yes New Caladonua is having a horrid swarm .
    Some are quite high ….
    Will check out what’s up ..may be volcanic .

  32. Star 48 Jules 104
    Hi I had a look at the lattitude and longitude of Mathew Island near Hunter Island New Caladonia ..Mathew is a volcano .
    22.21s lat
    The quakes are all around there same lat long
    Area…so yes it maybe magma or a watch for an explosion we will see .

    1. Hi Jules 104 star 48
      Jules yes Mexico remember singer gave a flag
      A couple week back ..so your not off base at all ..
      Thanks for adding link on islands I forgot to paste them ..
      Whatching Santa Cruz area ..

      1. Rhona I forgot about the Mexico flag from Singer. I think Eric mentioned Mexico too right? I just kept thinking Mexico yesterday…not sure why. Also just now, I noticed the Mayotte area has got a 4.8 EQ after Lombok Region got a 5.5. I recall Dutch mentioning once he thought something was blocked near Lombok area so the EQs were moving from the Padang/Lombok area over to Mayotte area. Wonder what that’s about? 🤔

    1. Rhona, Yes, I remember that about Singer and confirmation.
      Wow what a mess that is in that town. That’s just horrible. I agree we humans are just creating such an environmental catastrophe here on the planet for ourselves. It’s going to take a long time to fix it all. I always imagine what ding dongs humans must seem to be to other more evolved life forms in the Universe.👽😧😐

  33. Jules 104 start
    Wow three like that is just crazy star..
    Banda sea is a watch Jules ..and yes the bay area could be…when I saw it I thought o oh..look out Phillipines …Indonesia

  34. Star 48 jules104
    Just a note Ionian sea has been swarming over last several hours ..a watch for Greece and southern Italy ..

  35. Star 48 Jules 104
    Tyrrhenian sea Italy 3.4m at 423km
    A watch fir shallower higher mag near southern Italy ..or Italy west coast …or corsica …

    1. Rhona I saw that one also but got busy and forgot to add. Was thinking the same thing about larger one with that depth there. Thinking of Singers Italy warning too. I noticed a 5.0 EQ for Greece also this am. There have been so many places swarming I’m a bit worried for those “9s popping up all over” prediction. 😬🙏🏻

  36. Rhona2,Jules104

    Travels 650 feet inland..
    Speaking to Radio New Zealand from Port Villa, Masauvakalo said the water moved in 200 m (650 feet) inland, damaging a school in the village of Umeij and two or three homes.

    “The tide followed the river mouth. Those houses are standing by the river and got washed off,” he said.


    1. Star48, thanks for the link. Very interesting. I hope nobody was killed from that tsunami.
      It’s been a worry of mine (besides everything else like liquefaction etc.) for being in a river/bay area also. I know how that goes.😕 Though we are up a bit, I feel a person can’t ever be up far enough when you are right next to the Pacific!😧🙏🏻

  37. Star48, Rhona. Just realized this is happening…Army vs Navy Football Game, on Saturday the 8th, at 3:00 pm Eastern time I believe. Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Now this seems like a likely high target for terrorist attacks to me. Army Black Knights versus Navy Midshipmen. Remember the “black socks” in the football game attack prediction? And I know we’ve had Pennsylvania attack predictions. I’ll see if I can find anything that would be a match. Praying not.

  38. Rhona, Star48. Wait for the add to disappear. It’s quick. Then scroll down to “Game Day Festivities”…(letters get smaller.) There will be a “Fly over” at 3:08. Remember the while people are sitting in the bleachers and looking up something explodes under or behind the bleachers (I think) prediction? I’ll add next. I just don’t have a good feeling about this game. Probably just me. Also Trump will be there, does the coin toss and sits half and half on each side.

    1. Jules 104
      Yes I remember that prediction ..good catch
      It seems it’s tying in to the match and game ..
      Oh dear prayers love and light ..
      Hoping it’s foiled and none of the possibilities occur .

  39. Star48, Rhona…Eric added others under this one prediction. He also mentions he thinks there are different events/situations. So Boston is separate. Also remember the two football helmets coming together prediction, people watching football on a tv in a bar maybe? Just a lot of old predictions coming into play for me now. Did these happen yet? I’m now wondering if the US attacks are coming up. What do you think?

    1. Jules 104
      I don’t believe the football helmet one has happened yet so another watch there something is drawing near perhaps on time line ..

      1. Thanks Rhona. Star/Rhona…Looking at older predictions it feels like the US should be coming into the terrorist attacks (or home grown terrorist attacks maybe), time period to me. Then I’m wondering about whether the EQ or tsunami will be next. Remember Spirit said first the attacks then the EQ…didn’t they?

    1. Star 48
      Oh dear so many with evidence of sinking ..
      This is a really disturbing article hopefully it will not result in sudden unexpected catastrophe somewhere. ..earth plates are really changing in there thickness and density .

    1. Star 48
      now this is really an interesting point for me .
      A couple of months ago I saw strange geen light dancing around in south eastern skies here from my backyard ..exactly the same color. .onlyvtheyvwrre not stationery ..
      They travelled up to hights then dropped to horizon. .they did this several times ..I just shrugged and laughed and said hmph Aliens perhaps hahaha .
      I didn’t report as most of these things I see
      I just go with the flow and think if others see then maybe I will read about it ..
      IF it’s anything to worry about we will know soon enough ..

    2. Star48, Thanks for the link, that is really amazing. My first thought was how you will have greenish lights appear above the ground prior to an EQ. I hope they figure out what that was.

  40. Star 48 Jules 104
    Yes 7s going round now and deep ones ..
    Was surprised at the Sth Sandwich one being that high ..
    Feeling for some reason Indonesia coming up again soon ..we are having inclement weather
    So it usually indicates a disturbance ..
    We will c
    Blessings you two .💓

  41. Star 48 Jules 104
    Tanzanian Volcano I will certainly be praying sending live a light to those beautiful people .

    I saw the threat for east coast ..ah what a storm it could be ..love and light also to them ..

    Meteors abound …that was a bight and Texas
    Got a right show ..
    Blessings get and thanks for links .

      1. Star 48
        Oh my wow double wowee . ..
        It must have been one he of a collapse
        Major is right ..
        Oh poor Mayotte I hope it stays well for them ..
        That’s good to know they realistic what created the sound wave though..not the best reason 😟

    1. Star 48
      Yep interesting line from IL down to TN.
      She has definitely got some movement going on ..
      A watch ..

    2. Thanks for the EQ links Star48. I missed that 4.4 EQ. That’s getting up there isn’t it? Hopefully nothing big coming to the New Madrid area.🙏🏻

  42. Star48, Rhona. I’m getting a bad feeling these US attacks are coming up soon. The number 11 is in some of these and one mentions “in the National Capital”. I just got a feeling these old US terror attacks are coming up around the Christmas and NY holiday time period. An old prediction mentioned 26th and 27th of December. My thoughts are anytime between the 24th and 31st. But maybe it’s just me. Either of you feeling anything? I got Chicago, Boston, Wash DC. Praying nothing like a 9/11. Here is a link to some of the old predictions.

      1. Star48 maybe I’m picking up on what’s going on in Europe. It’s just despicable what some will do to others. Praying for France.

    1. Jules 104
      Great homework
      In keeping with Stars post below we just maybe seeing some activity from terror in this month or so ..
      I’m not personelly feeling anything at present .
      Though that is not indicative of the possibilities ..
      Praying a peaceful calm safe Xmas season for all ..hopefully any plans can be thwarted ..

  43. Jules 104,Rhona 2

    Back to back fireballs..

    NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office detected 33 fireballs over the eastern two-thirds of the Lower 48 Monday night. By triangulating their trajectories with their network of “all-sky cameras,” the organization can calculate a meteor’s track and velocity. Of the 33, six have since been initially classified as Geminids, and 25 remain undetermined.

    In the last few days, other fireballs were reported in Texas, Montana, Washington, California and Maine.


    1. Star 48
      It certainly looks like meteor prediction just may happen ..25 undetermined ,oh …
      Well that’s a sky show
      .everyone looking must be excited..
      Thanks for link

  44. Jules 104 star 48
    yay they were saying on our news we can expect to see a meteor shower tonight after midnight with naked eye . Will let you know what I see..

    1. Oh Etna not good. Especially seeing as Singer and Rhona are picking up on something too. Doesn’t Eric have an Italy out there also? Too much Italy going on.

  45. Star 48
    I posted about mysterious quake you posted and it disappeared too haha 😊
    I was saying how the Mali 7m one diappeared too..
    Wonder if they are just millisecond quakes and don’t register properly ..I don’t know just guessing ..
    Etna is giving one hec of a show here is hoping she doesn’t have a side blast that would be catastrophic ..
    Yes Italy featuring again ..they have had so much going on ..

  46. Rhona, Star48. Over your way Rhona. 2.1 WA 2 km depth.
    Also deep one…5.2 Bonin Islands Region Japan, 478 km depth.
    Was looking for the mystery EQ you added Star and caught these two.

  47. Jules 104 star 48. .
    nooo Would you believe thunder storm clouds came over and more of same this afternoon .we had 100°f yesterday.
    Everytime meteors come over it gets overcast here ..unbelievable ..

    1. Wow interesting. I know you’ve been watching that area Star48. That wouldn’t be good if there’s an eruption.
      I do remember that N to Alaska from Singer Rhona. I think we’ve all been picking up on something up there coming and now Eric’s bringing it up again…so that’s a watch for sure.

  48. Star 48 Jules 104
    Naples I see Campo friwgrei is there .
    Now that could be why singer has mentioned Napoli a few times ..even though they did have a rough time with floods ..
    Remember also Singer brought in on 3rd December nth to Alaska one flag ..so he and Eric again the same ..
    On the 30th November we discussed a possible 9 up there but when you look at it she has never stopped with the aftershocks they have neen rolling out of Anchorage are since last quake ..
    Oh dear when I read Eric’s last prediction I began thinking Anchorage be ready ..it may even be further south at Aluesians …
    Prayers love and light to them ..
    Blessings you two .

    1. Star 48
      Oh my goodness poor Messina that’s just awful I have not seen hail so deep even the the Sea Promenade ..unbelievable.

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      I’m just just reading Mascot Tennessee and Kansas City is playing on radio so maybe a watch from that area too ..

  49. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Volcano Eruption in Indonesia on December 16 2018 04:24 AM (UTC).

    Soputan, one of the most active volcanoes on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, erupted on the morning of Sunday, December 16, authorities said. The volcano, which first erupted around 3 am, emitted a plume of ash cloud that reached more than 9,800 feet above the crater, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). The government imposed an exclusionary zone of a 2.5-mile radius and increased the radius to 4 miles in the west and southwest areas, according to Sutopo.

  50. Jules 104 star 48
    Off shore Carnarvon West Australia. .
    5.6m at 10km

    Our tsunami warning feed put it at 5.9m no tsunami threat they say ..
    Here is a info link on township with map it’s about 1000km from Perth a very popular Vaca spot for seeing dolphins etc.

    I felt really dizzy an hour before and had to go lie down ..I new it was earth related and near ..I said to spirit oh something big is close to us and started searching..wasn’t till I rested got up and checked I saw it ..
    Hmm here is hoping that’s the end of it and not the beginning of Indian Ocean prediction ..
    All I got from singer was dolphins ..
    I should have twigged what he meant when I was looking for something close to Perth .
    Missed that cue..

    1. Rhona pretty interesting flag from Singer with the dolphins! Now next time you’ll know that’s where it is he’s talking about. Prett cool 😎

    1. Jules 104 start
      Yep its officially a 5.9m now JulesI clicked on your link from esmc
      And they upgraded it so first report you got was closer..
      Yes we are all good here I just hope it stays north ..
      But I have done all my preps and fingers x..

  51. Star 48
    I have no idea how some posts vanish but
    Once more
    Red alert is not to be messed with ..
    Amazing they didn’t see because of mist ..
    This could be a wide spread Hazzard. .
    Hope all stay safe .
    Thanks for posting link

  52. Star 48 Jules 104
    A thought occurred to me ..
    Here we have only had one aftershock for the 5.9m quake offshore Coral Bay..
    I don’t expect alot of them but hopefully it wasnt a fore shock ..

    1. Rhona, Star48… just now 4.3 Celebes Sea at 615 km depth. I’ve noticed some more mid 4s in the 240-260 km depth range in the same area of Indonesia also. Maybe a watch for now.

  53. Jules 104 star 48
    Yes an absolute wTch for that celeb sea and surrounding area ..I was concerned for the deep ones up there ..I missed the WA one .
    Thanks …

    We can move to another thread see if you guys like
    GREAT Portland London Fire 3 comments
    17th of Feb 2018 ..

  54. Star48, Rhona…
    6.2 Southeast of Easter Island, 40 km depth
    Also a 2.3 in Southeastern Missouri, 6 km depth
    Another Halmahera, Indonesia 4.6, 187 km depth.

    1. Rhona, Star48…I jumped the train😆🚂 and already left Taiwan for South Africa.
      Is it good for you too Star48? Star48 are you at the pub gettin a head start on the holiday season eggnog? 😉🎄🎁 🤣🎅🏻 Just a wee dram right?😄

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