China Earthquake

This prediction has happened, they made a mistake, instead of the 30th it was the 3rd, the video is below,  please pray for the people of China:

On the 2nd:  5.7 Japan, 5.1 Papa New Guinea, 5.2 China,
On the 3rd: 5.0 Visokoi Islands, 6.1 China

Notes on 7-26-14 I had a visual of a set of crackers all lined up. “Rolling quakes, rolling again and again.. in the islands.. and China.. around 730 (30th)” — Spirits Voice  The set of crackers represent multiple quakes happening back to back  around the same timeframe. It’s around the 30th so it could be a few days before or after.
“The Highway or bridge falls apart” — Spirits Voice




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