Predictions: The Gulf Hurricanes Coming

“The family.. 9.. handful will pass.. the large Hurricane will strike Florida.. they will say, we are staying.. no! evacuate!.. the storm will move slow and the flooding will be extensive.. you must leave, don’t be a fool!.”

In the visual the hurricane was really huge. They implied October, but I need to verify.

“In the gulf of Mexico a huge storm, it will drown the area of Mexico and Latin America in the worst way, so much flooding.” – Mid to late September

“Caution.. mudslides.. landslides.. after the floods.” They might be talking about Hawaii or Mexico.

“Six nuts at J Edgar Hoover”

Spirit added information,

Earthquake 7.4, it is really bad, very damaging :

I had a visual of a set of crackers circling a mountain or volcano. A set of crackers would imply a large earthquake.

I had a visual of a land mass that was either an island or peninsula. The land slightly pointed down. Then you could see a red dot blinking on it. Pointing to the location of the earthquake

I spent a good time trying to find the location that fits this message. I would continue to ask Spirit into the night and they said:





106 thoughts on “Predictions: The Gulf Hurricanes Coming

  1. eric can you ask for more details on the florida hurricane? is this the same one you posted last year? did we change the projection of the hurricane last year, thru the prayers that were said? can we do it again?

    • I prayed non-stop last year about that hurricane and some how all the potential ones that were going to unfold became near misses. There was this one that exactly matched the description of the monster one, but it got destroyed before it could even form into a tropical storm.

      As crazy as it might sound, praying away the hurricane actually had worked.

      • It’s probably best for all of us to start praying away those upcoming hurricanes. What I find interesting though that most psychics are saying that Florida is more likely to get a tropical storm that’s less damaging this year. The power of prayer had prevented a monster hurricane from hitting the state last year, then it can do it again this year. Just seeing those potential monster Cat 5’s forming in the weather models and then seeing them vanish/destroyed before forming into a tropical storm; it really proves that prayer DOES work. 😁

  2. This is a long-shot, but maybe the Pompei-O prediction means the quake will happen at aplace Pompeo travels. As a US official, he has to make trips abroad, like the visit to North Korea before it was cancelled. Maybe it occurs while he’s at the location, whether Italy or new Zealand or wherever.

      • What about Vesubio? it’s also a volcano and there is a prediccion about it (but know I don find it.

    • Thats what i thought. Pompeo is the US Sec. Of State Maybe the “pompeo” prediction is unrelated to the earthquake. Could he be next on the chopping board of trump? Or is it something more sinister?

      • Eric,
        This could be a stretch but I was thinking about Hurricane Florence that’s out there churning now. The one right behind it would be an H name (Helene). The stretch is Florence Henderson played Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch. The mother of what many saw growing up as “the family.” There were 9 people in the house if you include Alice.
        Another thing, Typhoon Jedi (I believe it was called), just hit Japan causing devastation and killed 9.
        13 years ago Mexico and Central America had the worst flooding with Stan. I remember you posting something about Mexico in your recent predictions.

  3. The ‘six nuts’……..are they going to be people that assault the FBI building, or does it represent six people within the agency?

    • There are new type of predictions we plan to roll out called “headlines” they are one line sentences meant to reflect the news of the day. Its possible this is one of those messages. However the plan was to roll them out next week.

  4. Nuts…tricky this. Could mean six Brazilians (Brazil nuts), six crazy people, six nuts holding things together (nuts and bolts). Other than that I’m stumped.

  5. -The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”
    Senator McCain will be buried on Sunday the 2nd. The next day is the 3rd. So, perhaps you should ask about that earthquake Eric.

  6. Eric,SWC,
    No hurricanes have been active in the Atlantic Basin since July 12 despite August being the second-most-active month for Atlantic hurricanes, but some forecast guidance suggests the tropical Atlantic could wake up over the next two weeks.

    Multiple tropical waves are forecast to emerge off the coast of western Africa, potentially spinning up into tropical cyclones as they track westward across the tropical Atlantic Ocean, known as the Main Development Region (MDR) for Atlantic hurricanes.

    The National Hurricane Center said on Tuesday that one such tropical wave moving off the African coast by Thursday bears watching for some development in the eastern Atlantic over the weekend.

  7. Eric the Headquarters for the FBI is called the “J Edgar Hoover Building”. It is located in Washington, D.C. on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Since Spirit said “Six nuts at J Edgar Hoover”…as in a place since “at” refers to a location…wouldn’t this be saying specifically this location or another FBI building? It seems to me like it could go with the Timothy McVeigh prediction also. Maybe it’s a clue for us. Otherwise it’s to become the old (but new) conspiracy theory put out by Trump and Associates.
    Here’s a link to the J Edgar Hoover Building.

      • They’re saying it’s likely a WWII-era mine. Still scary, how wars can cause damage decades later. I’ve heard of incidents in Berlin and London where an old WII bomb is found and they have to evacuate people to diffuse it.

      • When I was in the Army in the late 80’s I was stationed in West Berlin; before the reunification. About once every two weeks there would be a news story about someone being required to evacuate a home or a business because they found a bomb in their yard etc…. it was a common occurrence.

        Remember the Battle of the Bulge, a famous battle in WW2 that was a major turning point towards victory ? The woods are still off limits to visitors from all the unexploded ordnance.

        Unexploded bombs last a lonnnnng time.

  8. Hello Eric and Friends, I live in south Florida and I have family scattered all over the state, east coast, west coast and northern central area. Last year’s prediction was very important to us, and yes, we prayed away the storm as well. I passed-on the prediction when Eric said the storm would take a turn, and it did! Horray! I appreciate any updates! We don’t want to be the family who should evacuate and who does not. I also follow Mike’s Weather (FB) Page,, and . I hope that this information is helpful to someone as well. Thanks! Blessings!

  9. Sara,Raymond
    Regarding unexplored arms…Berlin..August 24 th…2018,
    BERLIN (AP) — Firefighters struggled Friday to tame a wildfire southwest of Berlin but had to maneuver carefully as the blaze set off old World War II ammunition that is still buried in the forests around the German capital.

    Flames forced the evacuation of several nearby villages and sent clouds of acrid smoke toward the German capital.

    The fire, which was the size of 500 soccer fields, has already set off several detonations of old ammunition, according to local lawmaker Christian Stein. Firefighters were not allowed to enter suspicious areas.


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  11. Eric,

    Parts of Kansas, including the worst-hit Manhattan, received nearly 228.6 mm (9 inches) of rainfall late Sunday, September 2 into Monday, September 3, 2018, causing major flash flooding and forcing more than 300 people to evacuate their homes. Additional shower and thunderstorm chances will allow the threat for flash flooding and river flooding to continue through Friday night, September 7.

    Heavy rains caused Wildcat Creek to burst its banks and flood the Kansas college town of Manhattan, forcing more than 300 people to evacuate, including some who were ferried out. Some 3 000 customers in the town were left without power, officials said.

    “It was one of the most significant events that we’ve experienced in my history here,” Manhattan city manager Ron Fehr said at a news conference Monday. “Things got flooded this time that have never been flooded before, even some of the rural areas.”

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  23. Eric,
    Your ref:::the large Hurricane will strike Florida.. they will say, we are staying.. no! evacuate!.. the storm will move slow and the flooding will be extensive.. you must leave, don’t be a fool!.”

    Michael is expected to make landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday afternoon as a Category 3 hurricane. If you live in an evacuation zone for storm surge and have been told to
    leave, get out! 🚨
    The waters are already rising along the coast, and you must evacuate today to
    get out!

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