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China Explosion

This Prediction has happened, but from what has been reported there is no terror attack.

Notes on 7-16-15    I had a visual of an explosion, fire.
China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror.. around 650.. a massive situation. Vehicles destroyed.. one of the absolute worse. (It was implied to be a terror attack but oddly they presented it as a fire?)

Gap of time: 27 days

Wall Collapse in China

This prediction has happened, its not an earthquake as previously expected, the number 17 could relate to the unfortunate tragic passing.

Notes on 1-15-14
China.. collapse.. earthquake.. 17 or around

The Facts reported by AP on 5-11-14: “Wall collapse in China kills 18, injures 3. A wall collapse triggered by heavy rains at a recycling plant killed 18 people and injured three others early Sunday in the eastern city of Qingdao.” Quoted News source: http://news.yahoo.com/wall-collapse-china-kills-18-injures-3-043242331.html

Notes on 10-2-13

Very cryptic, so I will need to go back and ask spirit for more details.

A man walking in solidarity with either a Russian or French flag, an air of pride and protest.
A box on a counter surrounded by flowers all around it with the words ‘China’.
Perhaps an important figure in China passes away?
“The guard will reveal all the secrets.”
A picture of Portugal and Spain. “Here Eric, Here is an earthquake”
Another earthquake, wow, in some ways its sounds like they might be correcting a previous message.