Wall Collapse in China

This prediction has happened, its not an earthquake as previously expected, the number 17 could relate to the unfortunate tragic passing.

Notes on 1-15-14
China.. collapse.. earthquake.. 17 or around

The Facts reported by AP on 5-11-14: “Wall collapse in China kills 18, injures 3. A wall collapse triggered by heavy rains at a recycling plant killed 18 people and injured three others early Sunday in the eastern city of Qingdao.” Quoted News source: http://news.yahoo.com/wall-collapse-china-kills-18-injures-3-043242331.html

3 thoughts on “Wall Collapse in China

  1. When I first viewed this title for this prediction, I thought to myself, “You mean the Wall of China collapsed?!” Hmmm…now that would be divine intervention if that were to come to pass.

  2. This wasn’t an earthquake caused collapse, was just a wall due to rain. Why would that be difficult to see when predicting or confused for an earthquake?

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