Notes on 10-2-13

Very cryptic, so I will need to go back and ask spirit for more details.

A man walking in solidarity with either a Russian or French flag, an air of pride and protest.
A box on a counter surrounded by flowers all around it with the words ‘China’.
Perhaps an important figure in China passes away?
“The guard will reveal all the secrets.”
A picture of Portugal and Spain. “Here Eric, Here is an earthquake”
Another earthquake, wow, in some ways its sounds like they might be correcting a previous message.

8 thoughts on “Notes on 10-2-13

  1. Which way were the colors going for the flag? Horizontally or Vertically? If they were horizontal, its Russian, if vertical, its French.

    1. I only see it for a second, and the man was carrying it. On another note though the background looked very hard brick like, that sounds more like Russia.

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