The 2012 Prediction: Israel War and Tomorrow’s Fate

My World Predictions of endless bad news, but in this moment of horror and strife, I remind you of the hope to come. First the predictions that happened.

Prediction 51: Israel, Peace is Dead Posted 2012. The destructive impact of multiple bombs unfold. Bellows of smoke and destruction. Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu no longer holds on to peace. Peace is dead. Notes from the other side: “Netanyahu” “Peace is dead” A visual of two different explosions and a massive bellow of smoke. What is vague is who is bombing who? Predictions 12-22-17 In; 6,5,4,3,2,1, now. Hundreds of people. Violence on a epic scale.The two different factions violently treating each other, their going to war. Bombing.. so many bombs. The implication was Israel. Notes on 8-3-14 “Hamas.. violates homeland security.. Israel.. war now switching to the spiders of terrorism and their wicked acts.. a family violation.. and kidnaps.. cutting spraying.. death.. both sides now pouring blood all over their hands.. so sinister, while Palestine people did not know.” — Spirits Voice Predictions 6-5-18 I asked for clarity on the ‘Spider’:“They are creating a bomb” I had a visual of a group of middle eastern individuals huddled around an old table making plans. Several of the people were women who hid their face with a hijab. Then I had a visual of a building in flames. Then I heard the words “Hezbollah.. Jordanian.. Hamas”. Predictions 12-12-16 I had a visual of crowds of people running out of what looked like a shopping mall or strip mall. I could hear gun fire as people ran. I briefly saw the shooter in the background. Then the police arrived. “Shooting spree, in less than 3 minutes.. Suicidal” — There is a bombing coming.. Israel”World Predictions 4-25-22 “Humanity.. two wars.. seriously?” Then Spirit gasped. A desert war is approaching.

Old predictions that are happening now, but we would remind you, this moment has a rising hero. A leader set to change the entire region we call the Middle East. As it reads below, when life giving power is given. As you read below, we would remind you we predicted “Covid” in 2019.

What is Coming in 2023 I had a vision of a small black cell, I heard a voice in the back say “19” The small cell grew outward getting larger and larger, spreading its dark power over the entire area. Poisoning everything. Then a number appeared ‘23’. Then I had a visual of a white cell. The white cell grew outward spreading across the entire area, the entire country, and the entire world “Life Giving Power”

When life giving power has arrived: On the eve of Christmas as a child, in the dead of night, while all slept, I was told;

‘’A set of prophets, A set of guides, A set of the ancient, A set of the wise, and the return of a great King. Our King. Generation after generation ocean waves of Spirituality are coming to change our world and ends its cruelty”

“They will all come, one after another, born generation to generation, when there is ‘life giving power’. First our knights, then our bishops, then our Queens, and finally our King, generation side by side.”

A prediction for this Century. Just one of the many figures we just listed, a prophet, a spiritual leader:

” Look over their something new!” I saw mass construction of buildings and roads. “The path of Libya, of Tunisia now set and riddled with happiness.. the tone of Islamic law is about to shift.. rigidness out.. the Great Prophet slams his righteous hand into the desert of Africa and the Middle East crushing oppression.. oppression will fall in the sights of success.. it’s not a matter of if but when”

A litter of titans, of Spiritual leaders are set to rise leading to the ultimate leader, the Spiritual Realms King:

“The Ambassador.. our King, arrives here.. he will rip out the foundation of your world and build a new one.. in turn leading to the golden era.. World Peace.. finally!”
I had a visual of a line showing the Centuries coming. On the line which read 2100 was a large glow that extended a bit before and a few decades after.

Sometime at the first half of the 22nd Century the Ambassador is born. A leader set to end war, racism, and all the tyrants of the world. Are you ready for a new world, because the man that predicted all that horrible news above is now telling you, help from the Spiritual Realm is coming.

In other news, we will be reposting all those terror attacks predicted between 2017-2019, which we now expect soon, France, US, Israel, Lebanon, all set to have attacks, and we fully expect the moment to be followed by something dark, in their own words “The sky once full will become empty.” But we will cover all that horror in the coming days.

The Spirits and I have been testing something behind the scenes, the question: How close to the timeline of tomorrow can we get too? Now its time to move to phase 2 of our testing.

Here we predicted Brazils floods, World Predictions 2-7-23 and it would come 2-20-23. Then we tried it again. Here we would predict the law arriving for Trump World Prediction 3-11-23 and the first Indictment would come at the end of March. In each test, events would unfold a few weeks later. So now we aim to ask here in mid October the question of the day, “What will happen in November” because we seem to be able to predict the next event, in weeks time. So a test is set to run, and if it goes well, I hope to have a new list of predictions for you based on the timeline of November.

Do you see the accuracy of my predictions. Because the Spiritual Realm would love to guide you. The Spiritual Realm is available to give you their advice and predict your future. The Spiritual Realm is available to navigate you in this troubling world.

Share this post, and together you and I can alter the next war from happening.

12 responses to “The 2012 Prediction: Israel War and Tomorrow’s Fate”

  1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    Thank you.

  2.  Avatar

    The words – “The sky once full will become empty” – did they refer to a past event when all the airlines stopped flying due to Covid19? (Steve)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I could honestly see it for both. However odd that be:

  3. Sara Avatar

    “The sky once full will become empty.” Is that a reference to planes being grounded, like they were on 9/11? That’s what came to mind when I read it, anyway.

  4.  Avatar

    Or a reference to planes being grounded and mothballed during Covid?

  5. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    Anyone paying attention to Biden’s speech tonight?

  6. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    Tana Hoy is predicting that the United States will send troops into Israel in full force. Here is the URL:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Codons entirely afree, , when does this American soldier infade ?

      1. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
        Nathan Fleischman

        I did not understand what you just said.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s Iran you should be worried about.

  7. Itk Avatar

    Nathan, I suppose Eric meant to write: “Cordons entirely free, when does this American soldier invade?”

    1. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
      Nathan Fleischman

      Tana Hoy said next month. Otherwise, I do not know.

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