Tomorrows Nightmare

This message is not for the faint of heart. I have no desire to ruin your day. I really don’t like giving such horrific news, but we are going there. I am the seer who predicted Covid19, the Capitol Attacks, Paris Attacks, Malaysian Plane attack, and an endless amount of natural disasters before they ever happened. I am not flawless but the work is there for you to see. We have arrived at the moment when the future they predict cannot be allowed to continue. Its time for us to be more assertive. So now I am asking you, warn everyone. We must change this course. If you feel I am spreading fear, take a look at the previous accurate predictions here:

The stage is being set for all of this to unfold. Please humanity go another way now, the future can be altered:

Happening now:

World Predictions 12-26-18 “Putin now plans to take action against Ukraine.”  I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’

Predictions 5-14-16

“Russia.. on the brink of war.”
I had a visual of a very angry Putin.
I had a visual of ships in the ocean.
“Something out of the Cuban missile crisis.. over the ship.. outrage.” 

World Predictions 12-8-20 I had a visual I was walking up a hillside of a dirt road. On the path of the road were two snakes fighting over the road, constantly snapping at each other. Then one bit the other in such a way that was so hostile. 
I continued up the road to see armies gathering. Two nations preparing for war. Each side blustering. Then in the most horrific way the lights that operate nuclear weapons turned on. The message ends there with the impression that cooler heads prevail. 

Very Cuban missile crisis. Though they never said who, it literally is a fight over a dirt road, only you humanity find time to kill over dirt that was never yours in the first place.

Not so Distant Future:

The Military One The Military one. Consider this is the future President of the United States. We are expecting a rising figure here and right now, who’s voice consistently speaks of unity and honor. Is he rising? It could be someone else, we have talked about others, but no one in my opinion other than an unknown, rises to their clear description. 

There is Washington.. Jefferson.. Lincoln.. and then him. A titan of your era.. the military one.. will bring back the word ‘United’ by common interest. equality, freedom and liberty. 
The military one will hold his seat longer than normal. 
I had a visual: I was watching a fairly young person for a president, talk to a small group about him becoming president.. their expectations were low but out of no where he rose to be president. 
I had a visual of leader walking down steps and the entire military saluted him. 
I had a visual of now: Riots, hate, loud voices, divisions, killing on the streets. Then later. Americans in formation walking together holding large American flags, storm clouds formed in the back, a new foe.. an old one.. approached. 

Distant Future:

World Predictions: WW3 The year 2036 

Its unclear if this year is when the war starts, or when this monster comes to power. To set the stage, in this decade there is a global famine unfolding. The first global famine ever. The summers have become extremely hot, and the winters extremely cold, moderate temperatures seem lost, which has put a complete stranglehold on the food supply but has also caused massive tensions in commerce on a global scale. Which leads to rising tensions between the nations. 

I had a visual of a red flag rising. then it shifted to hear Spirit scream “The red flag is back!” 

His foundation is set, a coup puts him in power. I now have plans to seize all the power. With his tongue he seduces the many. Who says no to him? Next to no one.. or they receive immediate death. 

So many citizens of his nation try to flee, try to get out, then a blockade unfolds. 

Money into defense. He quickly arms the nuclear warheads. The doors open up in the metal room. The sum of all fears now a reality.

In the end?:

“The Ambassador.. our King, arrives here.. he will rip out the foundation of your world and build a new one.. in turn leading to the golden era.. World Peace.. finally!”  
I had a visual of a line showing the Centuries coming. On the line which read 2100 was a large glow that extended a bit before and a few decades after. 

99 responses to “Tomorrows Nightmare”

  1. lands11 Avatar

    So now what? What will happen next in Ukraine?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We will be checking.

  2.  Avatar

    It is indeed scary. This unnecessary war between Russia and Ukraine is setting a future in stone for a potential WW3 which seems in a near future. We see that leaders of any nations are capable of many things. I do predict that perhaps Russia and China will launch a nuclear missile into the ocean. It’s crazy to think that war is an answer and yet so hypocritical when we are teaching people it’s wrong to kill and/or steal from others.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very dark moment. Dark moments seem way to common.

    2. Sara Avatar

      Agreed, it’s an awful situation over there right now. It’s sad that, with all the improvements in technology and medicine and humanity’s advancement in science, we still haven’t found a way to resolve our differences without killing.

  3. Fabian Avatar

    The saddest thing about all of this is…it might already be too late. We humans are our own worst enemy and this conflict might just be the tip of a bigger iceberg ready to break. There’s an old saying, “If you want peace, then be prepared for war. If you want to embrace love, then you must understand hate. If you want to live, then you must understand that one day you will die.”

    My grandmother would always say, “A hard head makes a soft behind,” and so far there are too many people who are so hard headed to the point that other lives are on the line and they just don’t care! Is this the price to pay for our own hubris?

    I always thought that this century would be a century that would embrace the future and we would almost be like Star Trek, but now the old baggages from previous centuries before have never left. I am deeply disappointed with humanity. Maybe we can change but the question is: When?

    1. Christine Avatar

      Very dark time. Many prayers and much love to Eric and everyone reading this, and for our world

      1. Sara Avatar

        Prayers for Ukraine and their loved ones around the world. Prayers that Russians are somehow able to stop Putin and convince him to back down.

        1. psychic chris Avatar

          i was reading this morning that even some of his own “loyalists” are beginning to turn against him

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Prayers please. Thanks

        3. Christine Avatar

          Please everyone remember that most of the citizens of Russia are also victims of their leader’s actions and need our prayers too

          1. Sara Avatar

            Agreed; Russian citizens are basically oppressed under Putin, who doesn’t tolerate different opinions or political parties, and arrests peaceful protesters. I hope they can get free of Putin somehow.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              Me too.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That last part still holds. Space is still our future.

  4. psychic chris Avatar

    hey eric

    do you know how and when putins regime will come to an end?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You get the impression he is sick, or will be sick. But no I don’t have a timeline just yet.

      1. lands11 Avatar

        Will is go nuclear?

        1. psychic chris Avatar

          i dont believe so

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Not right now.

      2. psychic chris Avatar

        eric theres been alot of speculation around putins health in recent years….maybe he is ill but is keeping it a closely guarded secret

        1. Tirin Avatar

          From I was getting from various psychics he tries to make a run for it because his inner circle and the people turns on him, and also when all said and done (I pray soon) a New Russia is going to be born from this, seems to line up with another psychic I was reading on over on Jeanne mayell blog’s is that someone had a dream describing this –

          “I had a very interesting dream yesterday. I was in Lenin’s Tomb with some people I know, and a tour guide. The tomb had become remodeled, divided in two by a hallway, with glass windows providing a look into the tomb. On the right side going in, there was Lenin, still there. On the left side, there was dead Putin, but instead of being laid out in the traditional manner, he had been arranged so that it looked like he was sitting behind his desk. At the end of the hall was an exit, and it led to a large enclosed courtyard that showcased plants native to Russia. It was actually quite nice, with benches you could sit on, have tea, and talk to people who had lived through “the great purge” (for some reason I think it was 2030, and I’m not sure what the great purge is) and how they had survived and how much better life was now that Russia was a democracy.”

          There has been some individual twitter reports something he is becoming increasingly deranged so its matching up with the illness bit. Maybe he is not ill in the physical sense, but he is ill in the mental sense, but then again mental illness eventually affects the physical in some cases.

          There is another thing that might happen toward the very end of this that will be his undoing completely before he makes a run for it (something he does that infuriates the Russian people), but so far I only heard this from one psychic so far so I’ll leave this bit out for now.

          I try my best to piece things together from everyone, but hoping I could try to find some bigger picture on what is going on currently with many psychic sources as possible.

          1. Kimberly Avatar

            Spirit made me throw up in the shower 5 nights ago and said “let it out child, this is the time of the great purge” as they rubbed my back. Most violet vomiting I’ve ever done.

            I think it’s an energy purge possibly. Purging of old ways, old primitive ideas that hold us back. Purging of dark/ low energy things/ people

      3. tempestmm326 Avatar

        I think he might already be ill.
        I felt that last night
        and i think might be one of the reasons he chose now to invade
        ukraine. He wants a legacy before it is too late.

  5. Tirin Avatar

    Would getting you to go viral across social media have any effect? What would your spirit guide say on this?

    I’m just wondering if we got you to go viral would it change various events to go in different directions? I know how some people feel about psychics, but you always been accurate.

    Also the protests in Russia is getting bigger as I’m typing this, I’m really really praying they stop Putin in time.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      For now it’s all about getting the word out. Your right it’s a hard sell, psychics and seers have a stigma, so my suggestion is show what we have predicted. Ideally we can alter the future.

  6. lands11 Avatar

    How far will Putin go? Take Ukraine? Then next annex Belarus? Baltic States?

  7. kim Avatar

    Now that The Military One is coming to the surface, does that mean US military involvement with Russia / Ukraine? Would it be to the extent that other nations against Putin step in? Biden seems to think by placing sanctions against Russia will do the trick but I’m not so sure.Historically sanctions tend to backfire and cost the US more in the long run.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      More broader, from a virus back to multiple nations conquering your neighbor, it’s not all about Russia. So a military person rises.

  8. Sara Avatar

    Not sure if the red flag coming back means the USSR, China possibly reverting back to a full communist state after they’re contained once Covid passes, or another country with a red flag in its past that represents authoritarian rule. Can your guides not just tell you the country’s name with the red flag so people from that country can have more than enough time to escape if they want?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The map is not the same. There is a splinter happening of East vs west. Everything points to Russia. However it is my belief the red flag is not a nation but a more hardline communist system rising.

  9. Donna B Avatar

    What nation is the “ red flag” ? Also want to know what nation they want to flee? Is this the situation now or future??
    I couldn’t believe beautiful country and people being attacked like that. I want to do something, take them in etc but all I can do is pray I don’t know how to implement the other stuff! I feel so bad! People hiding in the subways with thier little ones omg!!!
    Want to help other than pray how could I help them??
    Thanks Eric

    1. benmadigan Avatar

      if any nation could claim “The red Flag” as a song it’s surely Ireland!
      It was written by Jim Connell an Irishman!
      And the tune he preferred to set his words to was“The White Cockade”, a traditional Scottish tune that celebrated the attempt by “Bonnie Prince Charlie” to reclaim the throne of Britain for the House of Stuart.
      It is also the state song of Maryland, the wealthiest state in the USA
      Enjoy – “minds are fixed on self and place”

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks. I honestly don’t think it’s entirely an actual flag more like a type of government communism.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thats nice!!

      1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

        Thank you. The site owner is a good psychic & he cares about people.

  10. Kimberly Avatar

    Putin will fall. Let us collectively decide. Come together in holy agreement. “ dearest angels we are the all United as one and we come together in agreement for peace, for light, for love, for cooler heads in this situation. God we choose healing for the collective. Cover us in your divine light. Bless humanity lord. We are ready to heal.”

    Thank you all who join in prayer/ meditation in this. We are divine, we must use our light to help. There’s nothing else we can really do but be together in creation of a better outcome. This is our chance to unite and do what spirit has been asking us to do for a millennia. I love you all sweet spirits. Light and love be with you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very Nice!! Thank you for the Creators message.

    2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

      Thank you for this beautiful prayer!

  11. francinesmith1 Avatar

    Please ask Spirit if they see Putin’s capture and execution. Thank you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      He is going to get sick.

      1. anitah Avatar

        How soon? And does that change situation in Russia and Europe?
        I am from Finland and Russia always have manipulated us.

      2. tempestmm326 Avatar

        News tonight questioning putins health. Reports of him looking unwell and physical appearance changing due to possible illness

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Really already? Can I have a link to that.

          1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

            I posted links from British press further below. Reports go back to 2020. They claim he has Parkinson’s & cancer. Some think he has brain fog/psychosis from Plague.

  12. mk Avatar

    We awoke in the UK yesterday to hear Russia had invaded Ukraine from all sides. I have yet 24 hrs later to see so much as one video supporting this. All the webcams in Ukraine are completely normal and people are going about their day.

    This is from the BBC this morning.

    Russian forces are in Kyiv – Ukraine officials
    Russian operatives are now in Kyiv, Ukraine officials have confirmed in a tweet….

    Wars are now tweeted by no names, positions or traceability…..?

    Ukraine’s Defence Ministry said “the enemy” were in the district of Obolon, about 9km (5.5miles) north of Kyiv’s parliament in the city centre.

    They’ve encouraged locals to make Molotov cocktails to fight back, ……… Since when did a government tell the locals to make home made bombs to defeat the Russian army? They were telling people yesterday they can get a gun off the government if they want one!

    “Peaceful residents- be careful. Do not leave the house!” Only fight the Russian army if you are not peaceful….la la land.

    Our correspondents in Kyiv earlier reported hearing gunfire although they add it is impossible to know what it signifies at this point. They say they can now hear louder explosions too. ……Not a scrap of evidence but because the BBC says it it must be true.

    Ukraine is not a part of Nato, no military is going to go in there and declare war on Russia.

    The Ukrainian people are going to have to fight this one on their own with home made weapons. Dosen’t even look like their own military are active.

    Just in the past hour, Ukraine’s defence ministry confirmed that Russian forces had infiltrated the residential district.

    There is no war in the Ukraine.

  13. mk Avatar

    This is currently on the BBC website

    Ukraine army: We need all recruits, no age restrictions
    Ukraine’s Defence Force has just tweeted again, calling for all civilians to join regardless of their age – even if they’re minors, presumably.

    The statement, attributed to the Commander of Troops, Yuri Galushkin, reads:

    “Today, Ukraine needs everything. All procedures for joining are simplified.

    “Bring only your passport and identification number.

    “There are no age restrictions. “It tells people if they face problems signing up, they just need to refer to this official tweet.

    Looks like western governments are leaving it to the men, women and children of Ukraine to fight this war for them.

    1. JonBlue Avatar

      MK, absolutely floored you think this is fake war and old photos. You are deluded! I can absolutely promise you it is REAL! My very very dear friend Irina of ten years and her two children evacuated out of Kharkiv Wednesday through Poland and flew here to MY house in San Diego since I have a large home with room for them. I called her last week because T-Mobile (my cell phone company is offering FREE long distance calls to anyone in the US to anyone in Ukraine to help us help them). Her husband Kostya (short for Konstantin) stayed behind to fight and care for his ailing older sister that just finished her chemo treatment and now has CoVid so she was not able to get on a flight due to her sickness. She was able to get to a rural area as a cousin drove them because the explosions kept getting closer and power was going out. Konstantin stayed in the city with other Ukrainian friends and sent us pics today of their apartment building blown up by a Russian tank. I have been to that very apartment in Kharkiv many times to visit them. I worked as an international flight attendant and retired with full flying benefits so it is easy for me to travel anywhere for practically pennies. I visit all my international friend with my partner all the time because we have no kids and enjoy traveling. Irina wept in my arms today when the pics came by texts while the kids played in my living room but they knew exactly what was going on because they experienced the mass evacuations first hand. My partner and I are doing the best we can to keep the kids occupied. We chose not to share that their home no longer exists. As of this hour, we have not heard from Kostya since this morning. We are worried sick. I’d easily share those photos of their apartment building rubble if there was a way on here. But look up the city and see the pics of that blown up area. You are one very insensitive individual to speak misinformation on such horrific tragedy.

      1.  Avatar

        I am so happy that you’re able to help a friend to your home. Please give her my love and let her know I’m praying for her and all Ukrainians. And to you and everyone else, ignore mk. She/he could be a paid shill. Let that person be. The more we answer, the more they respond with hateful messages. Let’s hope the war ends soon.

  14. Donna B Avatar

    Thank you Eric, Who is the “house of Stuart” now, in modern times?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What do you mean?

  15. Donna B Avatar

    I meant whom is the house of Stuart then? Is that the same as now? Or does it represent something else? Thanks for all you do!

  16. lands11 Avatar

    Ok, enough! How will this all end? Putin takes Kyev and Ukraine falls? Putin gets assasinated by his inner circle? Why is there such a silence from all so called psychics? Dont they know what will really happen?

    1. Tirin Avatar

      Its not the psychic’s fault, energy shifts and could change future events but sometimes there can be fixed events.

      Though the best way to get more accuracy is reading and understanding astrology charts based on either a individual or global scale.

      Also Eric that Anonymous collective today has been doing a lot of good of getting the truth to the Russian People, my understanding there has been some confusion going on over there in Russia and they’re not sure what to believe. Little sparks of light are flying everywhere, this tyrant must not have his way anymore with his own people.

    2. Christine Avatar

      We see things at the end of a path. But there is free will which can change the path. Some times it is hard to understand the symbols they send. Many prayers for all.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Wow tomatoes being thrown from the comfortable cheap seats. But I will bite your tomato. These world predictions are a service provided for free. I get nothing for these world predictions. I do have a day job where i do case work and personal readings. Case work is rampant. I mean wow I have never seen so many murders. So are planning to pay me for my work here?? Otherwise I don’t think your in a position to bark demands at something you get for free.

      1. Christine Avatar

        I think you are amazing and do wonderful work! We are all blessed you do this web sight. Please don’t let a couple people take away from the fact that the rest of us love you and your work.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
          1. Tirin Avatar

            Same, you do a good job.

      2. lands11 Avatar

        It seems to me americans will never understand the wars in Europe or overseas as its too far for them and too distant. Lets us hope Putin will be stopped by his own inner circle and Ukraine gets accepted by Nato and the EU. By the way it was not asked to you for answer but in general.

      3. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

        I agree with Mr. Eric. Anyone wanting more information can pay for a reading. Mr. Eric does good readings.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Good point.

      4. Donna B Avatar

        Eric, I appreciate the work you do FOR FREE to benefit humanity. I appreciate the work you do in readings for all of us or most of us here in private. You are not a bit greedy. Some people just have to disrespect the volunteers. Seems it happens to hospital volunteers too. You do great work. You care about humanity. We all have detractors who project their own inferiority complexes on people.

        Smile keep those tomatoes! I love grilled cheeses with tomatoes! Soooo good!!!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          With a cookie on the side. Thanks Donna.

  17. Christine Avatar

    You are such a wonderful inspiration for us all Eric

  18. mk Avatar

    How will this all end? Putin takes Kyev and Ukraine falls? Putin gets assasinated by his inner circle? Why is there such a silence from all so called psychics? Dont they know what will really happen?

    They can tell you but what if it’s not what to hear? There is no war in the Ukraine. Just a bucket full of fake western media and hysterical virtue signalling.

    How can Eric’s predictions be so right yet there is no war?

    From my perspective the predictions are correct, people’s interpretations of them are incorrect. The prediction is of an experience that we will be subjected to – it does not give it context.

    1. Paul Avatar

      MK please stop spreading misinformation. There is absolutely a war. I know people with family in Ukraine. They are really being invaded by Russian troops and there is actual military fighting going on with real military weapons and people really are being killed.

      1. mk Avatar

        Knowing some one who knows a Ukrainian dosen’t mean anything.

        If you are correct you should be able to name which western militaries are now in the Ukraine.

        There are none its all lies.

        All that is being shown in western media is propaganda, old footage from films, video games and previous conflicts.

        I would say the dis information is on your side. You have no proof of an actual war beyond the FAKE media.

        1. Monique Gregory Avatar

          You forgot the EARTH is flat!🤦

        2. Sara Avatar

          Where are you hearing this misinformation? I’m not asking to get into an argument, I genuinely want to know. Whoever it is, or whatever websites you might have seen…you need to step back and ask yourself what you really know about them.

          I wish the Ukraine invasion was fake, but it isn’t. People are really dying over there. Maybe you should try to talk to some Ukrainians (or people of Ukrainian descent) and see what they have to say. Ask them how it’s affecting their families back home.

          Again, I wish the invasion was just a made-up thing, I’d rather believe that than believe hundreds of people are dying….but it’s not about what I’d rather believe. It’s about what’s actually happening to real people.

          1. mk Avatar

            With respect Sarah you correct every ones’s thoughts on here that don’t conform to your unique way of thinking. I don’t answer to you.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              The war is on TV, the blood is there. I think this is more about hurting those with words, you don’t answer to any of us, but as someone who talks for a living I can say you do have a responsibility to the words you put out there to the world. Are your words hurtful to others? Those actually suffering? Is that fair to say??

            2. Sara Avatar

              You’re right, you don’t answer to me, or to anyone. But at the end of the day, you answer to yourself. Ukrainians are going through a horrible thing right now, saying the media is faking the invasion is downplaying their suffering.

        3. Paul Avatar

          MK. There are only two militaries operating presently in Ukraine. The Russian military and the Ukrainian military. They are the combatants against each other in this war. No other country has boots on the ground there right now. Other western countries have sent Ukraine military support equipment but no troops. Not sure what you are trying to say here…are you saying that there is no violent armed invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops going on right now? If that is what you are trying to say, then you are very mistaken. Almost all news and information channels of every flavor and political leaning are covering this war, even many that I am sure you do trust. Why do you say this is not happening?

  19. Ashton Davis Avatar

    You also made this prediction Eric in 2019

    World Predictions 7-31-19
    I had a visual of red numbers counting down 4. 3. 2. 1.

    The numbers were huge and added to a digital screen. The number 3 was highlighted.

    Nuclear Weapon.. Kim JongUn

    I had a visual of a future where Americans brawled each other while Putin hiding in the dark corner snickered at the division he created. Then the spotlight was on Putin. The visual shifted to show a new era of America marching in unison, with one enemy.. Russia. There was a massive storm in the background and a horrible ominous feeling of dread. Though the people were dressed in modern day clothes the background looked like the 1950s.

    I need to ask about this countdown. Are they connecting it to the Nuclear Weapon? With the highlighted 3, it implies a timeframe around the 3rd or 4th. Historically countdowns are used for existing predictions. I will also check to see if there are predictions that have 3 tied to it.

    I still have a focus on finding the timing for both the New Zealand and Paris attack.

    Seems kind of relevant.

  20. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
  21. Tirin Avatar

    Not much to say right now, but the Duma in Russia is having issues with Putin right now.

    1. Tirin Avatar

      Volodymyr Zelenskyy is quickly becoming a Legend and a true leader, something I wish most leaders could emulate.

      I’m really impressed with this man.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        He is a true Washington like figure.

        1. anitah Avatar

          Is he in serious danger or will be saved alive?

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            I think he is the one they predict will pass

            1. lands11 Avatar

              What do you mean who will pass?

              1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

                The president of Ukraine. He will fall. The chess prediction. Another cold moment in our wonderful world.

                1. lands11 Avatar

                  How sure are you? You mean Russian army will capture and kill him or how? That is very bad news. Sad.

                  1. Tirin Avatar

                    I was refraining from speaking about that part earlier in what I posted somewhat earlier because that is what one other psychic said that he “might” be taken prisoner.

                    Its possible Vladolf Putler if he does try to off him he’ll only make things much more worse for himself than it already is.

                    I didn’t want to entertain The Beast that would be gleeful for such a outcome, trying to keep positive that negative outcomes don’t happen.

                    Though I was reading his astrology chart the other day on Marjorie’s blog, it suggests to me he will still be around in the years to come assuming nothing shifts for the worse.

                2. anitah Avatar

                  Really terrible. So Russia will win in the war and take Ukraine?

                  1. anitah Avatar

                    And is Ukraine enough for Russia or do they try to take also
                    Baltic countries and Finland?

  22. Nicole Avatar

    Are you positive the Military One is in the US? Could it be the President of Ukraine? His leadership in this crisis is awe inspiring and the way he is taking up arms to fight with his people rather than take the US up on the evacuation offer… the first head of state to fight alongside their people since Washington. Perhaps he rises as a leader for the entire world after this?

    1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

      He was a comedian before he was elected President of Ukraine.

    2. adventuresofashton Avatar

      I was also wondering this Nicole. Really seems to fit.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        The military one has a military background. I think he suppose to be a pilot. We haven’t seen him rise yet.

        1. egwefer Avatar

          Seems to me, Zelinsky has become a military man with this invasion.

      2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

        Ukraine President’s background is in show business, not the military.

  23. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar

    A plausible explanation as to why Russia is doing this: Putin is following Alexander Dugin’s playbook, Foundation of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia


    Alexander Dugin – Putin’s guru ++ Putin’s 1950 possible birth chart

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