The Military One

The Military one. Consider this is the future President of the United States. We are expecting a rising figure here and right now, who’s voice consistently speaks of unity and honor. Is he rising? It could be someone else, we have talked about others, but no one in my opinion other than an unknown, rises to their clear description.

There is Washington.. Jefferson.. Lincoln.. and then him. A titan of your era.. the military one.. will bring back the word ‘United’ by common interest. equality, freedom and liberty. 
The military one will hold his seat longer than normal. 
I had a visual: I was watching a fairly young person for a president, talk to a small group about him becoming president.. their expectations were low but out of no where he rose to be president. 
I had a visual of leader walking down steps and the entire military saluted him. 
I had a visual of now: Riots, hate, loud voices, divisions, killing on the streets. Then later. Americans in formation walking together holding large American flags, storm clouds formed in the back, a new foe.. an old one.. approached. 

Previous Prediction:
World Predictions 4-5-19
 I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. The Spirits pointed out I am missing parts:  I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled”

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  1. DeSantis? He’s young and has a military background. He served in the US Navy, stationed in Iraq and still in the reserves. Interesting.

        1. I get the feeling there are generals working behind the scenes and they had something to do with Biden getting elected. Read what General Milley has said in recent articles, especially about the issues with the Jan 6 insurrection. Maybe it is him/ Or someone from that quadrant? Our military understands leadership, and often our congress-critters really do not.

            1. People not accepting Trump’s defeat proves fundamentalism can exist outside of religion.

              Same mindset thrives down here too. Sadly, blind belief has far reaching “vision”.

        2. Hi Eric, love. Reading your messages, but the reply format is running in a horizontal reply sme with single letters, any way to fix this?

          1. I did not know that was a problem, can I ask for more detail? Are you on a computer, tablet, phone? Is it all the time? Yes I will do my best to fix it.

        3. Hi Eric, love reading your post, there is a problem with reply , post are horizontal letters, any way to fix this? It just began.

    1. Personally, I don’t think it’s kinzinger due to the fact that he’s been in politics for quite some time and you’ve made references to him being new to the scene several times. I was wondering about Joe Kent from Washington state as he is running for Congress there. His wife was killed in active duty and they were both decorated soldiers who’d served basically their entire adulthood.

        1. America First Republicans are Trumpists. Think Marjorie Taylor Greene. Far right.
          You’re not going to bring in the moderates and liberals with that kind of messaging.

          It is not going to be a far-right Republican, even if that’s the kind of politician you’d prefer. It is going to have to be someone who transcends the right-left divide. It won’t be a liberal, either. I don’t know how, but if they don’t do that, they aren’t going to unify the country.

            1. I think he was referring to Republicans on the radical right, not all Republicans. Radicals on either side are unlikely to be the ones who unify Americans.

              1. I am Republican without a party. I use to truly believe in the principles of Conservatives. Especially in my youth. Then I saw them throw it all away for one man. I guess they weren’t that important. So I am a man without a party.

              2. That is what I was trying to get at. That the America First politicians are far-right, like the Squad is far-left.
                That isn’t going to get the middle. I am a centrist who thinks the Republican party of today is rotten to the core with few exceptions, but wasn’t that way 50 years ago.

                The type of conservative policies that benefit married women, men, non-immigrants, etc often have the opposite effect on singles (especially single women), immigrants, and those unable to compete in a market-based economy. The problem is focusing too much on vulnerable populations hurts those who are not disadvantaged, in effect giving them a disadvantage. It is a tricky balance.

  2. I know dates are hard to pin down, but is there any indication of when it might happen, or which election cycle?

  3. “new foe.. an old one.. approached” — Who’s this a reference to? Have you asked your guides if you were right about Crenshaw being the military one?

  4. DeSantis or Joe Kent…both seem divisive to me…DeSantis has many problems.

    Joe Kent recently tweeted that the CDC recommendations for vaccinated people to wear masks indoors are, “Group punishment until everyone complies. Disregard all this tyranny and propaganda” So he is typical Republican anti-science knuckle dragging type…

    I get sort of down hearted when people are like, “this politician is great” but the person is the typical divisive person that we already have a ton of in congress already. They can’t unite anyone who isn’t a carbon copy of themselves. Not inspirational at all and even lack simple ability to recognize that it is a good thing to try and stop a virus that can kill a lot of people. This Delta variant is going to cause a lot of death and these type of politicians are like Trump and would rather pretend it doesn’t exist until it affects them or someone in their family. I know it is probably pointless to point this out.

    I love our country and I would love this military one to unite us. It would take a common enemy to do that however. So I don’t think he is coming until we have some huge threat like China or Russia or something else–Iran maybe? coming and attacking us. Hope I am wrong. It has been more and more divisive here in US. I just don’t see this happening unless Americans face some outside enemy. Right now we seem to be divided right along party lines and I don’t see that changing–
    I wish the human race would wake up right now and really smell the metaphysical coffee….
    Come on up to the next level and leave behind all the political garbage forever.

  5. I am getting the same feeling about Kinzinger. He has something about him that as a non-Republican, I’d want to vote for him. Most of the rest of the R’s are corrupt and the D’s mean well but their priorities are sometimes off.

    Kinzinger exudes honor and integrity and I think it comes from a higher power.

      1. The Republicans WERE the party of Lincoln. They haven’t been for decades.

        That being said, I very much support the Lincoln Project and the never-Trumpers.

      1. Totally agree. I don’t know much about Kent at all but when he posted that video about his military background etc it just made me wonder. I also feel like I don’t have a party Eric, but I have always aligned with more conservative principles. I just wish politicians were able to be held accounts of following the wishes of their constituents and leave behind their self serving agendas. Term limits would be an excellent start in my opinion.

  6. Its Ray Mabus maybe?
    Nostradamus mentions mabus in his book.
    When mabus falls then its ww3 mentioned something about this in his book of the future.

  7. Hello, I am from Singapore and I found your blog. It is very enlightening. I enjoyed both your posts on Truths and World Predictions. I believe that the Truths will help us to navigate the future.

      1. The only “glitch” if you wanna call it that, is on a mobile device the comment threads tab over so far right that when it gets to the point of being so far right it would fall off the screen sthe comment appears in a one letter column in consecutive rows.

  8. As a resident of the truly endangered – literally and figuratively – State of Florida, I beg of you, dear readers, who are of a Republican mind-set ‘persuasion’, please do not ever vote for or give energy to Mr. Ronald De Santis — Trump’s ally; Corrupt to the HILT. If you truly care about this planet, about the well-being of the climate, Earth’s ecological systems, people, animals, ALL of Nature’s kingdoms, please, please do not add any more energy to this man who has proven out that he values only money and power. If you feel you have no political party anymore, but still desire to vote, then please consider that if you vote with the Democratic Party, you can rest assured that, at least and although they are not perfect, they are still a major political party which contains the most folks who are still continuing the tragic, long fight for DEMOCRACY, for Human and Civil Rights, and for those things that Benefit, Improve and Sustain Quality of life on our planet for ALL. The Republican Party was different in the era of Lincoln. It has increasingly changed, morphed into something that is now anti-democracy and serves not The People, not The American Citizen, nor the crying needs of Mother Earth. Tragically, they now seek to serve — for self-enriching compensation– the supremely selfish interests of various large, very wealthy Corporations and a very small percentage of people who comprise a very wealthy and powerful oligarchy, foreign and domestic. The battle is real for all democracies, everywhere, at this point in time. Even though neither of the two major political parties may be your choice now, please do choose very carefully, thoughtfully, wisely. As with any and all historic wars people enduring and/or engaged in them, have usually had to make certain necessary sacrifices, but when it means the difference between Good or Evil prevailing, the sacrifices were worth it in the long run when Goodness prevailed and a general Peace restored. We have to work with what we have right now: Two major political parties in the USA. I suggest choosing the one that has proven out to be the most apt and willing to do what is in the general, best interests of this UNION and its founding purpose: The highest human ideal of a constitutional democracy, thriving within and at the very center, core, HEART of a republic. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA : NOT founded nor ever intended to be, nor to ever devolve into a Kingdom, nor an Oligarchy, nor a Plutocracy; nor a Kleptocracy; nor an Authoritarian Dictatorship; nor a Totalitarian Regime; Nor a Fascist Regime. May this land and nation with its noble ‘Experiment in Democracy’ withstand and successfully survive this major attack by those relative few who have long desired and sought to weaken, enslave, exploit it’s people, its lands, deplete its natural resources — past and present — for further Self-enrichment and Power. May The Light of the Divine Force of Love, Compassion, Understanding and Mercy protect the world as we struggle to do what is required of us to survive, change, grow and ascend in our long, long collective journey during this most recent, accelerated shift, ever nudging us, moving us, forward and upward, toward universal higher consciousness on Earth, a place in this dimension of space and time where we still need to — and can — create much more of ‘Heaven’ than ‘Hell.’ Thank You for your guidance which is available to us in Your many ways, such as through the combined efforts of people like Eric, his Lady and his dear readers, Bless and protect them, always; thank You. 💛

  9. What set of events have to happen to unseat the “most popular president” ever in an American election?

    Why would the vice president not become the president if the president stood down?

    Why is it assumed that the military leader comes from within the established political parties? it could be a military take over which means no elections for the foreseeable future.

    1. Military take over.? This leader is seen equal to Lincoln, Washington, it is unlikely he would force his way through and be beloved by all at the same time,

    2. As for how he comes to power it might be the next election. The other possibility is unthinkable. But we should see a rising star pretty much now.

      1. A mere electoral president isn’t going to be able to unite our nation, we are human and unfortunately we need a common evil to come together as one, Covid was our opportunity at which we disastrously failed. So what will it be, what’s going to have to happen to allow the US population to follow and set aside differences for one mans ideals.

  10. Can you ask for more clarity about the military one from spirit? When does he/she take office? At this point, I feel as though he/she can’t come soon enough. We’ve been faced with so much turmoil lately at home and abroad. I am more than ready for things to settle down.

  11. All eyes are on Afghanistan. It will take Boots not Suits to fix this fiasco and embarrassing withdrawal. We need a hero for sure, someone with true grit that’s not worried about polls or lining their pockets.We should see someone soon as the withdrawal deadline nears.

      1. I just heard this news about the explosion. I’m heartbroken to watch what’s happening there. Prayers for all in harms way.

  12. Eric, I saw this on FB. It is the Rep Adam Kinzinger, from IL I believe, who has started a movement called “Country First”. It does sound like this prediction of yours.
    I hope all is well with You and yours. 🙏🏻

  13. Please tell us what your guides can tell North America about vaccine passports. Many of us feel that as the virus started in China, these passports are the beginning of the social credit system of China to begin in North America. We feel we are going to lose our freedom.

    1. A virus with a nationality, really? As for caring about your fellow man and living by a creed of treat others with respect. Wear the masks and check with your Doctor about getting the vaccine. Because if your not, your holding us all up in this current nightmare.

      1. Fully vaccinated and mask wearing with concern and consideration for all mankind and the world. I am anti vaccine mandate & anti vaccine passport, the vaccine does not appear to be effective. It is against our rights to force medical procedures on citizens, (a Nazi leader forced medical procedures) Medicals records are private not public. Nationality has nothing to do with medical rights freedom. Was your response to my query your opinion or what your guides foresee in the future. You were very quick to assume my status and attempt to label me as racist.


  15. As I look back and to the future, I think the military man that will be the US President, who “consistently speaks of unity and honor”, who brings back the word “United”, could very well be Adam Kinzinger with his “Country First” movement. He will bring the nation back together. He, along with many others, seek the truth now. I could be wrong but I feel he fits the prediction made by Spirit so far and not just because I want him to.

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