World Predictions 12-15-18

Earthquake.. I had a visual of 20 then a visual of 9 and 20.

Spirit pointed north again as if implying Alaska or Canada, perhaps Vancouver. I am trying to get them to give a more specific location. 

“He cheated.. cheated.. cheated.. the fall is coming..” I had a visual of the bottom half of a man walking down a hotel hallway wearing a black over coat.  I had a visual of a man who was unknowingly about to fall off a precipice. 

I had a visual of multiple old planes planning to get into formation for what looked like an airshow then Spirit screamed “Oh NO!” 

I had a visual of a woman being led down a narrow corridor. Then Spirit said “They really plan to execute her?!” 

I had a visual of 5 then 30 then 5-30. Then it shifted to show a silhouette of a man floating in space hovering over the world. The night sky only allowed for an outline of the individual. Then out of his hands a spiritual force poured down on the world, light began to glow from his hands, then the sun began to rise, showing the mans face and it was me. 

Something very specific unfolds in May. It should be interesting to see how that plays out. Since we started this site it has been my one goal to present these horrific predictions in the hopes to alter the outcome of their tragedies. I know it’s possible. Spirit has done it countless times with individuals, I have seen it happen, but breaking through for the world seems to be far more challenging. I can only assume that is what this is referencing. We will see what May brings. 

We are shifting the Truths. In regards to the ‘Eviction’ Spirit and I can’t seem to come to an understanding and it absolutely must be their perfectly calibrated word, their ‘Truth’. It must be a direct message from the Spiritual realm. So we are shifting to a piece of the overall message of why we live and die over and over again, Spirit calls it the ‘Foundation’ . I personally think its one of the more beautiful points of our existence about life and death. It destroys this notion, this farce, that there will always be good and evil in the world. 

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    1. I believe the 20th is the date, the 9 is in question, since they were next to each other I took it to mean the time, but I plan to ask for clarity tonight.

  1. Are there any 5-30 predictions already addressed on here that haven’t happened yet that come to mind?

  2. Any ideas what the visual of planes flying in formation means, or why someone said “Oh no!”?

    1. It was clear to me that a horrible accident was about to take place but Spirit did not want me to see it, so they expressed the outcome verbally. I need a location. This seems to be a new thing now, they have a tendency to shun me from seeing horror.

  3. Hi Eric- I got a spam redirect from the home page. I’m on an iPhone X (in private browsing). IP is Public IPv6 is: 2600:387:2:813:0:0:0:82
    IPv4 is:

      1. Jules I just googled “what is my IP address?” And it pulls up a site that tells you.

    1. Can you get to the site afterwards, I thought this was fixed. Very sorry for this. Let me look into this. If anyone at all gets this spam or any other please copy and paste the link and send it to me, so I can find the source. Thanks.

      1. It completely redirected me but I closed it out and came back to the site and was able to come back. Though I clicked the link I wanted to go to for this post really fast when I came back, so I may have just beat the spam.

    2. Strangely enough I was just about to post that the “ad thing” that I was getting before had gone. Seems it hasn’t gone at all but I’m not getting it anymore. Haven’t been for a week or two now.

    3. The first thing to do is to find out if everyone is using Chrome. In the desktop arean there are problems on other sites where Google drive by ads are a problem for people using Chrome. Bad Actor redirects and pop ups are taking advantage of Chrome’s willingness to present ads. On one of those sites I use WaterFox and ad blockers and have no problems.

      If no a mobile device you can try a different browser such as one from DuckDuckGo or the Firefox Focus. Basically if you are using Chrome then try another browser; pick a browser that has tracker blocking, ad blocking, etc.

  4. “They really plan to execute her?!” — I’m guessing whatever act she’s accused of committing doesn’t warrant an execution. Wonder who though? Surely it’s not the Huawei CFO that Canada recently arrested and detained. I know Trump floated the idea of extradicting her to the US.

    1. OK … just humor me. What is the purpose of posting about EQ in Indo or AUS when the prediction was for Canada?

      Truth is, if you go to the USGS site and select worldwide EQ from 2.5 to 9 for all of this year, some 40,000 plus EQ are recorded. The system will only show 20,000 EQ so you have to select from about August of this year to current date to get less than 20,000 EQ to display.

      I have been through this on other sites where members post EQ after EQ as if it is of some importance when actually they are daily events and not necessarily a omen or precursor to something larger.

      What ever hits BC will be on the scale of the latest in Alaska, or larger.

      Not trying to be nasty or ill tempered but pointing out the reality of EQs on this planet and their locations.

    2. Eric … well, I am good with it being deleted.

      I live in the world of data; with 40,000 worldwide EQ a year I don’t see how people posting EQ not related to your prediction is of any relevance to your prediction or in any way gives validation to your accuracy.

      No issues with you deleting both of my post. I will stay off the site as far as posting goes.

      No offense intended to any and a Merry Christmas to all.

      1. Jules 104
        Thank you for posting north west Australia quake it ended up a is our largest for 20years in Australia and a possible flag to watch ..
        Especially being in Indian Ocean and could hold a precursory watch for Eric’s
        Indian Ocean tsunami Prediction.
        Which we are all keeping watch for
        It could even be triggered as 2004 Aceh
        Quake was in Indonesia.
        I add this in post to Jules but as a continuüm
        Sometimes spirit chimes in when we post quakes.. it’s also a friendly caring way to demonstrate we are concerned as a community of the world what is occurring in each of our environments
        It’s an opportunity to put caring energy and thoughts out into the world
        I hope and pray with love and light mother earth settles and those at risk will be vigilant and have there needs if they arise in a threatening way met
        With the best of respect to you .
        Maybe you don’t subscribe to the type of belief system we demonstrate ..
        But some gravitate to numbers and data
        Whole some gravitate to more spiritual paths ..some both ..
        I thought your comments were reasonably logical and expressed you individual perspective of the function of this site but it is much more than data .
        Have a great Xmas
        I m sincere in that ..

  5. the first 20 could be the 20th and the last visual 9 and 20 could be a 9.2 quake so a 9.2 quake on the 20th? or the 9 and 20 could just mean a 9 quake on the 20th

      1. (Lowell sorry for jumping in.)
        Eric can you tell me is this still related to an earthquake and/or tsunami for our West Coast then?

  6. Eric my first thought for the “they really are going to execute her” part of prediction was that it was somehow related to Maria Butina.
    Not sure why but that popped into my head.

  7. Eric for the spiritual force pouring down on the world and light glowing from your hands part. It reminded me of someone I watched on YouTube recently. Someone had asked this psychic what she saw for 2019 and would we be visited by aliens. When she looked she said all she could see was a really, really bright light from above that was blinding. She couldn’t see anything else but this extremely bright light, no aliens.
    Remembering one of your older predictions that mentioned “Our Father is coming”… I took it as being a spiritual force for the good of the world coming down.
    So anyway WOW now that you’ve added this! Very interested in what happens next.

  8. If we r talking about an earthquake in vancouver or canada, we could be on the verge of the cascadian subduction zone causing the big one

    1. I haven’t posted this yet but the core of the prediction was a mistake, this is a major event of 2019 that will happen around September 20th. Now the question remains is there a smaller quake coming for the north still? Something I need to clarify.

  9. I live in Vancouver, Canada and have been dreading “the big one”. The predictions about flooding, perhaps from a tsunami, would be more applicable to Vancouver Island, which protects Vancouver from a tsunami. Any further details would be most appreciated!

  10. Hopefully not California on magnitude 9. 🙁

    Everyday and night, I sense constant vibes of energy wave. Not sure why but it’s continue energy vibes…people may not feel it but i can sense through 6th senses.

  11. Eric, today the Trump Foundation has agreed to dissolve itself after New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has found that the Trump family has used the charity monies for their own personal gain as opposed to actually using it for charity. I’m wondering if your prediction that “he cheated, cheated…the fall is coming” is referring to this incident?

      1. Losse 2020
        Wow thanks for the Geyser footage..
        Amazing ..loved seeing it .
        Blessings stay well

  12. Eric,SWC,
    I had a visual of a woman being led down a narrow corridor. Then Spirit said “They really plan to execute her?!”

    Morocco 🇲🇦 terrorism?
    1 Beheaded..1 throat slash..
    The attack on the two Scandinavian backpackers in Morocco could have had a terrorism motive, according to reports. Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, were brutally murdered while camping in the Atlas mountains.

  13. i know its wrong place to post

    But that wall trump wants to put up i feel it will eventually be used against the americans. when civil war breaks out in the US it will be easy to keep the Americans in to not get out.
    a big worry. its a setup trap. people for the wall have not realised till its too late.

    almost like another german wall.

      1. maybe or just postponed.

        i get a feeling if the wall went up it would stop americans leaving. like.a trap..and only way to leave is you would have to accept the chip.implant. the mark of the beast as some call it.

        is it possible like the great wall china it was actually used to like a prison and history wrong.

        im worried if the wall went up it would be too late when americans realise why its there. not to keep mexicans out but keep americans in.

        hopefully not.

    1. I heard about that….those poor women. At least the police caught the ones who murdered them.

      There was also an article that talked about Moroccans gathering for vigils to honor the two victims….that was really touching, and a much-needed reminder that most people are nothing like the killers.

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