Prediction: France Attack

There is going to be another vehicle attack in France.  My hope today is to warn the people of France, and make the authorities aware so that everyone can take extra precautions. I really hope this nightmare can be averted.  (Interprétation française ci-dessous)

“France attack.. two different events.. such evil.. vehicle attack.. 8” – Spirit’s Voice

The second attack was implied as a shooting. As it reads below the timing is ‘around’ the 15th. But is it this month or next month? With the message on the 11th about a ‘plower’ coming very soon, it seems more likely they are talking about now.  I would encourage everyone to be alert from now until the 17th. 

Previous messages:

Predictions 1-11-18  “The plower is coming next.. such a monster.”   The implication was another attack with a vehicle. Its possible they are talking about the last post, perhaps its not a shooting but a vehicle attack:

I was falling asleep when I heard screams and gunshots. Individuals were screaming at others to run.  I had a visual of a mad man plunge through a door, staring down those in the room. “In 7 minutes” (minutes mean days)

Predictions 12-13-17  France attacked.. in two.. around 15. I had a visual of multiple police cars with flashing lights.

Predictions 12-10-17   Such evil! The mother has one child at home while the other is now gone.  Again the implication was an attack on children in Ohio or France as it discusses in this recent prediction

Predictions 12-1-17   Madness.. such evil.   They then pointed to a location in France, first starting with Paris then shifting outward to one then two cities out from Paris.   There was initially the feeling of a vehicle attacking people but then it shifted to a train? We need to clarify exactly what happens.   There was also an implication of an attack on youth because they showed a back pack on the ground.   Then Spirit shifted to Ohio. We need to ask about Ohio first and then clarify whether or not the attack in France is one attack or multiple ones.

This prediction might be unrelated:   Predictions 1-10-18  I was falling asleep when I heard screams and gunshots. Individuals were screaming at others to run.  I had a visual of a mad man plunge through a door, staring down those in the room. “In 7 minutes”

Both the 15th and 19th are marked.

Il va y avoir une autre attaque de véhicule en France. Mon espoir aujourd’hui est d’avertir les Français et de sensibiliser les autorités afin que chacun puisse prendre des précautions supplémentaires. J’espère vraiment que ce cauchemar peut être évité. (Interprétation française ci-dessous)
“France attaque .. deux événements différents .. tel mal .. attaque de véhicule .. 8” – Spirit’s Voice
La deuxième attaque était implicite comme une fusillade. Comme il se lit ci-dessous le timing est «autour» du 15ème. Mais est-ce ce mois-ci ou le mois prochain? Avec le message du 11 sur un ‘laboureur’ qui arrive très bientôt, il semble plus probable qu’ils en parlent maintenant. J’encourage tout le monde à être vigilant jusqu’au 17.
Messages précédents:
Prédictions 1-11-18 “Le laboureur arrive bientôt .. un tel monstre.” L’implication était une autre attaque avec un véhicule. Il est possible qu’ils parlent du dernier post, peut-être que ce n’est pas une fusillade mais une attaque de véhicule:

Je m’endormais quand j’ai entendu des cris et des coups de feu. Les individus criaient aux autres de courir. J’avais un visuel d’un homme fou qui se faufilait à travers une porte, fixant ceux qui étaient dans la pièce. “Dans 7 minutes” (minutes signifie jours)
Prédictions 12-13-17 La France a attaqué .. dans deux .. autour de 15. J’avais un visuel de plusieurs voitures de police avec des lumières clignotantes.
Prédictions 12-10-17 Un tel mal! La mère a un enfant à la maison tandis que l’autre est maintenant parti. Encore une fois l’implication était une attaque sur les enfants en Ohio ou en France comme il est discuté dans cette prédiction récente
Prédictions 12-1-17 Madness .. un tel mal. Ils ont ensuite indiqué un emplacement en France, d’abord à partir de Paris, puis à l’extérieur puis à deux villes de Paris. Il y avait d’abord le sentiment d’un véhicule qui attaquait les gens, mais ensuite il s’est déplacé vers un train? Nous devons clarifier exactement ce qui se passe. Il y avait aussi une implication d’une attaque contre les jeunes parce qu’ils montraient un sac à dos sur le sol. Puis Spirit s’est déplacé vers l’Ohio. Nous devons d’abord nous interroger sur l’Ohio et ensuite préciser si l’attaque en France est une attaque ou plusieurs attaques.

Cette prédiction pourrait être sans rapport: Prédictions 1-10-18 Je m’endormais quand j’ai entendu des cris et des coups de feu. Les individus criaient aux autres de courir. J’avais un visuel d’un homme fou qui se faufilait à travers une porte, fixant ceux qui étaient dans la pièce. “Dans 7 minutes”
Le 15 et le 19 sont marqués.



42 thoughts on “Prediction: France Attack

  1. I tweeted France24 and left a message with interior, does anyone else know of other local news outlets in France I can contact? I am determined to get the information out there.

  2. I was in church today,when I had a vision of a tank plowing people over.I even kept looking for the exits to see where I can escape.
    This happened to me a few days before Las Vegas I feel this is soon

  3. Praying for someone from France see this post and make contact to the police to be aware of the coming up disaster events that can be prevented.

  4. Eric, I copied the link of this post to CIA email. It wasn’t easy to find an email address. Hopefully they will contact you for any questions to look for a clue to prevent the disaster events in France. Pray they recieved the email to take your words seriously.

  5. SWC
    Sending prayers love and light to France .
    My thoughts are with them ..maybe this can be thwarted ..with the links you have provided
    Eric ..Lossie and Sara ..
    blessings all

      • Lossie 2020 hello.
        im sorry if you thought something had happened in France. .I was sending protective love light and prayers to the people of France in the hope the prediction is thwarted.
        The prediction says
        “There is going to be another vehicle attack in France ”
        so i wanted to let the people know we are praying for this not to occur. .

      • Thank you rhonda2. I misunderstood and thanks for your sincere prayers. All blessing to you always. ♡♡

  6. Thank you, Eric, for your predictions, this weekend a French clairvoyant has made a video in which he feels that a huge attack will happen soon.
    Thank you to those who pray for my country it’s nice to you.
    Unfortunately the French state is complicit.

  7. Eric and others who feel the heaviness of this prediction, please distract yourselves from it for a brief time with this beautiful song Spirit sent me today for some reason…

  8. Eric/SWC…this isn’t related to this prediction but is this recent FBI arrest related to the older predictions on 3/21/17 and 1/8/15?
    FBI arrests TX man for threats of mass shootings during Pittsburgh Steelers Playoffs game at Heinz Stadium. Here’s that link. Also he was using a computer while participating in Clinical Research. Glad they were able to trace the ip address and caught him.

  9. trump deserves to go. What a waste of time and energy. He had a year were he could of truly helped people spiritually and he wasted it. the sons of abraham are from egypt. here is the light.
    the white race is really buddhist and they come from shem which is the land of israel.
    Mr. abbas.YOU ARE A MIRACLE. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. THIS HAS BEEN THE PROBLEM FOR A LONG TIME.YOU DON’T FOLLOW THE LAWS OF GOD. THOU SHALL NOT KILL. ADONAI. put together with 10 commandments which is the father/son and holy spirit or go over the 42 commandments of egypt as a soul for buddhism and walk and be blameless.

    And Canaan saw the land of Lebanon to the river of Egypt, that it was very good, and he went not into the land of his inheritance to the west (that is to) the sea, and he dwelt in the land of Lebanon, eastward and westward from the border of Jordan and from the border of the sea. And Ham, his father, and Cush and Mizraim his brothers said unto him: ‘Thou hast settled in a land which is not thine, and which did not fall to us by lot: do not do so; for if thou dost do so, thou and thy sons will fall in the land and (be) accursed through sedition; for by sedition ye have settled, and by sedition will thy children fall, and thou shalt be rooted out for ever. Dwell not in the dwelling of Shem; for to Shem and to his sons did it come by their lot.

  10. Eric,
    France 🇫🇷
    Iranian diplomat arrested..over alleged Paris Bomb plot 💥
    Belgian authorities said the Iranian diplomat was detained in Germany on Monday as a contact of a Belgian married couple of Iranian heritage. The couple was arrested earlier by Belgian police in Brussels after they were caught with 500 grams of TATP explosive and a detonator hidden in a toiletries bag.

    Belgian prosecutors identified the couple as 38-year-old Amir S. and 33-year-old Nasimeh N. and charged them with attempted terrorist murder and preparing a terrorist act for plotting to bomb a Saturday meeting of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

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