Predictions 1-10-18

I was falling asleep when I heard screams and gunshots. Individuals were screaming at others to run.  I had a visual of a mad man plunge through a door, staring down those in the room. “In 7 minutes”

The message was given yesterday so it should be 6 minutes from now. Sometime around the 16th. The location shifted, the overall impression was Virginia. However they kept showing mid California.

“UAF” was written big and bold

I had a visual of one massive explosion taking place. “The bombing will be so massive in size.. so huge.”

I had a visual of women marching as if protesting., then there was an explosion, the visual shifted to show blood on the streets.

I desperately need to return to Spirit and ask for a location and countdown for this bombing.

“Coup d etat” –  “The hardliners try and seize power, but the people push back, eventually the hardliners are outed”

The impression was Iran. 

”Against his own word Obama will fall back into politics.”

I had a visual of someone finding an ancient tablet, then it shifted to show a scroll with written words of a foreign language. It looked like it was from an ancient time. Unfortunately one of the pieces were missing. “It puts into question what we thought we knew”

Both the 15th and 19th are marked.


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  1. Sara Avatar

    UAF—possibly “University of Alaska Fairbanks”?
    Universal Academy of Florida?
    Or maybe U.S Air Force?

    Those are the top possibilities that came up when I did a search for UAF.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That’s what I found also Sara. There is also Unite Against Fascism which is a British Organization. Ukrainian Air Force, Ukrainian Armed Forces, and Uganda Athletics Federation.
      But those should all be outside of the US. The United States Air Force should be USAF, but it is pretty close.

    2. Brittany Avatar

      I know this is being prejudice but The Universal Academy of Florida is “a private, independent Islamic school offering classes from Preschool through 12th grade.”

      Don’t know if it being an “Islamic school” could make it the more likely choice from the rest?

      1. Sara Avatar

        If the shooting Eric saw turns out to be a jihadist thing, maybe the attacker once went to the school or worked there.

        On the other hand, if the shooting is committed by an anti-Muslim attacker, maybe the school could be a target.

  2. Karen Avatar

    Was the scroll the Hebrew Bible? The Aleppo Codex has been missing for a very long time and discussion is that it is the most important part.

  3. Nicole Avatar

    Eric – could the location of the mad man have been a grocery store? Last night I was relaxing and suddenly heard the word “Albertsons.” It was immediately followed by an image blue and white triangle logo that when I Googled was the Albertsons brand grocery store logo. Then I kept hearing the word “pair” but it was being repeated like it was trying to sound something out so not sure that I was getting it right (seemed like I just couldn’t ‘get’ that word). Then there was another visual of a gunman in a black ski mask bursting into a roll like you describe. I asked “where” and got “Louisiana… no LA (ie California like you said)… no Laremy” (which is Wyoming? But I googled and there is no longer an Albertsons there). The “lare”(emy) sounds like “pair”could have been my brain still trying to figure out that word. So maybe a place with an LA (Louisiana is LA) or with a sound like “pair” in it. Not really sure. It just was the same time(ish) you got your visual outside of what sounds like your normal meditation method (?) so don’t know if you think it could be related at all?

    I have been accurately picking up a lot lately. Most recently the mudslides in California right now (was seeing images of mudslides a few weeks ago).

    1. Erin Avatar

      I am from Louisiana and a frequent shopper at Albertsons so I pray this is not true… Maybe with “pair” they meant “parish” in a way to clarify that it’s Louisiana since it’s the only state with parishes instead of counties. Or could be Prairieville but can’t think of any other towns/cities with pair in it.

      1. Nicole Avatar

        Erin- I pray it is not true also. You could very well be correct that the “pair” is parish. That would actually make a lot of sense. I want you to know though that immediately when I read your comment I got a STRONG intuitive read to tell you that YOU are personally safe, your family and friends are all safe. Whatever this is I am almost positive you are not connected personally in any way. Light and love, nicole

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  4. Megan Avatar

    Is the bombing associated with Iran, or is that prediction unrelated to Iran.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  5. Trina Avatar

    I was in bed last night as well,when I felt I was being watched.Kept looking out the window.This same thing happened to me the night before Las Vegas.I heard screaming and saw running.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s a possible outcome, it did look hot in the location.

  6. Trina Avatar

    Can Obama run again for President?

    1. LLG26 Avatar

      He cannot be elected again to the presidency due to the 22nd amendment. Due to the wording of the amendment, some people feel that under really unusual circumstances maybe he could succeed to position of president and others feel he cannot…maybe the supreme court would have to decide under weird circumstances what the amendment can allow, but the spirit of the 22nd amendment is to limit anyone to two terms…

    2. Brittany Avatar

      Hopefully the U.S. breaks tradition and allows the Iranian people to have their own sovereignty, as opposed to installing a puppet leader who will give them what they want or just invading and occupying their land to get what they want.

      However I do remember a prediction saying that the U.S. will have to go in to protect Saudi Arabia against, I think, Iran. So maybe this happens before this oppressive regime falls or maybe after.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No, the constitution would not allow that.

  7. michael834 Avatar

    Eric has that tsunami prediction happened ? The one that did occur didnt cause any damage or deaths and was the wrong location
    And the spirits have warned you about on several occasions I find it hard to believe that was it ?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I truly believe one of the messages might have been about this event, but no, that wave in the prediction was massive.

      1. michael834 Avatar

        Ok thanks eric

  8. LLG26 Avatar

    Obama could start helping the campaigns of Democratic candidates for the congress or senate. The senate has a slim majority for the Republicans and so could be changed to a Democrat majority, making it difficult for Trump to get any bills he wants passed by senate. The house and senate would have to create more bipartisan bills, which would anger Republicans, who seem to want all the power they can get to help rich people…

  9. Anita Avatar

    “It puts into question what we thought we knew” — the ancient tablet

    Could this have to do with our human origins, our evolution, a particular religion/narrative, ancient aliens?

    (LOL. I just say “ancient aliens” because of the recent stuff with the Pentagon/DoD. I’ve also heard there’s more videos coming out this year, along with the release of some of the hardware they’ve recovered from UFOs.)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I took it as a religious text, but I could be wrong.

  10. anthony Avatar

    fact is mankind has written many books over time. people have taken everything as gospel because someone else wrote it. so you have a generation over thousand of years as dumb and dumber.what you thought you new is not even close.

  11. Sara Avatar

    Could the visual of women protesting be Iran? I was wondering if they gather together to demand equal rights, and maybe the explosion is caused by hardliners?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its unlikely the hardliners would bomb their own country, no I believe this is about a western country, and now with this ‘plower’ it puts things in question.

  12. Laura V Bechtel Avatar
    Laura V Bechtel

    There will be several women’s marches on 1/20/18 inspired by last year’s Women’s March on Washington. I see there are marches in Santa Ana CA and Roanoak VA.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That is a lot, but that gives us something to work with. Hopefully we can narrow it down.

  13. ABrowning Avatar

    A lot of fear in UK regards return of the troubles to Northern Ireland since everything is changing re Brexit – hope I’m wrong but UFA made me think of UFF (I know not exact match) which is the Ulster Freedom Fighters – check out anniversary that has just passed

  14. petemedium Avatar

    UAF = United Arab Front?

  15. Panda Avatar

    I knew the dream I had about Obama doing a third term as POTUS couldn’t happen, but since spirit mentioned he will be back in politics I’m wondering if that was the significance of my dream. I’ve dreamed about Obama again but don’t remember anything else. It would be beyond wonderful if he went back to the Senate! Eric, your predictions are starting to come true at a faster rate. Your Bannon prediction occurred with lightening speed. So relieved to know the deranged candidates who are currently running will be shot down. I hope this means that cruel guy from AZ who Trump pardoned won’t win. I’ve been praying he won’t. Your very kind to share your predictions with us.

  16. jules104 Avatar

    Eric here is an interview with Philip Mudd on Wolf Blitzer regarding Trumps remarks on people from “shithole countries”. It’s been all over the news today. I believe his comments today in the Oval Office to be the tipping point. I’m absolutely disgusted and ashamed to say he is the president of my country at this point. I sincerely hope he is impeached before he can do irreparable damage.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      July is a major shift. However that seems so far away

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  18. jules104 Avatar

    UAF “Union des Audax Francais”?
    I believe they have started these type of events in the USA also. It’s hard to understand since I don’t know the French language. Something to do with cycling, hiking, kayaking, Nordic skiing.

  19. jules104 Avatar

    UAF history. I’m still trying to figure out if this has to do with the Tour de France. Maybe the competition leading up to?

    1. rhona2 Avatar

      Jules 104
      Great research and can be a possible meaning of UAF ..
      Sending love and light to Tour de France for all to remain safe…
      I found this also and would bevinterested in your thoughts
      UAF… L’ Union des Aeroports France ..
      There are over 150 or so airports under this banner since 2010 …doesn’t narrow things down at all really sure spirit would give such a broad clue ..

      1. jules104 Avatar

        That’s a good catch Rhona. It could be something especially with it having to do with airplanes. It’s really hard to say if it has to do with France or not. I feel it’s better to put these out there just in case though.
        I found this also. The University of Alaska Fairbanks has a certificate for working on airplanes. Hey I just thought about this…The prediction where the frame was the target. I’ll try and find it. Here’s the UAF certificate associates degree link.

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  22. […] This prediction above also has a previous prediction that sounds very familiar: Predictions 1-10-18 […]

  23. star48 Avatar

    Ref::“Coup d etat” – “The hardliners try and seize power, but the people push back, eventually the hardliners are outed”

    The impression was Iran.
    Is it starting to happen?

    Iran’s rulers facing US pressure mounts..

  24. star48 Avatar

    Another sign ?
    Ref;;;“Coup d etat” – “The hardliners try and seize power, but the people push back, eventually the hardliners are outed”

    The impression was Iran.

    Iran 🇮🇷
    Call for calm after water protests..clashes..
    A number of protests have broken out in Iran since the beginning of the year over water, a growing political concern due to a drought which residents of parched areas and analysts say has been exacerbated by mismanagement.

    Oil-rich southwestern Khuzestan province, where Khorramshahr is located, is the home of many members of Iran’s ethnic Arab minority, who have long complained of alleged discrimination and tight control by security forces.

    Speaking before the clashes, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday that the United States was acting together with Sunni Muslim Gulf Arab states that regard Shi’ite Muslim Iran as their main regional foe in trying to destabilise the government in Tehran.

  25. star48 Avatar

    Ref::“Coup d etat” – “The hardliners try and seize power, but the people push back, eventually the hardliners are outed”

    Iran 🇮🇷
    Violence in streets of Iran
    ‘Death to the dictator!’ Violence on streets of Iran as police use tear gas on furious protesters, including chador-clad women, demonstrating against ‘corrupt regime’ ruining the country while waging ideological war abroad
    Protests have broken out in a number of cities against Iranian regime this week
    Comes after the dramatic drop of Iran’s currency and other economic problems
    ‘The nation is forced to beg while the leader lives like God,’ protesters chanted

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    1. star48 Avatar

      Correction:: violent than stuxnet

  27. jules104 Avatar

    Eric could the “UAF” message from Spirit actually be the letters “UHF”?
    I’m asking because it could connect with the “investigate ION” prediction.

  28. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::was falling asleep when I heard screams and gunshots. Individuals were screaming at others to run. I had a visual of a mad man plunge through a door, staring down those in the room. “In 7 minutes”

    See ✔️✔️🚨🚨
    France 🇫🇷
    Knife attack..inside police station,

    man armed with a knife killed four police officers and injured several others during an attack Thursday inside Paris police headquarters, where the man was an employee, before being fatally shot.

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