Predictions 12-10-17

I had a visual of the number zero in red on a scale.

A countdown is complete, either today or tomorrow we are expecting a prediction to unfold. I can only assume the scale represents an earthquake prediction. We have had a swarm of small earthquakes here in Southern California.

The earthquake prediction: Prediction: Earthquake Coming Soon

I had a visual of an oil tanker floating across the ocean. Are they predicting an oil spill? This could be linked to the previous message about murky water: Predictions 11-30-17

Such evil! The mother has one child at home while the other is now gone.

Again the implication was an attack on children in Ohio or France as it discusses in this recent prediction: Predictions 12-1-17



29 thoughts on “Predictions 12-10-17

  1. Wow, I was just about to leave a comment on the other earthquake thread when you posted this one.

    Something is definitely up — another lady I follow who only rarely makes this kind of prediction was saying that she was concerned because she felt a shift and instability in the global energy that she couldn’t quite describe but the best that she could explain is it felt to her like a shift in the tectonic plates.

    She specifically mentioned two places, California and an island type community (I think Diana said Bali but I’d have to rewatch her weekly video). This is not what her videos usually cover, she does more general weekly readings on the energy and weekly advice, etc. Her approach is very loving much like your approach. If you’re interested, it’s in the first couple of minutes here:

    • I took it as the mother has an older son who did something awful and one left behind.

      You could be right though

    • As I rethink it in regard to the school/children prediction, it may be that she stayed home with a sick child while the other went to school. They could have both had something awful happen but instead only one.

      Maybe it is a fluke where something happens and she is spare one child but loses the other.

  2. I’m little confused by the school shooting/attack on children in Ohio or France prediction today because the Predictions 12-7-17 said “Another mad man with a gun”, and yet I also remember an earlier school shooting prediction about an evil woman sitting at the back of classroom (that one had a “Charlotte” reference) which still hasn’t occurred.

    “Such evil! The mother has one child at home while the other is now gone.” — Could this mean the other child that “is now gone” be the one perpetrating the act or could this be the mother? To be fair, France could be a terrorist attack while Ohio is a school shooting; this prediction could be about France and not about Ohio.

  3. 0th September 2001 Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference stating he was going to audit the pentagon as unimaginable sums of money were missing. 24 hrs later 9/11.
    This weekend Donald Trump announces a massive audit of the pentagon.
    Eric’s multi level plane attack comes back into the fray.

    I have noticed that where there is confusion over predictions is because they come in a flurry.
    I think we will have several unfold together.

    Jackie Kennedy appearing again reminds me of the assignation attempt prediction of Mike Pence.

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  5. There is a St Paris, OH 43072, small country town pop.2016 . Difficult to believe any kind of terrorism could happen here, but it seems anything is possible these days.

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  7. Eric,
    Indonesia 🇮🇩 Borneo
    Oil spill..serious..
    Indonesian port city of Balikpapan, on the island of Borneo, declared a state of emergency after pipeline fracture caused devastating oil spill along the coast, killing five fishermen and bringing health problems to hundreds of locals after it ignited.

  8. Eric,
    Ref;;Again the implication was an attack on children in Ohio or France as it discusses in this recent prediction

    9 people stabbed..
    (Refugee community)

    Boise police have identified the man arrested for a stabbing that injured nine people Saturday night, including six children.
    Police say Timmy Kinner, 30, of Los Angeles, was arrested and charged with nine counts of felony aggravated battery and six counts of felony injury to a child.
    Officers say four of the nine people have life-threatening injuries. The victims are members of the refugee community. Police say Kinner is not a refugee and has only been in Boise a short time.


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