Predictions on 10-5-15

Great news, the great evil leader is dead! A massive game changer. A massive shift of scales. A massive change follows his departure, in about one month.

I had a visual of the US map. On the map there were certain areas painted in patches of grey. Patches on New York and New Jersey where colored grey, so was several gulf regions most of which where on the south east part of the gulf. Then there was Florida that was entirely painted black. This map reflects those areas affected by Hurricanes or Tropical Storms.

I had a visual of a Hurricane heading towards Florida.

I had a visual of a very powerful cyclone heading towards Australia in November/December,

I had a visual of a storm or hurricane swiping up the north east US coast from Jacksonville Florida all the way up to New Jersey and New York.

The next step here is to ask for the exact trajectory of these storms that will help figure out what cities need to be warned.

I had a visual of a bomb being hidden in a park or residential area, there was a walkway as well.

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  1. Eric, no time given on these predictions? Wonder who the evil leader is, will have to watch the world news, worrying about the hurricanes and cyclone.

  2. i cast a light that shines so bright to bind the darkness were ever lightness. Expose those souls to be brought to justice in the name of god amun

  3. can people, send out prayers, to change, the storms, that will effect florida, and the coastline,?

    1. the planet is a very intelligent being, it knows where it needs the storms and the purpose of those storms. People need to step aside from their emotions and let the planet do what it needs to do to heal and raise it’s vibration. You wont change any storm, the idea is to make sure you are prepared for storms, earthquakes etc, not interfere with what hte planet is doing

      1. Hi Choas, may I ask in curiously? I never thought that the planet is a very intelligent being. How does it knows in what course that needs to be taken care of? Imagine that the water have memories and the trees can sense things or the flowers that can sing. Another example: Jesus commanded the storm to be still, yet the clouds obeyed him. There is so much that we don’t know what IT can do! I understand the planet comes first before all the living things on this earth to survive.


  4. I would think that maybe the great evil leader would be the head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, or Bashar al- Assad, the President of Syria.

    1. Jules, I’m confused. I think Basher Al – Assad, the president of Syria may not be the evil leader. Cuz I’m not picking up any negative vibes by looking at his picture. I feel it’s the head of ISIS. I don’t know why president of Syria doesn’t do a good job by protecting his people. It doesn’t make sense as he could have ask for help at UN to prevent it from worst four and half years ago. I’m so confused.

      1. Never mind what I said. There’s confusion going on with the world leaders. Truth will come out knowing who is the real evil person. Have to put trust in God and let the lights overcome the darkness. I only sensed the mixed messages or lack of trust between the “leaders”. Too many misunderstanding that caused the lack of trust. Just pray!

      2. Hi Mary. Bashar al-Assad’s nick-name is “The Butcher”. Though I think it could even be the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. And then there is of course the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, and the group Boko Harem’s leader. So possibly one of them. (I don’t think this is the same person/prediction in which Eric talks about the evil person coming to power later on down the road.) Yes the darkness will be overcome by the light for sure πŸ™‚ Blessings. Here are some links.

      3. Thanks Jules. Could be but maybe someone we may not even thought of. Praying for the lights continue to shine around the world especially those who suffering the most. Our archangel Micheal is doing everything he can to help the suffering ones as long as we keep praying. No pray, no result.

        Blessings to you! πŸ™‚


      4. Jules, second message to you.

        I was just thinking about archangel Michael as how in the world he keeps up with the hurting ones around the clock. I’d love to know if he ever gets a break or not.

        “Thanks archangels for doing a fabulous job. We couldn’t do it without your help. Amen”. πŸ™‚

      5. Thanks Jules as I read the links you enclosed. So sad as the president of Syria allowed the civilians suffered from poison chemicals, especially children. I’d like to know what is inside his head and heart. Hopefully not like Hitler.

        When. I looked at the picture of the “Butcher”. He looked too innocence. I am hoping whoever wrote the articles that is not twisted to make them look bad. If the stories are true, I wish I could be there to stop their crime activities. All my prayers goes out to victims and survivors during the evil war. I pray that Archangel Michael will beat the great evil leader(s) and bring peace to everyone. Amen!

      6. Hi Harvey,

        As per your question about Michael, yes, he is very busy but he does get breaks and carry on personal relationships with others. He also has a dog. If you wish to read one persons report of her relationship with Michael, go to these links. Read Stop Kicking My Chair (a book for purchase) at Also, if you dig through the website archives, you might be able to access some of this content on ALB’s, which is Lady Wolfe Mist’s special name for angels.

  5. Hi can you possible show the grey areas to be hit, is it possible to show map or just of NY. At least it sounds like some good news is coming.

      1. Did the storm go as far as Massachusetts? Hope not – it’s just north of Connecticut.

  6. Eric…. One of your predictions mentioned “Alec will pass”. Of course I wondered, Alec who, when I came across this article today. Whatdaya think?

    Was the Oregon mass shooting an Islamist attempt to assassinate Alek Skarlatos?

    Read more:
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    1. That’s a thought, casseyatthrbat! Could be. Let Eric asks the Spirits if that’s confirm. Thanks and blessings!

      1. It just saw on the internet that Alex’s buddy Spencer Stone was stabbed repeatedly and is reported in stable condition….
        What is going on? Something is up.

  7. Eric, wondering if the hurricane or tropical storms may be heading for Florida among east coastline this pumpkins time of the year? Perhaps end of Oct and Nov.

  8. Hi Eric – I had a terrible, vivid dream this a.m. I am a precognitive, so I am wondering if you can ask spirit for me where this will occur; I say “will” because I am sure this is a prophetic dream. I dreamt of a huge explosion in a building that was nearby a city port. There was smoke all over – like the smoke from a welder’s torch; metallic, toxic smoke. We could hardly breathe and took building stairs that were 119 floors to the bottom of the building. It was like 911 in NYC. Three people in my dream all had birthdays this coming week, so that was unusual – Oct 11, 12 and 17. I knew all these people from Boston, but it could’ve been any city port, like NYC. Have you or any others on this site had such a dream or vision? Eric, you mention a bomb in these predictions, so that is why I post here.

    1. One more thing. The theme of this dream was how “grey” everything was w/ the toxic smoke everywhere. Your post of NY, NJ all grey and FLA black could be related to this blanket of acrid smoke though you say in your prediction you felt it was storms.

    2. Oh, the number “17” was highlighted in another part of the dream. I just recalled. Maybe this was personal, but in this dream, I did not feel frightened, despite the frightening circumstances – that is why I do not interpret it as personal. The building that blew up in an explosion was like a warehouse building that you see along a pier.

      1. Ask for clarity, when you get the response, do me a favor and shoot me an email with all the info so I can look into it. My email address is in the top right corner of the blog.

      2. Hi Again, Eric: I did not receive clarity on this dream, which unfortunately, is not unusual. But, I was watching an old Columbo episode the other day and something interesting came up. He was going to a pier and the piers are arranged in terms of blocks, lots and slip numbers. So… My dream could have been indicating with “17” Lot 1- slip 7 or some other combination. I suppose this could relate to any port, so it doesn’t clarify locale, but intuitively I feel it’s NYC, Brooklyn or some area nearby. I will message you if I have another dream related to this, or direct clarity.

      1. Eric, It never occurred to me that it could be that far ahead. My dreams are usually within days, weeks or months of the event – a year at most. It could be anywhere like Lake Michigan, too, where the lake looks like an ocean. This dream really upset me – it has the quality of my former prophetic dreams about other disasters, i.e., very, very real. I will ask for clarity.

  9. I recall that during the overview of 2015 spirits predicted end of reigh for both Kim Jong-un and Bashar Al-Assad. I believe this prediction of an evil ruller concerns one of them. We will soon see which one. A death of any one of them would be a really major shift.

    1. Its just my guess, but I believe they are talking about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, from there your right, Al Assad, Kim Jong Un, and Al Bashir all have predictions discussing their downfall.

  10. Eric – they are preliminarily reporting on CNN that the head of ISIS was potentially killed in an air strike. The Pentagon has yet to confirm. Others in the ISIS leadership were hit, too. Now that would be a game changer! Hope your prediction of the death of the evil leader is true.

  11. Tornado hit Kurnell on 16th December in Sydney Australia.There were a lot of homes destroyed but thank goodness no one was killed.

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