Predictions 6-29-17

“Egypt.. 3”   I had a I visual of a vehicle with a bomb attached to it. The vehicle was parked by what looked like a government building.

From the visual it seemed as if the government building was a police station.

I had a visual of an array of guns that arrived. “A direct frontal assault against the terrorist in the Philippines.. a direct hit.”

“Money going from here to there.. moving again and again.. this is what Trump will get fired for.. a choice must be made impeachment or resignation.

Predictions 6-17-17 : In the end it isn’t the testimonies of individuals that impede Trump but banks, finances, dealings. From one hand to another to another. Shady acts

If you add in all the smaller pieces in previous predictions you get an elaborate picture that explains how this might lead to his downfall. There is also the message that when the axes fall (people are fired) that is when everything starts to go south for the US president. Meanwhile in recent predictions they predict Robert Mueller will be fired.

Previous predictions of these smaller pieces:  Predictions 5-16-17   Predictions 4-1-17    Predictions 4-16-17  Predictions 6-20-17

In previous conversations with Spirit the month of July was marked with major bombshells. July was the month that the US government would sway a different direction. Now they added that all would close in 9.. 4..  which sounds like September. I always assumed that this would happen in the next year or two, but I question that now because they keep adding to the conversation with a sense of urgency.

We are in the process of completing this major event for the world that will become a focal point for all of us to alter. I should post it tomorrow or the following day.  We also have a mind blowing new ‘Truth’ coming out, which is actually some positive news for a change.

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49 thoughts on “Predictions 6-29-17

      1. Sorry … I posted and then didn’t see your question.

        I’m just surprised at the clarity of the political predictions although it does make sense when you read everything you’ve been writing all together. And surprised at the potentially quick time line.

        I’m also happy to hear we have some good news coming in the Truths because it’s been a pretty stressful period and we can use some good news for a change.

        I think the politics is sort of stunning so I can’t imagine the big event, but it does sound like it’s a negative event that needs to be altered. I do recall some ominous predictions in the past and am wondering if the big event is related to old predictions. I’m anxious to read it but a bit scared too. Only a couple of days to wait though.

        1. The timeline is in Question, it is unlikely that Trump will depart that quickly. However there has to be a reason to push these predictions though quickly

  1. I guess if the major world event needs to be altered, it’s not a good event. I suspect we’ll need to be ready for anything.

    On the plus side, it sounds like the Philippines are going to fight back to free Marawi from ISIS; hopefully that’ll save the hostages still trapped there.

    1. I agree Sara, when I read the prediction, so many thoughts crossed my mind about other ominous past predictions Eric made. It left me with an uneasy feeling and this confirmation that it won’t be good news certainly doesn’t make me feel any better…

      But I feel grateful we get to know what’s coming and hopefully unite to stop such events from happening. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for a lot of people and more people will lay down their differences and unite together with love and compassion to change these events.

      Even in the worst of times in history, there has always been good people who believed in humanity and got us through… Always remember that,there are bad things in the world but there’s also good in this world as well. The yin and the yang. Love and kindness will help us get through with life and persevere even when it doesn’t seem so at times. I hope this gives you comfort.

      Peace be with you ❤️

  2. Currently Australia and Indonesia are supporting the Philippines Government in eradicating these terrorists.

      1. Eric,
        I’m not sure if there is anyone forwarding weapons to the terrorists but I believe the US is also backing us and the Indonesians against these extremists…..all been pretty quiet since the original news report of early last week.

  3. Eric, are you saying the US government will have a shutdown in September? This article says that Trump tweeted in May that if the Senate rules don’t get changed so that only 51 votes are needed instead of 60 to pass legislation then he will support a government shutdown. This is called the “nuclear option” so that the Republicans can vote any legislation through without needing any democratic votes.

    1. No I don’t think so, July is a month when the facts are brought to light whereas September is a month of consequences. I still have doubts on the year. The idea that republicans would turn on the president seems far fetched, but then again this entire prediction is a bit far fetched.

  4. I understand now, you mean September this year or next year may be when Trump has to face the consequences of his actions. I agree with you, that doesn’t seem likely to be this year…unless things speed up more than we can imagine right now.

  5. The only thing I can think of is that next year is an election year and if Republicans decide he’s going down, the Republicans will not want it to happen just months before an election — they’d rather have time for the dust to settle and Pence to settle things down (assuming that assassination attempt that was hinted at a long time ago isn’t important now).

    If this continues into next year it will be hard on Republicans seeking reelection.

    1. Republicans, I believe, would rather have Pence because they know where he stands on issues and he tows the party lines.
      That said, I’m not sure that republicans will wait until next year simply because people are lining up now to go against them in the coming elections and they are using all sound bites they can find to tie the republics up for reelection to trump.
      The state in which I live two of our senators (one who has been in office for as long as I can remember), the other one who everyone felt he was untouchable, Along with one of our lifelong Congressman, who took the seat after his father retired, were all told this week that there is a republican mayor of our city who is trying to decide which one of them he will run against in the next election. These three went from saying yes, they would vote for the new healthcare bill, even though people have been voicing their opinions against it in droves, now all three have backed up and this week came out saying they needed to look in to it more to decide if they can support it. Our current mayor has been involved in politics for a while and he’s young in comparison, he is also someone who is looked up to by republican and democrat voters.
      This is just an example of what I feel those up for reelection are feeling and facing currently, not to mention when the election gets closer.

  6. Egypt: Eric were there people hurt or could you see if this prediction played out?
    I’m so glad the Philippines will have the chance to fight against the terrorists. I do pray there will be limited bloodshed. My heart breaks for them.
    No matter political party affiliation,
    I believe July will bring forth more information regarding this administration. I think Spirit is right. While the wheels of our government turn so very slowly, I think it will be this September when trump will either be thrown out of office or, and I still suspect this could also happen, he will just walk away and say that he tried to help push his agenda through, but the gridlock in Washington made it impossible. The disagreement on healthcare among his party alone makes it questionable this will pass (though it certainly could), but I believe the senators returning to their constituents and hearing from them is making it increasingly harder to stand with trump. The tweet alone that he sent out this morning, and those in his own party condemning them, makes me believe that there are a great number of elected officials who are questioning what will happen to their own political aspirations if they continue to back him. The lack of grace while holding the highest position of our great country that he continues to normalize bullying (via Tweets) on such petty things as those who he feels speaks badly of him I feel is the turning point at this moment for many in his party. I believe there is already work being done behind the scenes that none of us are aware of and this will set the stage for this fall and the end of this presidency. I feel they already have the evidence needed, but continue to search for more.
    I pray that the bullying, the name calling, the lack of respect that many elected officials are doing throughout the world will not become the norm and that people will not become desensitized to it. After all, these are the things we teach our children not to do at a very young age.
    I am hopeful for the big prediction and that we have a good timeframe in which we can act to try and change the outcome.
    I look forward to the Truths, and wish we received them twice a month 😉
    May we come together, all of us in this world, and stand together with each other to make our world a better place. I continue to pray for world peace.

    1. Karen, Amen re US politics getting more civil, it’s exhausting. Would be so happy to see the name calling end everywhere world wide. I’d also love to see more truths more frequently.

    2. In regards to Egypt they have been avoiding to show me the actual bodies, they use to allow it but now it seems edited, it’s a good question I will try and check.

  7. nothing will happen to trump. And it’s time people making predictions about him stop that and focus on other things.

    1. With all due respect if Spirit gives Eric a prediction he should share it whether it is political in nature or not. I’m not sure that Spirit would want Eric, or anyone else who has been given the gift from God of helping to inform the world what is to come, to decide on their own what predictions should be made public and which ones should not.
      Regardless of which country we live in or which party affiliation we may have, once the information is given, it is given to be shared.
      How would someone explain that they were given a prediction and they decided not to share it for whatever reason and it came true and it could have helped people?
      I don’t know about ethically, but morally I don’t believe a person should decide which predictions they will share and which ones they won’t.

      1. Karen, I do hear you. Perhaps spirit is advising the later release of info, or all is not ready for disclosure for some reason.

    2. Your comment is rather intriguing. Are you suggesting ‘people making predictions’ are making them up? That seems to be the inference. Or do you have other psychic sources/predictions that support Trump and his White House? I have been searching the Internet since February looking for ongoing psychic predictions that are opposed to what the majority of psychics are saying…..which happens to be the same as what Eric and myself have been getting constantly. There are none that are ongoing.

    3. I am thinking that the main stream media is pushing so hard to get Trump out the news is just bombarding everyone . This may carry over into the meditation and create errors such as failing to predict Trump winning. Therefore this must be considered, just look at Georgia’s current election, this tells where the people are versus where the media says the people are. The undercover video of CNN is a good example of how the media is trying to sway the public opinion away from what the facts show. As long as this is going on I tend to not read to much into US political predictions.

      1. Trump did not “win” the 2016 election, the votes were changed. The evidence is emerging, but we do know that voting machines were hacked. There are investigators looking into 5 swing states where Trump “won” by 1%, mathematically impossible for all 5 states. Georgia’s 6th district also has voting irregularities – 3 voting machines “disappeared” a few days before the election, then magically turned up in a Democratic district. Voter suppression was rampant, with voters turning up to polling stations and finding a sheet of paper saying that they did not vote there – and the app that helped voters search by zip code for a polling station magically did not work on voting day – Putin tactics in full view. You can quote heavily edited videos all you want, they are not true. As for not reading much into US predictions – why are you on this website at all? I have predicted for months that the July 4 weekend will be a critical turning point for the end of the Trump fraud, the Putin ploy. I stand by that prediction – also that Trump will flee for a nonextradiction country by the end of 2017.

  8. How can we foster an environment of civilized commenting when you have the “commander in chief”, who is supposed to set a great example to us, firing off misogynotistic tweets to women like Mika Brzezinski? Such is the time we live in. Sigh…

  9. During the elections there was a computer server in the middle of PA that Trump ran; 80% of the communication came from Alpha Bank — a Russian bank — and almost the rest of the it came from the DeVos family, the largest Republican donor there’s been for decades. And then all of a sudden Dick Devos’s wife — Betsy DeVos — becomes Education Secretary after the server keeps getting communication from Dick DeVos’s company Spectrum — both Alpha and Spectrum accounted for 99% of the lookups.

  10. Eric sorry to bother you, but for some reason I did not receive this latest prediction in my personal inbox but found out from Rhona that there was a new one posted. I checked to make sure I am marked as “following” and I am. Checked my other inboxes, nothing. Not sure if others had this happen or not. Thanks for any help or info you can give on this matter. 🙏🏻

      1. Thanks Eric, I tried signing up again and it told me I was already “following” so oh well… But no worries, I did receive the tsunami prediction today so I’m not sure what happened yesterday. Thanks again for quick reply.

  11. Eric, I keep seeing a brown car, sort of like a chevy impala looking car with a bomb in the trunk. But the way the bomb is shown is lots and lots of red wires, almost like the person didn’t really know what they were doing. I also got the impression that they were reprimanded for not having followed directions and like they have something to prove. Not sure what that mean, but maybe that helps a little.

  12. Astrologers are also predicting a crazy intense summer, the grand finale being the the total solar eclipse at the end of August, The Great American Eclipse. We haven’t had a solar eclipse from one coast across to the other in nearly 100 years, it will be an awesome event to witness.

  13. Eric – Have you seen any visions of a college or university terrorist attack. I had a frightening, very vivid dream this a.m. whereby persons dressed as college administrators (in suits) were shooting women point blank. It was women who were shooting, too – one pretty black woman and one petite, blonde woman ( maybe in her 40’s or 50’s). It was surreal. I was in a building, modern looking with wide hallways that made an “L” shape whereby several meetings were going on with faculty and staff. I felt significantly that I was in Boston, though this building was not familiar at all. Didn’t you say that there was something in Boston happening soon? Sorry to insert this dream here, but I felt it was one of my “premonition” dreams – high definition TV kind of clarity. I did not see college students in this dream, but I knew in the dream that it was a campus- maybe a conference center on a campus. My husband said I was shaking all over while I was having this dream – it was so real, and nothing I’ve focused on recently should have caused such a dream. It could have been a metaphor for people being fired or laid off from a university, but that’s the only metaphor I can think of. Their suits were spring/ summer suits in this dream. Thanks for listening.

      1. Just a thought. West Point Military Academy in NY looks/is rather like a Castle and the Army Corp of Engineers insignia is a Castle.

      2. Boston University has a famous old castle as part of its campus
        It used to house the college presidents but is now used for events

      3. See my response ( sorry it’s so long) to Karen below. Also, Boston University mentioned by Tempestmm326 below is a distinct possibility, too.

    1. I wonder if there may be meetings held on campuses that aren’t related to the actual colleges? Many of them allow meetings to be held in their conference rooms by businesses or other groups. Do you recall if your dream was specific to teachers/college administrators or just professional type individuals?

      1. Hi Karen, Good question. I recall that the people in this dream were business-like, and the main person I truly “knew” in this dream who I know in real life currently works at Suffolk University in Boston. I’ve never been inside this university so perhaps I was there? A second professor I knew in my dream had a background in engineering; Suffolk does have a small engineering dept. Interestingly enough, there were faculty and administrators in the wing where I was, but there seemed to be conference attendees in the adjacent wing because they were frankly dressed more professionally – charcoal grey, conservative suits. So, to answer your question, it was both academics and perhaps business visitors attending a conference training session. Now that I think of it, this building reminds me of an MIT campus building I once visited for a business conference many years ago – and I forget the name of the building.

        The dream was much like the hospital attack in NYC ‘s Lebanon Hospital yesterday – people were being shot at point blank range, but in my dream, the shooters were women, and they were wearing suits, and it was a more college campus/ corporate conference training center environment. Very odd in that women were the perpetrators. I hate to say this, but perhaps another former employee copycat will mirror what happened yesterday in the hospital. Hope not. I woke up from my dream as I felt threatened in the dream. I was very shaken by this dream.

  14. I just looked up some images online for buildings of Suffolk U.’s College of Business – might be this, but not 100 % sure.

    1. Lia I keep remembering an article, but I can’t find it now, that I read where members of government (state and federal) would be (or perhaps already have since I can’t find the article) meeting on university campuses with faculty members regarding the differences in policies and to get some insight in to the universities. That’s what made me wonder about their conference rooms. I will continue to look for that article. It stuck out to me because I know our state university does host meetings with our local government members at the university. I wasn’t sure if other universities did the same, but I suspect they do given most conference rooms are open to business leaders. I will try and do a search today on any meetings with faculty and governments at universities.

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