Predictions 4-1-17

There will not be a plane attack on April 2nd. Again another failure to predict accurate time.

We are shifting the bar on how we predict time.  The goal, first we will start with the initial  prediction, one that is coming in less than a months time. A week before the event they will warn us, then 2 days before the event they will complete their countdown bringing it to Zero. That gives us a two day buffer. This is a progressive goal and will come together over time.  I am sorry for the mistakes we have made. From what I am told these terrorist failed to come together.

I had an odd visual I was looking down of the inside of a house or building then within a second it was ripped apart. It looked like it was ripped out.

I had a visual of Trump sitting in a Limo with a smirk on his face. “The Oligarchs financed him.”

I had a visual I was looking at a magazine on it read ‘lockdown’ then ‘two’. Then the visual switched, people were getting on a train, at a distance.

“Be cautious it isn’t just ISIS anymore attacking you but the terror group with ties to Yemen”

That implies AQAP


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  1. Perhaps the plane attacks have been averted due to information received by governments on new ways of carrying bombs in computers, thus leading to changes in airport security?

  2. Eric,
    Does this mean the back-to-back attacks you’ve talked about the past week (ports, trains, etc) are foiled too? Or are those separate from the plane?

    1. Not sure if this posted correctly–

      Do we still need to be concerned about other attacks happening soon, or has that changed?

      1. Eric,
        Any idea what new time-frame we’re looking at for the attacks? Days? Weeks? Months?

  3. Several groups could be responsible for attacks…Russians, Turks, and n. Korea…just to name a few…this country is amassing enemies daily…

    1. I was wondering if that sudden laptop ban would have an affect on planned attacks. Maybe Eric’s prediction got the timing wrong for this reason?

  4. Yemen does belong on the terror watch/restricted travel list. They have a long, bad history of sponsoring terrorism.

  5. Eric – Are you saying no plane attacks at all or you’re just off on timing? I’m still picking up a lot on planes so quite confused. (Though I was never as sure on that timing).

      1. Eric,
        Any idea how long until the attacks happen, if it’s in days, weeks, or months?

    1. This reminds me of the attack in Belgium. The Spirits started with France, then changed it to Belgium. Later they found out the original plan was to attack France but it changed.

  6. ISIS arose from the U.S. being in Iraq and now you say terrorist group in Yemen — possibly Boko Haram? — makes sense because the U.S. is in Yemen, arming rebel groups (i.e., U.S.-backed terrorists) and providing arms to Saudi Arabia, who’s essentially bombing anywhere and everywhere in Yemen. Might have fewer terrorist groups if U.S. stopped bombing and invading other countries all the time.

    1. The countries being bombed and invaded “all the time” are typically the ones that slaughter their own citizens on a regular basis, threaten or attack other countries and are in the Stone Ages as far as human rights. And no, they can’t just be left alone to carry on

      1. Francine,
        Agreed! ISIS is a fanatical group that plans to dominate over, and then kill, everyone who disagrees with their beliefs.

        It took the world a long time to even deal with them, back in 2014, and that helped them grow and take over so much land–and they ended up killing thousands upon thousands of people in Mosul, Raqqa, countless Syrian and Iraqi villages.

        I don’t like that we have to bomb in Iraq and Syria either, but what’s the other choice? If we do nothing, a Nazi-like group will continue killing Yazidis, Christians, gays, and any Muslims who don’t agree with them. If we do nothing, that encourages ISIS, it makes them think they can get away with genocide.

        ISIS has burned people alive in cages, planned bombing attacks worldwide, thrown Yazidis into mass graves, raped girls as young as ten–and they aren’t doing it because of the west, it’s because they believe they’re superior to anyone who doesn’t believe what they do.
        They are like Nazis, in that they feel everyone else is subhuman. One of their propaganda pieces in the news said outright that they “would continue to hate” the west even if we left, because we do not believe what they do. Like Hitler, who wouldn’t leave the people of Europe in peace, ISIS has no intention of letting anyone else in the world live in peace.
        To let ISIS fester now would be like the allies letting Hitler stay in power in WWII, or Rwanda’s government allowing the Interahamwe to continue murdering Tutsis after the 1994 genocide. If either of those genocides had been left alone, the death rates would have been much, much higher. As it was, the death tolls were already horrible.

        I didn’t mean to go off on a lecture, Anita, so I’m sorry if it came across that way. Sometimes I just feel like Americans can’t win…if we intervene to stop terrorists like ISIS, we’re accused of invading. And if we do nothing, then we’re accused of turning a blind eye and letting bad things occur.

        The west didn’t do much during Rwanda’s genocide to help the Tutsis, and I just don’t want us to make that same mistake by letting ISIS spread. They believe in world domination, and we’ll have to deal with them sooner or later; better to fight them now, rather than wait for them to get stronger.

    2. Sorry to break it too you Anita, ISIS did not arise because the US was in Iraq. ISIS was founded and funded by the CIA, Israeli Mossad, and Saudi Arabia. It was created to destabilize the Middle East so we could replace leaders with “puppet’ regimes and the bankers wanted to steal these countries money reserves and replace it with the a central bank, so they could make money. Organizations like the Clinton Foundation, also got their piece of the pie by selling the women and children of these countries into human trafficking rings. These rings sold women and children into sex trafficking, or killed them for body parts. The US is in Yemen for two reasons 1) We are building a secret navy base on one of its islands to patrol the region and 2) Saudi Arabia wants to take over Yemen. Please stop listening to main stream media and do your own research. Your world view will change, trust me.

  7. Eric are the Spirits saying Trump was financed by the Russian Oligarchs? When I put in Trump and Oligarchs it always comes up “Russian Oligarchs”. Here is an interesting article. Also what came to mind is your older prediction about buying up land or property in the west. Funny I thought of the fat cats sitting in the pools the other day, it had to do with selling and buying organs and so does this old prediction.

  8. Eric no need to apologize. This has always been a work in progress, especially the timing which has always been a bit tricky for so many people such as yourself. And it sounds like you didn’t actually get it wrong but that the terrorist themselves changed their plans and failed to come together. It’s that fluid situation I think. Very hard to nail down. Looking forward to seeing how this new time countdown will work out. The breakthrough will come. 😊 Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Blessings.

    1. Agree – Eric don’t say you failed…. and maybe all the prayers over the April time frame helped… Let’s hope all these terrible plans are undone for good. God bless….

  9. Eric, everyone, I posted under the ‘Aqua’ water bottle blog post of 30th March a link to the new April Farsight video. One of the predictions is about a plane coming down, hijacked or something wrong being done aboard. It crashes into water (probably the sea) near hilly or mountainous land and a city.

    There were also two elaborate night time scenes of urban gatherings with terrorist attacks occurring. One was by water and was listed as a city like London with a famous bridge and river. Incidentally the last time they hinted at London, its river and a bridge, it looked just like the recent attack on Westminster, but they got the month wrong.

    The other terrorist scenario for April was a large event with food and music, barricaded off to secure the event. A boxy metal public transport vehicle is hijacked, speeds out of control and slams into many people. But in the drawing of the event area there was also a clearly marked reference to ‘plastic bottles filled with water’ which also resonates with the predictions here. It’s well worth watching, as the details in these videos are startlingly precise even when the viewer doesn’t notice the clues.

    1. Eric & Beach hut – Boston Marathon is coming up, whereby there are tons of plastic bottles of water at the finish line where the marathon bombing happened before. As we know, many people and city leaders are in bleachers and stand along the finish line. Lots of eateries – music could be in there, too.

      1. Monday, April 17 is the date for the Boston Marathon this year. In Massachusetts, this is the “Patriot’s Day” holiday.

      2. Eric – in light of the 2 underground train station attacks in St Petersburg, Russia this morning, I thought it might be worth noting that subway stations converge right below where the finish line is at the Boston Marathon. Copley Square is the name of the station, but it’s also close to Mass Ave Station, Prudential Station & Arlington Station. It’s quite the hub for the MBTA. Just thought I’d bring it up. Hope my intuition is off, but perhaps that’s why beach hut mentioned the “evening” prediction on farsight – could be the darkness of the underground MBTA.

  10. Lia, when I saw Dick Allgire draw an asphalt roadway with people penned in behind barriers on either side, I thought it looked like when they have crowds lining a road like during a cycle race or something. But he said the terror event was after dark.

    Here is the official schedule of events.

    The marathon itself is on 17th April which fits the video’s timeline. I notice that in the evening there is a celebratory event at Fenway Park. The only issue with that is it’s a permanent enclosure. The video portrayed a temporary fenced off area that’s usually directly accessible by road.

    I guess there will be a lot of events over Easter. Even if the place is not right, I think the timing is hotter over those mid-month days.

      1. I can’t see any mentioned, but it’s such a big day it would be strange not to have them as a finale.

    1. hi jules
      boston marathon bombing 4-15-13
      anniversary coming up.
      this year marathon date 4-17-17,
      Easter 4-16-17… sacred holiday?


      1. Hi Mari, thanks for the info. Sheesh there’s a lot going on during the middle of the month. Praying any attacks are foiled. 🙏🏻🌟🦋

    1. Hello everyone, I am looking for a specific previous prediction that warned us about an attack in Russia or Moscow. Does anyone remember that?

      1. Eric at the time wasn’t it speaking about the Olympics and Sochi? Stay away from the trains?
        There also was one that had to do with a lot of glass and I remember finding one of the main subway stations in Moscow or St Petersburg had a station or walk way/bridge made of glass. I’ll keep looking. But there were a lot of references to the games being cancelled and red roses wasn’t there?

  11. I had a visual I was looking at a magazine on it read ‘lockdown’ then ‘two’. Then the visual switched, people were getting on a train, at a distance.

    That one seems to fit with the St Petersburg incident. The attack occurred at March 3 and the prediction was posted on 1 March.

  12. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::“Be cautious it isn’t just ISIS anymore attacking you but the terror group with ties to Yemen”

    Somalia 🇸🇴
    An all-night siege by extremist militants at a Somali hotel in the southern port city of Kismayo ended Saturday, but not before 26 people – including 2 Americans – were killed, officials said.

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