Notes for 4-24-13

Here are the notes from spirit on April 24th

“Horrible violence.. football player.. tragic”  It’s vague. The spirits showed concern over too much focus on just a few predictions, however vitally important, we still need to get the details of other predictions. They again present the 28th and 8th? They also showed a list of prediction and implied that one of the predictions that I am focused on perhaps the bridge attack is not expected for several months but clearly in 2013. If that’s the case it’s very probable that the 28th or 8th might be related to the moderate Tsunami. There are several predictions that we have left untouched like something coming out of Chile.

13: Football Player Woes

Forewarning scrawl from spirit: Football Player Woes

Spiritual Voice: “New Evidence found in football player”..”Back in the hot seat”..”Explaination does not add up”. (Its more of a footnote than a prediction)

New Format for Predictions?: I want to hear from you via email, reply, FB or Twitter. Which format do you like better? The old format where I decipher the prediction for you or the new raw format that allows you to decide the predictions meaning with minimal guidance from myself.  As we roll out the new format for posting predictions were trying to close the gap between when we predict events and when they happen. Its unclear whether adjusting the gap is a good or bad idea, for now so much of these changes are on a trial basis.