13: Football Player Woes

Forewarning scrawl from spirit: Football Player Woes

Spiritual Voice: “New Evidence found in football player”..”Back in the hot seat”..”Explaination does not add up”. (Its more of a footnote than a prediction)

New Format for Predictions?: I want to hear from you via email, reply, FB or Twitter. Which format do you like better? The old format where I decipher the prediction for you or the new raw format that allows you to decide the predictions meaning with minimal guidance from myself.  As we roll out the new format for posting predictions were trying to close the gap between when we predict events and when they happen. Its unclear whether adjusting the gap is a good or bad idea, for now so much of these changes are on a trial basis.

11 thoughts on “13: Football Player Woes

  1. Hey Eric,
    I feel like you have been doing an outstanding job with the predictions, so I think you should continue decephering them for us. I feel like they have a great deal of trust in you and will guide you towards the correct definition for each prediction.
    Have a great day!

  2. I like the new format as I enjoy puzzles, therefore I am not greatly knowledgeable in world matters. So you in some respects would know what you are talking about and so it should be you giving guidance to the predictions. Please may we also have some (easier) ones to ponder and solve. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Jojoa and Julia for your feedback, I love it. I will ask them Jojoa to provide more simple predictions. I am sure they can do a mixture.

  3. I liked the old format. Where you decipher the meaning. I feel that you have more experience at it. Thanks, Shirley

    1. No, just the opposite, they talked about how things improve in government especially around the world. As time passes the world becomes more and more democratic like. Also new styles of government that improve upon the will of the people are born that make our existing ways of democracy outdated. As for the economy they point to improvements, however the value of the dollar takes a dive.

    2. The really bad news out there is climate change that they say is a much more massive, horrible, problem then we are debating. Several future predictions talk about lands being consumed by the ocean, much more consistent and larger storms, and the real nightmare of a shrinking food supply because of global droughts, but all of that is completely fixable, it just requires will.

  4. Shortly after this comment was posted a mass doping scandal broke in Australia across all three football codes.

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