Notes for 4-24-13

Here are the notes from spirit on April 24th

“Horrible violence.. football player.. tragic”  It’s vague. The spirits showed concern over too much focus on just a few predictions, however vitally important, we still need to get the details of other predictions. They again present the 28th and 8th? They also showed a list of prediction and implied that one of the predictions that I am focused on perhaps the bridge attack is not expected for several months but clearly in 2013. If that’s the case it’s very probable that the 28th or 8th might be related to the moderate Tsunami. There are several predictions that we have left untouched like something coming out of Chile.

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  1. Anonymous Citizen Avatar
    Anonymous Citizen

    This is likely a hoax, but it does tie into the “28” prediction.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Is that for real? Odd event. No I don’t think there is any nuke involved.

  2. julie Avatar
    julie you’re voice/predictions are now talked about on ATS. Here is a thread of someone who had a dream of a football stadium being bombed. Your football prediction (or player) was mentioned. Let’s hope this doesn’t come to pass!

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks for all the work Julie! I didn’t see a bomb though.

  3. julie Avatar

    Earthquake watch April 25-30th – Chile is mentioned as an area to watch along with others.

    Targeting a large unnumbered Coronal Hole in Southern Hemisphere of the solar corona. After further analysis i have isolated an area (37-45°S latitude) this coronal hole may itself be a foreshadow for a 6.5 Magnitude earthquake in one of these listed locations during this watch period:

    Aisen/Los Lagos-Chile, South Island Of New Zealand or Prince Edward Islands Region

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Interesting. Thank you.

  4. Mark Avatar

    The moon is at Perigee (closest to earth) on April 27th, it has been claimed that earthquakes are more common around Perigee. While on April 28th the earth, saturn and sun are in a line, with the moon being a few degrees out of this alignment, this will impact the gravitational energy, and if the assumptions are correct about earthquakes and Perigee, the 28th will fit that theory.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      That’s interesting. Thank you for the information.

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