Nasdaq Shutdown

Has this prediction happened? The computer slammed down could be seen as a shutdown. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 7-8-13
“I heard voices, over voices, all at once, like hearing everyone’s phone calls all at once. Then dead silence. They then showed a computer cut in half. One of the halves of the computer was slammed down”

The Facts: Nasdaq resumes trading after 3-hour shutdown. Trading resumed on the Nasdaq exchange after a three-hour shutdown that halted trading. A problem affecting quote dissemination starting at 12:14 froze trading in all securities in the longest shutdown at the exchange in recent memory.

Notes on 7-29-13

Here are the notes from Spirit on July 29th

‘0’ is arriving.

“The Typhoon (Hurricane) is coming/forming”

“In New York the reverend.. accident.. people killed.. argument..” they showed a visual of someone rummaging through bags.

“Eric brace yourself, for what we will show” I heard a whaling scream then I stood by a very large strange tree where I saw several individuals hanging from the tree branches. “South America” They showed a picture of Brazil but I am not sure if they are just associated it to the situation.

“Carolina.. the landscape is beautiful… there is great discord.. individuals carrying something around with them but there is nothing inside.. identity.” — There was a visual of an odd case being carried, but historically they use the phrase “individuals carrying something” as a message of emotions, hate, racism,  a grudge, or sour personality, if so they seem to also imply it’s completely unwarranted. But isn’t it always.

They showed a massively large amount of cash on front page news. “Lost and found.. they will retrieve some of it..” Then they showed a lady on the phone, who perhaps worked on the phone, but she was lying.

“For the rest of the year.. I can’t believe politics are going to be so crazy.”

Goldman Sachs Scandal

This Prediction has happened, Aluminum represented by the metal bars, it reads:

Notes on 7-17-13
I had a visual of a large pyramid made of stone, but it wasn’t made of stone as someone ripped off the paper that it was made of. Underneath was metal bars.
In my opinion it’s talking about a massive Ponzi scheme, investment scandal or financial fraud. Another Bernie Madoff or Enron moment that is presented as massive as the size of the pyramid was huge. Metal bars could go two different ways, jail perhaps or just showing how there is no value left.

The Facts:  On July 24th it was reported, A Bizarre Goldman Sachs Aluminum Moving Scheme Has Allegedly Cost US Consumers  $5 Billion In The Past 3 Years :- Goldman Sachs has been involved in an elaborate plan to move around aluminum in a way  that has inflated market prices. The report states that every time an American  consumer buys a product containing aluminum, they pay a price that has been  affected by this maneuver. Sources told The New York Times that in total the  plan has cost American consumers more than $5 billion over the last three years,

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Colorado Avalanche

This prediction has happened. Hours after it was posted. Thanks Laurie for the update. Our hearts go out to the snowboarders who lost their lives.  It reads under Notes on 4-20-13 :

“An avalanche, cave in, it’s not pretty” Another tragic event. Avalanche has in the past been used to describe mud slides as well anything that comes crashing down a mountain.

The Facts:  “GEORGETOWN, CO – Five snowboarders were killed Saturday afternoon after  apparently triggering a backcountry avalanche on Colorado’s Loveland Pass,  authorities said” Quoted News:



Here are the notes from spirit, on March 26th, they have completed the massive fire prediction, I am still working on a timeframe for the Australia storm.

A massive Fire in Texas.. Texas is on fire, one fire after another endlessly trying to put out.. so massively large it’s nearly impossible to put out.. June..”

“An explosion of new stuff.. new technologies for all to consume.. so many new things coming.. a boost for the economy.. the tide is changing”

“Another massive storm hits Australia.. One, two, three.. it will come from the north.. and strike the northern parts of Australia..”  They talk about three storms back to back. Two of them already happened, with the second being Cyclone Rusty which was predicted over a month ago. Now they are predicting another massive storm or cyclone.

“An epidemic is rising”  I had a vision of a small bug changing into a large bug the size of a hand. It had wings and long sharp hook like legs. “An epidemic is rising.. A deadly disease is coming”. Then the bug multiplied and begin attacking a suburbia, invading the houses and seeking out people. When they presented the swine flu years ago they actually presented a very similar visual but it wasn’t big. Why big? I would guess its a reflection of strength or power, perhaps a superbug.

18: Earthquake in Southern California 27th

Spiritual Voice: “Earthquake”..”7 to 8″(Time? Size).. “27th”..”Local” (Local would have to mean southern California or Baja California Mexico, as I live in San Diego. Its unclear whether this is one day or one month away.)

Coming Predictions and the 31st

The 31st, 1st is marked. As we roll out dates there’s going the be a learning curve. For now its unclear what happens around the 31st just that it has been marked, perhaps one of the predictions that hasn’t happened and most likely the earthquake since “9” could represent a count down. We are still trying to find a more exact location with the earthquake.

The 31st? A large earthquake will strike the United States in the next few days. (7-8 or 7.8 magnitude)

In other news we are working on:

In the coming weeks the Las Vegas police will be on the hunt for a killer on the loose.

In the coming weeks for the United States the flag will be at half mass. (Working on the who?)

6: Glowing Light

A bright beautiful light shines in space, two colliding bodies become one. How ever beautiful now, in the future, it will be a gift from the cosmos for humanity on a distant date.

The Storm Arrived

The Storm Predicted August 6th has arrived. The Prediction Reads:

A Storm is Coming. A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole. Prediction 31: The Storm

Even though the looming Bridge attack did not take place yet, it seems like the storm has arrived. Between Hurricane Sandy, the senseless shootings, and the looming fiscal cliff the US has been in a dark period the last three months of 2012.

The Good News: Starting on the 31st we plan to rollout several new predictions for 2013, and I say with a big smile it’s already looking like a much better year. Several of the predictions we plan to rollout were truly beautiful to see. Even though 2013 has some fairly dark circumstances such as terrorism back in the spotlight and three world superstorms, the positive news is awesome.

Hurricane Sandy Prediction Update

Don’t forget to donate to the relief efforts!

Prediction 29 “Hurricane on the East Coast”  posted 7/2/12 reads: There will be a Hurricane or Tropical Storm that will strike the middle of east coast of the U.S. . The flooding and damage will be extensive. There will be unexpected casualties. The government response will be ready and prepared for the worst. Original Post with comments:

Prediction 48 “Massive Storm Strikes Latin America” posted 10/15/12 reads:  A tropical storm or Hurricane strikes Latin America, it begins to unfold between the end of October or the first half of November. Original Post with notes:

Two other Predictions might relate to the full reach of Hurricane Sandy, as many of you pointed out. Here are the predictions in question.

Prediction 31 “The Storm” Posted Aug 6 reads: A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole. It was believed at the time this was an extension of prediction 17 or 52. Original Post:

Prediction 40 “Flooding in Japan and US Midwest”  Posted Sept 14th reads:  In September, a massive flood will blanket Japan in the worst way.  In October or November another large flood hit pockets of the North Midwest (U.S.). One could clearly argue this Midwest storm is the far-reaching Sandy storm especially in regards to the months but snow storms were reported for the most part.  The Japan flood already unfolded as Typhoon Sanba. Original Post: or Part one Summary:

The Facts, 11/4/12: Hurricane Sandy struck Cuba, and other Islands in the Gulf of Mexico on October 24th, 25th. Then it moved north striking the east coast of the U.S. As of Nov 4th  there have been 70 casualties in the Caribbean and 114 known casualties in the United States, 2 in Canada. Many have praised the federal government response including the New Jersey Governor.  But several pockets of the east coast have voiced frustrations at getting the help they need. Meanwhile several Gulf Coast Islands are concerned over food shortages. I hope for a speedy recovery for everyone involved!!

Unfortunately we are in the process of predicting another massive flood in Latin America sometime in December, and a coastal issue in Australia, but we must ensure that the timing of these predictions take precedence.

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