Hurricane Sandy Prediction Update

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Prediction 29 “Hurricane on the East Coast”  posted 7/2/12 reads: There will be a Hurricane or Tropical Storm that will strike the middle of east coast of the U.S. . The flooding and damage will be extensive. There will be unexpected casualties. The government response will be ready and prepared for the worst. Original Post with comments:

Prediction 48 “Massive Storm Strikes Latin America” posted 10/15/12 reads:  A tropical storm or Hurricane strikes Latin America, it begins to unfold between the end of October or the first half of November. Original Post with notes:

Two other Predictions might relate to the full reach of Hurricane Sandy, as many of you pointed out. Here are the predictions in question.

Prediction 31 “The Storm” Posted Aug 6 reads: A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole. It was believed at the time this was an extension of prediction 17 or 52. Original Post:

Prediction 40 “Flooding in Japan and US Midwest”  Posted Sept 14th reads:  In September, a massive flood will blanket Japan in the worst way.  In October or November another large flood hit pockets of the North Midwest (U.S.). One could clearly argue this Midwest storm is the far-reaching Sandy storm especially in regards to the months but snow storms were reported for the most part.  The Japan flood already unfolded as Typhoon Sanba. Original Post: or Part one Summary:

The Facts, 11/4/12: Hurricane Sandy struck Cuba, and other Islands in the Gulf of Mexico on October 24th, 25th. Then it moved north striking the east coast of the U.S. As of Nov 4th  there have been 70 casualties in the Caribbean and 114 known casualties in the United States, 2 in Canada. Many have praised the federal government response including the New Jersey Governor.  But several pockets of the east coast have voiced frustrations at getting the help they need. Meanwhile several Gulf Coast Islands are concerned over food shortages. I hope for a speedy recovery for everyone involved!!

Unfortunately we are in the process of predicting another massive flood in Latin America sometime in December, and a coastal issue in Australia, but we must ensure that the timing of these predictions take precedence.

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