Antifa and Proud Boys Stabbing

America your breaking my heart. I write this post in tears, evil here walking proud? Here in my own country I came to love so much, all this hate, why?
This prediction has happened.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 10-21-20 I am sorry. This prediction implies a true horror is coming. I hope it’s just about correcting inaccurate history. The number 2020 will forever be cemented as just bad. 

I had a visual I was flying up in the sky circling a train like a hawk. The train was at a station. Then I circled below, toward the windows of the train. On the side of the train was a plaque that read ”Adolf Hitler” then the train began to move. Steam rolled from the top. 

I had a visual of Marcus in his pressed suit, both of us walked together down a street; something happened where bodies were on the ground, so many people were injured ”Oh America.. you historically fought against hate and extremist, now you are becoming them”

WORLD PREDICTIONS 11-11-20 I had a visual of multiple people in coats laying on the ground. Something horrible happened. There was blood everywhere. There was a slashing or spray to all that was red. 

World Predictions 12-6-18. When you peddle fear.. when you peddle a divide.. the outcome.. the expectation.. will inevitably be violence and violence is coming.. its coming soon. 

PREDICTIONS 3-22-18 The threat that is coming.. the problem is your president acts like a troll.. he hunts down individuals to verbally hurt.. which in turn creates a tone that it is acceptable to be cruel to one another.. which leads to upheaval.. which leads to violence.. violence will flourish happily in your own country. The impression was that home grown terrorism as well as violent protests explodes across the US. 

Predictions 3-12-18 “Hate rises.. racism flourishes.. violent attacks.. terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left.. never before has there been this level of upheaval and violence since the Jim Crow days.

PREDICTIONS ON 12-9-15 I had a visual of a silver coin drop to the ground, as it fell I looked down to see a swastika on the coin. “Its coming  back”

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  1. Unfortunately this has been happening since the beginning of the BLM movement. While I agree with peaceful protest, the rioting and destroying of peoples property, livelihoods and actual human life is so sad and won’t get us anywhere. I’ll never forget 6 years ago trying to fly back into my home state and wondering how I was going to get home because BLM had blocked the road and were setting civilian cars on fire on my normal path. It’s so disheartening that certain groups feel so oppressed, but at the same time, it has gotten to the point of bullying and now other groups are rising up against being bullied into submission. It just goes to show how hatred breeds hatred. We have got to learn to get along and not repeat the great mistakes of our ancestors.

    1. Truth,

      Far right, neo-fascist, white nationalist groups like the Proud Boys are rising up because their bigoted, anti-equality, anti-racial justice, pro police brutality views are being bullied into submission. Unfortunately this has been happening long before the beginning of this era’s BLM movement in this country.

      1. From what I’ve seen of Proud Boys they appear to be a group of good old boys who care about their country they don’t appear interested in destroying property, burning buildings and creating chaos like BLM and other far left anti American, flag burning, nut jobs. These people are dangerous they are not your friends!

        1. Proud boys are now a direct result of BLM and antifa; yet unfortunately, these are all hate groups regardless of where they stem from. Groups who want change don’t behave in the manner we’ve witnessed over the past ~6-7 years. Protesters looking for change don’t loot, burn, murder or steal to get their point across. The problem started in the societal classes that each group represents and the false sense of oppression directly related to the narrative being fed by every news outlet across the country. The majority of the lower class is made up of minorities although they have better opportunities in regards to college acceptance, scholarships and things of the sort. We have no choice in the skin we are born in, there should be equal opportunity for all. In an attempt to find balance, minorities have been given added benefits to give them the chance they may not otherwise have to gain a quality education and rise out of that setting. Crime is also more prevalent amongst the lower class, hence more run ins with police officers in which the vast majority are just trying to do their jobs. Yes, there may be a bad apple, just as the case in all other professions, but that bad apple can’t spoil the whole bunch and the actual incidents involving said bad apples, always finds a way to be exploited and mass chaos pursues every single time. All in all, they are race bating, the media is using the scars of the past to ignite the flame. Then they are fanning said flames by preying on insecurities held among each group of people. It’s so sad and a scary time we are witnessing. All we can do is remain steadfast in our faith and pray for peace and understanding in the days ahead.

        2. Some of them have shot and killed American citizens. The Proud Boys are a domestic terrorist organization and they have killed more Americans than antifa. Antifa, granted, has destroyed more property. What is more important to you, property or human lives?

          None of these radicals (right or left) is “protecting the country”.

          The good thing is Eric did say there will be less violence in the future.

          1. I would call the proud boys a well armed militia not a terrorist group. They don’t appear to terrorize law abiding citizens but only bad, criminal type, property destroying, flag burning thugs who are anti-law and order.

            1. And I would call them an armed band of thugs looking for a fight.
              Anfifa and the Proud Boys should get a room, and multiple sets of boxing gloves, and leave the rest of us alone.

              Saturday Night Gun and Knife club is what it seems like to me.

  2. Unfortunately this has been happening since the beginning of the BLM movement. While I agree with peaceful protest, the rioting and destroying of peoples property, livelihoods and actual human life is so sad and won’t get us anywhere. I’ll never forget 6 years ago trying to fly back into my home state and wondering how I was going to get home because BLM had blocked the road and were setting civilian cars on fire on my normal path. It’s so disheartening that certain groups feel so oppressed, but at the same time, it has gotten to the point of bullying and now other groups are rising up against being bullied into submission. It just goes to show how hatred breeds hatred. We have got to learn to get along and not repeat the great mistakes of our ancestors.

    1. As an outsider looking in, it seems the civil war was never won or lost. And as we enter this new Age of Aquarius, the whole matter of what caused that war, in particular slavery and racism, will come to the fore again. It will be a very painful, sad and bloody rehash of the old if the American people don’t recognise this incoming Age and the changes no one can stop.

  3. Americas 7 and a half year Saturn period has started the year 2022-24 would be worse for this country. Saturn significator of bad deeds and karma .

    1. Saturn isn’t always bad, just like karma isn’t always bad. It does mean reaping what you sow, and having to work for everything you get. Also associated with discipline, diligence, sober-mindedness.

      From a former astrology buff.

  4. Backwards you think. B.L.M. is in response to the unfettered violence and oppression by policing in black communities.

  5. The hateful words your spirit buddies talk about have been coming from the liberal media, late night talks shows, etc. for years. I have never seen so much hate towards a US President in my entire life. 2020 is perfect vision and people are not blind to what’s been going on and see how unfairly this president has been treated. Your spirit buddies also seem to be blind to the Biden family corruption that runs long and deep?

    1. Tom,
      I’m not saying this to start a fight or anything, I just want to point out that the media isn’t treating Trump unfairly–they’re reacting this way to him because he’s so dangerous and unstable, promoting hatred and fear, lying constantly, demonizing anyone different from him….it’s all so much like Hitler’s behavior when he took power, it’s scary.

      And some of it is Trump’s own brand of crazy, like when he suggested people inject disinfectant, or when he mused about stopping hurricanes by nuking them, or about how the Continental Army took over “airports” during the Revolutionary War.

      When Biden made a speech shortly after he was elected, he spoke to Trump supporters as well, saying both sides need to give each other a chance, and that he’ll try to be a president for all Americans, not just the ones who voted for him…..very different than how Trump treats liberals in his speeches. When he talks of them, he makes them out to be communist, socialist wackos who will ‘destroy America’, which is pure fear-mongering. (And again, very similar to the way Hitler got Germans worked up over different groups.)

      Trump is making his supporters feel like they are fighting for freedom by sticking with him, but it’s the opposite–Trump won’t accept the election results, he keeps pushing claims of fraud, even though there’s been no evidence, (even many Republicans admit that, and he goes after them, like Krebs) and he tried to get the Supreme Court to overturn the results for four states. Again, Hitler-like dictator actions.

      1. Again, I don’t mean to start a fight or upset you with anything I said. One of the most frustrating parts about this divide is that it’s hard to talk about it. When I talk to Trump supporters, I have this instinct like I want to save them from Trump, I just wish I could help them see how corrupt he is, that he’s using them.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Democrats are perfect, they’re not. Both sides have serious problems to fix. But I feel like Trump is taking America down a similar road that Hitler took Germany, that that threat is more dangerous than anything else right now.

        1. Hitler controlled the media and the message. The Media has been anti- Trump before he was even elected President. If you can’t see that than you are either blind, brainwashed or terribly misinformed. If your only source for news is CNN than i understand why you are calling Trump Hitler because you are only parroting the garbage you listen to on CNN.

          1. Just to clarify, I don’t rely on CNN, I look at a lot of different sites. I’ve researched WWII and the Holocaust for years, and I can see the resemblance between Hitler and Trump because of that, not because someone else told me to.

            If you want to believe in Trump, that’s your choice….I just wish you would see him for what he really is, not what he claims to be.

            1. Hi Sara
              I’m Canadian
              I don’t believe in Trump or Biden or any fallen lost man
              We live in a corrupt world with corrupt politicians everywhere
              An oral medication is available for Covid
              it’s 100% effective not 90% like the vaccine
              but the liberal media you trust in so dearly will never tell you this fact
              because that will affect their advertising revenue from the vaccine makers. It’s all about money and not saving lives. Corrupt China Joe is all about the money also and his family is neck deep in China corruption. The Dem’s have been gaslighting Trump with Russian collusion while they’ve been colluding with China all the while.

              1. Yes, there are definitely a lot of corrupt politicians on all sides….I really hope that someday soon, corruption is somehow taken out of politics, because ordinary people on all sides still have so many needs to be met. Especially in terms of poverty and healthcare.

              2. If you haven’t named the oral medication, then you obviously know nothing about it.
                Alternatively: Can you please give us it’s name, links to research, and some proof to back your claim.
                That’s what a decent person would do, in order to help others, rather that encourage a political debate.

      2. Dear Sara
        unless you’ve been living in a Hitler bunker yourself
        there’s tons of evidence of voter fraud
        hours of testimony from people who witnessed the fraud first hand
        UPS drivers, postal workers, voting station workers who
        witness the fraud and have bravely come forward to tell
        their story. These are not fictional characters they are real
        people and the fraud is real. Again if all you listen to are the talking sock puppets on CNN, I can understand why you are saying that no fraud took place. Biden also said in his own words, ” We Have Put Together The Most Extensive And Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization In The History Of American Politics”

        1. All those testimonies are things conjured by right-wing sites, and many have been debunked as misleading, or things that people took out of context. Even a lot of Republicans are saying there’s no evidence of fraud, that’s why these legal cases keep getting thrown out, and the Republicans who say so, like Krebs, get fired by Trump.

          Saying “We have put together the most extensive voter fraud organization” means an organization to fight voter fraud… how the medical community uses the term “Coronavirus task force”. They don’t mean they support the virus of course, they mean a force to fight the virus. Biden’s quote was completely taken out of context, because he’s clearly talking about an organization to fight voter fraud, not actually creating voter fraud.

        2. Tom,

          So far, no court has found a single instance of election fraud – that’s why Trump and his allies have lost 59 straight post election court cases and will continue to lose.

          Trump-appointed judges have even found the “hours of testimony” to be baseless and without merit due to the fact that all of these alleged witnesses provided zero credible evidence to back up their theories, claims and partisan speculations.

          This isn’t the first time sore loser Trump has made baseless cries of fraud when he lost: when Ted Cruz beat him in the 2016 Iowa Caucus, Trump cried fraud but never provided evidence; when Hillary beat Trump by millions in the popular vote, Trump cried fraud, set up a voter fraud commission and then quietly shut it down after no fraud was found; during the 2018 midterms, Trump cried fraud but yet again provided zero evidence of fraud to back up his baseless claims.

          Trump’s own lawyers have admitted under oath in court that they have no evidence of fraud and that they’re not even claiming fraud. This is all one major grift by Trump in order to line his own pockets – and line them he has because his guillable supporters have given him over half a billion dollars that isn’t even being used for what Trump is claiming it is being used for.

          Facts don’t care about your feelings Tom:

          “Attorney General Bill Barr says no evidence of widespread fraud in 2020 election”

        3. Way to go Tom. Well put–all of it. LOVE it.
          The drug you speak of I think is referencing from a recent senate testimony from a REAL doctor quoting REAL SCIENTISTS. I expect that poor man to go missing or mysteriously have a heart attack as massive exposures unravel…..and YES massive voter fraud. Keep drinking the Koolaid people until you have that iconic red mustache. Maybe you too will be the next person kicked off an United Airlines flight cuz your 2 year old can’t keep a mask on. Oh wait…or was that fake news?😂 You know…because it doesn’t fit your agenda.
          Eric- I think it would be best to be upfront with your liberal allegiance. Its only fair… otherwise your predictions will be skewed (interpreted) towards your own desired outcome instead of a neutral stance. I totally understand how difficult that must be when we are passionate about one side over another. No one is perfect. Or….you can tell me to take a hike as I’m demonstrating…hmmm..(tapping my chin)…what’s that called again? FREEDOM of Speech. It is YOUR site afterall. Sending love and light always. In search of truth…liberty ….and justice.

          1. R2DC you are correct the brave Dr. was in front of a Senate hearing talking about Ivermectin. The drug was created in 1975 and it’s very cheap and 100% effective against COVID but it doesn’t make the vaccine companies billions in profits. Thousands of lives would have been saved if Ivermectin was given to the public, but it was kept quiet, it’s a global tragedy. Look at a world Covid map and you will see how few cases there are in Africa where Ivermectin in widely used compared to the USA and Covid targets Blacks 3 to 1 compared to whites so you would expect Africa to be really bad but it’s not. Ivermectin is the reason.

            1. @Tom Yup thats the drug. I didn’t want to assume thats what you referring to in your post so I left the name out intentionally as to minimize stirring up controversy if it was another drug. He started crying/choked up during the testimony! Is the senate committee heartless?!!! How can you purposely not use a proven drug against the virus? Never mind. Dont answer that. Lol. Seriously its a form of genocide. Nope instead your given $35,000 as a hospital for every person dx COVID-19. I’ve heard up to $75,000. We are being duped right in front of our eyes. Imagine losing a loved one when it could of been prevented? Insane. People who should test positive are negative and those negative are positive. Flu stats are down to nothing. Straight up racket. Awe ….during an election year. What’s this now about Chinese infiltration in US companies? As in communism? Well I’d say thats a “bombshell” dropped.

            2. Pssst Tom. Tom. ……

              “Ivermectin is the active ingredient in medicines that treat human and animal diseases caused by parasites (eg, mites, lice, nematode worms).1,3-5 It has been available for these conditions for many decades.”

              I know because since the late 1970’s I’ve used it for worms in my goats.

              Australia, not America, is amongst the highest scientific researchers in the world, and as was cited in Eric’s post on “Australia Abandons Covid 19 Vaccine”, our scientists at the CSIRO (Government run) and CSI (co owned by private enterprise and our Government) have been studying already existing serums, vaccines, remedies etc as part of the WHO’s Govi Covax, to help in the discovery of an all encompassing vaccine for the different mutations of the Covid 19 virus.
              We are, and have always been, major partners with WHO and it’s many research bodies.

              I found this in less that a minute at Google:

              “In April 2020, Australian researchers published results from a laboratory experiment showing ivermectin could stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus from multiplying in animal cells under a microscope.
              This discovery was exciting, however even the researchers themselves have cautioned that this one study is not enough to prove the medicine will work against COVID-19 in humans.
              The experiment was performed on monkey cells in test tubes, and the dose of ivermectin used was a lot higher than has ever been given to a human.
              More work needs to be done; first, to see if ivermectin works on the SARs-CoV-2 virus in humans, and second, to see if there is an effective dose that is also safe. This type of research will involve clinical trials to study the medicine in human subjects.
              There are some media reports about health professionals in Australia and overseas having ‘success’ using ivermectin as part of COVID-19 treatment.
              There are also preliminary trial results that suggest no benefit from this medicine, or possibly a shorter hospital stay.”


              So a question to both you, R2D2 and others who might support you in comments.

              Did you do any research to find out the possibility that you may have been mislead by fake news? I check everything I post here as a matter of courtesy to Eric and those that frequent here.

              I put it to you that if you were respectful of Eric, his Spirit Friends, his regular readers and his Blogs, wouldn’t you first investigate to ensure you are not encouraging negative energy with these non spiritual posts, and if not why do you come here?

              Eric is extremely tolerant allowing you to post material that has absolutely not bearing on the Spiritual here at his site. Surely you must see that it deliberately creates confrontation?

              You wouldn’t get past the first door at most sites of a Spiritual nature …. especially mine, Pete

              1. Dear Pete Medium
                Why do you feel threatened by my comments?
                Providing people information on alternate modes of self healing
                is not a negative but a positive. If there are some folk who get
                upset with my posts I can’t help that, you will never make everybody happy, no matter how careful you are, there’s always somebody who is going to attack you no matter what you say. Was Jesus not verbally attacked for speaking the truth? Yes! I understand you don’t want to hear what I have to say because it’s not “spiritual” enough for you, but some people on the board do find my posts informative. I hope Eric does also.

                1. Personally threatened??? Absolutely not. It is your country that has the massive problem, health wise, not mine.

                  I am a Trance Medium, as Jesus was and I can only speak the Truth given me by my Spirit Friends (The Holy Spirit) in that Trance state, because I only want to spread Truth.
                  I do not call myself ‘the Son of God’ when in trance, or ‘the son of man’ when I am myself, as Jesus did. But that wonderful instigator of Transmediumship for the Piscean Age is as special to me, and all who channel the Truth, as does Eric as is the Message Source I express to whoever wants to hear it.

              1. I’ve attached a link to a documentary about a real Dr. who has a US patent for curing cancer. The US GOV, FDA, Texas medical board, drug company Elan have done everything to try and shut this Dr. down. The documentary is a must watch if you have cancer, know anybody who has cancer or just to be informed. Modern Medicine is not about healing people it’s all about making money, profit above everything. The documentary will show you who your real enemy is and when these crooks are pushing vaccines buyer beware!

                1. Tom- I remember reading about this guy years ago. Big Pharma definitely has a stranglehold on chemo market. Reminds me of a boa constrictor and their prey. Prey moves and the constrictor tightens the grip. I cant really speak for other countries, but in this country? Its big, big buckaroos and we push the medical model-drugs and not alternative healing modalities. We are getting a liiiittle bit better but not even close. Until big pharma can find a new well to drill, hopefully its more immunotherapy, they will just keep pumping from the same site lining their pockets till the well runs dry. Physicians will always and continue to push chemicals over” heal your own cells” methods. Its sad when the patient has to do their own research versus hitting cruise control at the doctors office. Poor people are scared for their lives and have no idea of their choices. God forbid we think outside of the box. Although miraculously we did for this vaccine! Guess cancer doesn’t kill people too. I think its funny we roll out a vaccine in how many months but we cant cure cancer?! Baawaaahahaha. Yea right. So you have noooo idea how these cells act and certainly cancer hasnt been around for long. Uh-huh. (Drop the mic)

                  1. “I cant really speak for other countries,” and there in lies the American problem. Most Americans have no idea of the running and operations of other nations, when it comes to health, and still think the US is the best in the world in that field. Most nations have some kind of free or low cost health/pharmaceutical assistance scheme for the poor and low income members of their country. America can’t have anything like those systems until ALL Americans get to pay their taxes, so that such programs can be implemented.

                    1. If ivermectin is so wonderful why didn’t Trump take it? Instead he took Remedesivir and Regeneron monoclonal antibodies. Below is the link to an article that mentions a lot of misinformation was put out about ivermectin which was later taken down because many people were able to tell that there were inconsisitancies. The article mentions:

                      “Many other members of the medical community, however, are worried by the way ivermectin is being promoted as a COVID-19 medication without sound evidence for its efficacy. Juan Celis, a specialist in infectious diseases based in Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon, tells The Scientist in Spanish that he’s witnessed firsthand the effects of the craze for the drug, or “ivermectin fever,” that took over his area in April.

                      Ivermectin designated for human use ran out by the middle of month, he says, so some doctors started administering veterinary versions of the drug to patients desperate for treatment. He says he’s seen people with blisters where they’ve been injected with formulations intended for animal use, and adds that some patients have shown side effects including stomach problems, tremors, and panic attacks after taking too much of the drug.”

                      I feel there are two main problems with ivermectin is not enough studies done with humans and Covid-19. The other issue is that studies that have been done have suggested a human would have to take pretty high doses to get the antiviral effect needed to prevent the worst covid-19 infections.


                      Tom you are promoting misinformation. You sound like someone who lives with his eyes wide shut…believe what you want until it no longer works for you…if you want to live that way.

  6. There shouldn’t be this kind of violence–on either side. It’s worrying when I read about how people in each group will show up at demonstrations armed, to me, that’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. And they’ll scream at each other and–in the Proud Boys’ case–make white supremacist hand signals. All this anger and violence can’t lead to anything good.

  7. Let all the violent hate groups take each other out! Fuck ANTIFA and the rest of them

    1. See now that’s where we differ. I would invite them all over, do a free reading with the intent of showing them the heavens they forgot about. Then we would all break bread. The bread we all made together.
      Together/Unity it is the only way this changes.

      1. Not sure about that bread …. sounds a bit stale *Chuckle *
        But seriously, yes Eric. Truth, commonality, awareness that we are all brothers and sister, irrespective of our colour or creed. And the fact that there IS reincarnation, and half those claiming white over black, or black over white, where probably the other colour in past lives.
        And those instigating hatred, violence, oppression/suppression and claiming false righteousness are simply bringing the end to the US. As Nero fiddled and Rome burned, the current extremist President is twittering and promoting hatred, and America implodes. And Eric both you and I got comparisons of the US to the Titanic.

  8. 2 days ago, the spirits through Pete’s blog said the USA will be hit and punished the hardest in the world.
    i thought that is gonna take a while, until literally sone day later Eric posted this antifa thing.
    this is when i knew, the usa is gonna be for the next few years in a state of many (local) little civil wars that will be snowballing around the country like wildfire until USA’s old mentality, culture, and attitudes is mostly gone. and then some.

    and that is seperate from covid crisis, economic crisis, housing crisis, food crisis, job crisis, banking crisis, poltical crisis, and mother nature stirring here and there. and then some.

    i do not envy those living in the USA.

      1. what do you exactly mean by where are you?
        i thought you already knew where i am from.
        do not worry, you dont have to envy me either.

        my country just entered total lockdown for the next at least 5 weeks.
        and i am afraid it wont help, since the virus keeps morphing and the waves are going to be worse in the future spirits said… that scares me.
        and i am not easily scared, except for my own annoying panic attacks in my head.

        sorry for the rant.

            1. I’d like to address the comments above concerning ‘freedom’. NO country has complete freedom of anything. When it comes to freedoms that we do have, they must be within laws and rules set down via our Governances, local, State, Federal and International.
              You are not free to walk into a shop and take what you want without paying.
              You are not free to use implements, tools, vehicles etc outside of stated laws concerning such implements: You can’t use your chainsaw to chop down a neighbour’s tree because it’s blocking your view.
              You are not free to drive on the road in the opposite direction to that country’s standard.
              And you are not free to to speak, express or indicate that which will cause harm to self or to others.
              Those advocating changes to laws, rules or any of a nations governance have the right to protest peacefully, express an opinion within the above guidelines and the right to canvass their point of view or perspective.


  9. Dear Star Puzzler
    you take your vaccine that was developed in the last 6 months, not properly tested has no previous history and the vaccine maker is protected from prosecution if anything should happen to you and I will choose the medication that’s been around since 1975 and has been awarded the Nobel peace price in 2015. Those are real facts not misinformation. I base my choice on sound medical information not stupid stories being pushed by the lame stream media trying to distract me from making an informed choice.

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