The Golden Rule

“Treat people the same way you want to be treated.. love your neighbor as yourself.. that commitment with our father, you made, does not change just because it’s social media.”

“Make it law Eric, if it’s good enough for our father it’s should hold here in our own backyard.”

“Hear us everyone.. there will come a time.. at your last breath.. where you will be asked to explain your cruelty.. what will you say.. what reason could you possibly give?

So the Spirits have stepped in to say they have had enough : please respect tone on this site with your comments and messages, because it’s their way that I adhere too. We will follow this guiding principle moving forward, they also made it clear the predictions will continue as they are.
However, they want our community here to take on new meaning. It’s time to share knowledge and produce action. Monday I will present one theme, one open to discussion. Let us share the knowledge we have together here. Topics like: How to connect to Spirit, past life experiences, ghost experiences, how to connect to past loved ones. We all have our own vast knowledge so let’s share. There is millions that come here so we could really explore some topics extensively.
The first topic goes to the theme of now.. How do we look into our past lives? How do we know ourselves? Let each of us who have accomplished that share the manual for doing it. The post will go out Monday, I hope you can share your knowledge with our vastly growing community here unabated and free.. Let us use the comments more productively here. Let our solidarity together form into a community of shared knowledge and eventually righteous action standing in the way of all the darkness we predict.

33 thoughts on “The Golden Rule

  1. We can know about our past life through past life regression therapy it’s expensive but still very easy to do what do u say

  2. Amazing!!!!! I literally JUST said an hour ago…”Do to others as you want done to you.” Thank you for not only the message of light, but the personal confirmation. 💖

  3. Hi Eric,
    Thank you Eric! I have been trying to tell everyone to be respectful and kind to one another. How hard is it to be kind? We may disagree, strongly, but we can do that with kindness. Unfortunately too many people just don’t seem to get that. This atmosphere in our country, in our world, has broken my heart. I am not a trump support, but some of my family and friends are. I have always shown respect and never brought our differences up. Unfortunately, even being kind and respectful hasn’t worked in some cases, causing a divide in my most precious relationships. My heart breaks every day while I try to keep a smile on my face and a positive outlook. Will things ever get better between us? I hope and pray so. I’m crying as I type this. My heart breaks.

    1. Yes actually it does. When military one becomes president the tone of this nation dramatically shifts. It really is United. I personally don’t understand the need for cruelty. We can debate without it.

    2. Fredda,
      I’m sorry to hear you’re having divisions in your family; I hope things get better soon….I hope for that for all of us.

    3. You’re not alone in your feelings, Fredda. The anger, the hate, the division – it’s all so taxing and at times overwhelming. But it does feel to me like there is purpose to all of this. Like this pain is part of a process that is necessary to get us where we need to go as a society. We have to believe. Hang in there. And thanks for the message Eric and Spirits, I look forward to the theme discussion!

      1. LM,
        Yes, I know I am not alone. A person that I see at times when I work, I’m retired but do mtg closings when they need me, has the same thing going on. We talk and try to hold each other up. We usually end up laughing. Laughter really helps. This forum helps me. I’ve been following this forum for a very long time. I do find solace in Eric and people like you. I don’t comment very often at all, but really felt the need to today. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  4. I like your new idea about the open forum. I won’t be able to participate in the past lives one.

    1. The spirits bring up a good point, we still own all that cruelty on social media and have to answer to it. For some reason I guess we all think we didn’t?

  5. You’re talking about the life review? I’ve listened to alleged psychics repeat what alleged spirits have told them about their life reviews, in terms of them having to feel the pain from the perspective of the other person who their cruelty was directed at.

  6. Looking forward to Monday Eric, and thanks for changing the focus to more of a community that grows together! I am sure there will be some interesting posts to read and think about. It will be a community discussion where we see the diverse experiences and how those experiences affected those who had them.
    I appreciate those who share their experiences with all the group…thanks in advance those who share!

  7. When I was getting certified as a hypnotist. I apprenticed under a certified national guild member, Charles Francis. It was very interesting stuff. When I’m hypnotized I go very very deep into it, so I was told. I had a regression. I’ve done regressions. I’ve been out of it for years but helped some people with smoking cessation. My past lives were kinda boring! And had lives as men, more so than woman lives. It is very interesting stuff. And I think I carry unforgottem skills over in this life too. I can’t wait for the discussion Eric. Do you do past life work with people? Thanks so much! There is a simple country song called “get along” I’m not sure who sings it, but it sums up getting along pretty good!

  8. Eric, I welcome the idea of sharing experiences of past lives. Yet, I hope that spirits will create a safe space first for people to post and be open about themselves that not everything will be to everyone’s liking. It is important that people are not hurt in the process when opening up. It is a very fine energy when entering into past lives and everyone is vulnerable in that process.
    I follow you at a distance and often wonder about your health issues reflecting also something that is amiss (it is hard to express what I mean but I hope you understand) because you like everyone else are human. I love your predictions and revere you for posting them but I do not always agree with the Truth because it sometimes does not correspond to the Truth as I know it. Who is there to tell which Truth is correct and for whom?
    Another aspect is that there is also Truth depending on where one comes from. On purpose (and perhaps according to merit) we live where we are destined to live. This is also according to one’s beliefs.
    Finally, there are many people (including myself) that are unrecognized hypocrites. We think one thing but do something else. Often we care so much about human beings but then take a grass trimmer and chop everything living in the grass. Or chop trees according to our wishes without asking permission to the trees. Or neuter animals at our convenience. Or pollute the soil and water with soaps, detergents and other daily use products. Or use tissues, wet wipes, hand towels and so on while preaching to protect nature and trees. I can go on with other type of examples but this illustrates that past lives open unresolved issues for each of us. It is like committing a murder and then being put on trial – is it a self-defence or a premeditated action? There is a reason why the trial takes often in camera – within oneself when karma of treating people the same way you were treated comes to the forefront.
    From my perspective, I often wonder why you Eric want to save the humanity to that extent, why it is so important to you and what karma (in the most kindest way) brings you to do that. I can write about this further on Monday with many examples how my attempts in saving turned out all wrong in past lives. I wonder if this plan on past lives is a gentle guidance for all of us to compare where we are and what we need to change within ourselves. However, in order to be able to share that it is important to create a safe space. Rules and frame for this safe space. Or else we will start judging each other based on our personal advancement (or malefic interference and human emotions of envy or anger). We as human beings are still limited. Some of us have advanced further in some areas than others. Some of us do not know where exactly that advancement lies. A simple example – is it better to mix up all cultures in a melting pot or to preserve native heritage? Humanity is at war, has been at war and will be at war – with itself. Irrelevant whether one throws a rock in a plain field to start an infighting or place an invisible apple for the most beautiful goddess on the table. Spirits also differ and fight. God is one, yet so many different manifestations.
    P.S. For everyone I would recommend to read “Life Before Life” by Helen Wambach.

    1. I definitely know what you mean. It’s no coincidence that 2017 and 2020. Two of the more darker years in history, especially this one, and I get sick? Hmmmm.. Something is there.

      1. Yep, 2020, has been a bad year for most of us, I think you will find. I dont want to wish a year away, but I have to say…next..but a little afraid to, like 2021 could be saying well wait…..

      2. Personaly, I try…and I say TRY to live and let LIVE, the LIVE capitalized because I try not to judge others, say ok buddy, you go live to the fullest whatever that means to you. it might not be my way but its their way! , its not easy sometimes. We all are products of our enviroments and our experiences. Example, the guy who may be unreasonable with you might have had an childhood experience that was much more dark and unpleasant than you realize, such as abuse etc. I try to reframe things until people get on my last nerve, because I am human. Plus some cultures have different beliefs that are different from us. Different norms. Ive been judged in my childhood and continue to be judged in my adult life just for the fact I’m not a cookie cutter type person. I do not care about the certain things that are all important to everyone else. And I would like to extend the same option to everyone else that yeah go ahead and do what you want, don’t hurt want to cut your grass everyday knock yourself out but dont judge me if I dont use a example. I find its very hard for people not to judge people, frankly I dont get it. I find that different people are pretty refreshing

        . Example: I lived next door to a man and wife that had two houses on a country piece of acreage about 10 years ago. The previous owners of the house told me those people are pretty weird next door but keep to themselves. My boys were at home at the time and about 14 and 16. The guy never waived. He kept to himself. One day my boys came out in the driveway to play basketball and the basketball was rescuing that basketball! I looked out the window and the neighbor threw the boys a brand new basketball! Didnt say muich to them just pitched it over for them! I thought well I have to go over there since he was so kind to do that introduce myself and say thank you for thinking of my kids. When I got to the house which was kept very well from the outside, (they lived in a converted garage in the back of the house) I smelled litter box odor. Now this was about a 2800 sq ft ranch, and as he answered the door it was filled with cats..I mean 2800 sq ft of cats! All being taken care of by this man and wife! And he took good care of the cats too, I could see they were all healthy and taken care of. He reluctantly answered the door/ I told him, hi Im your new neighbor, and it was very kind of you to give my boys that basketball and I wanted to introduce myself and meet you. He explained these were all his dead mothers cats and he was taking care of them at her request, so please dont say anything about my cats! i told him, dont you worry, I live over there, I dont live HERE, thats my property, this is your property., and I know the difference! A big smile spread over his face! Well, I had new friends, some friends who were friendless before. We waved at each other, Id see them both at Goodwill and we would chat. When I moved they were so sad. I would run into them sometimes at that goodwill and we always spoke with each other. My point of this story is why cant we accept each other? They were so afraid I would report them for having the moms cats. I think it would just be a better world if we could just LIVE and let live. As long as nobody is getting hurt why do people have to be intrusive and judgmental? It is OK to be different. If people realized that, there would be no wars or disagreements even. Let people LIVE thier lives and like the bible says “Judge not and you will not be judged” People are so stuck on the opinions of others. Let people LIVE a full life as long as they arent hurting others or animals, We need to walk a mile in a mans moccassins before we pass an opinion. Let people experience thier lives fully. viva the difference!!!
        Sorry post so long!

        1. Donna B,
          Your comment put me in mind of a beautiful song, “Someday”, sung by Celtic Woman, which takes a similar live and let live approach to life, and has a really meaningful and optimistic tone. It’s a really hopeful song to listen to in today’s world, that’s for sure.

          I’ve posted it on this site before because it’s a good representation of what this website aims to do….working for a better someday. I’ve posted the link to the music video below. The lyrics are below the link.

          Someday Lyrics

          Someday, when we are wiser
          When the world’s older
          When we have learned
          I pray someday we may yet
          Live to live and let live

          Someday, life will be fairer
          Need will be rarer
          And greed will not pay
          Godspeed, this bright millennia
          On it’s way, let it come someday

          Someday our fight will be won, and
          We’ll stand in the sun, in
          That bright afternoon
          ‘Til then, on days when the sun
          Is gone, we’ll hang on
          If we wish upon the moon

          There are some days, dark and bitter
          Seems we haven’t got a prayer
          But a prayer for something better
          Is the one thing we all share

          Someday, when we are wiser
          When the whole world is older
          When we have love
          And I pray someday we may yet
          Live to live and one day, someday
          Someday life will be fairer
          Need will be rarer
          And greed will not pay

          Godspeed this bright millennia
          Let it come
          If we wish upon the moon

          One day, someday… soon.

  9. Thank you Eric! May the light shine through and redirect us to the most valuable lessons in life. At the end of the day, when we’re sick or Ill, nothing matters other than our family. We tend to think about how we could have served and helped one another better. Not about our political beliefs. It takes hard lessons to learn hard truths. I appreciate you so much! Stand strong! We’re with you!

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