World Predictions 11-11-20

Sorry Ireland that sounds horrible. I am unclear if all of these messages are related to Ireland or separate events.

I had a visual I was looking down at a port or dock. There were multiple police cars there. In the visual it was night.

I had a visual of multiple people in coats laying on the ground. Something horrible happened. There was blood everywhere. There was a slashing or spray to all that was red.

I had a visual I was standing on what looked like Ireland or Scotland. I was staring out at the ocean and one huge storm was coming. The wind raged.

I then had a visual of a pub. In the window was a green clover. The door opened. I saw no faces. I only saw the feet of someone step down on the short steps of the pub, but they weren’t feet but hooves. Large bull like hooves. Then I flew up quickly into the deep night sky, knowing what that meant. I could hear this beast roar from above. When I looked again below it was a massive lush deep forest? Did I move and not know it?
(Spiders represent terrorist like acts, wolves are cold and calculating like the mob or certain governments, but nothing comes close to hooves, that’s evil incarnate. The roar implies this person is planning to make a name for themselves. We actually have a predicted hooves leader living and thriving now, his name is Al Assad.

The previous Ireland predictions:

In Ireland I had a visual of one massive spider crawling, it was twice the size of an average vehicle. The spider crawled down a rural street with houses in the background.  
Then I saw a dark figure consuming all light around him. There was a table behind him with Dublin cookies on a plate being presented. 

Al-Baghdadi , Dylan Roof, and Harold Shipman where all seen as spiders. The range from serial killer to terrorist is an issue in narrowing down this message, however the spider is a sinister person or group committing the absolute worse acts of violence. 

“Comments”: I have to weigh the needs of Spirit with all of our needs here. On one end Spirit constantly reminds me not to respond to short sited criticism. They use a Bible reference “We want Saul to become Paul.” I have learned their sway is a powerful one. On the opposite I am determined to create a community of fans that allow for us to rise as a force to alter these horrors we predict. All the cruelty and divisive bashing gives me a sour taste. I find that cruelty just so repulsive. So we created THE GOLDEN RULE to say “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” So yes I deleted a massive amount of comments. If it was cruel to those here it was erased. Some fell in gray areas.
Some of you believe you have the right to be cruel with your slanted opinions. That you can speak as loud as you want. I totally agree, just not here. Here we are trying to change the world for the better and with respect and grace unfortunately your standing in the way.

26 responses to “World Predictions 11-11-20”

  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    Fans in Ireland is there any activity in the news to imply a serial killer? Any heighten security issues?

  2. petemedium Avatar

    Totally agree with your ‘comment’ Eric. Well said.
    Re Ireland, could that prediction refer to a strong Irish place in the US, such as New York?

  3. Liliane Avatar

    its a long shot.. but perhaps it has to do with the new President? he is Irish no? Or at least he has Irish roots! Do they prepare something bad for him? I hope not!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe it’s a message for Ireland.

  4. Liliane Avatar

    It is in Italy!

    1. Sara Avatar

      There are probably a lot of Irish pubs that use clovers as a decoration. (Both in Ireland and abroad). It’s something to go on, but not a lot.

  5. Sara Avatar

    Has Spirit said how long until the Ireland prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I plan to focus on it soon.

  6. Trevor Avatar

    This Ireland prediction reminds me of the 2011 Norway attacks.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s dark unfortunately

  7. Raymond Avatar

    Al Assad……..Would that be Bashar Al Assad, the leader of Syria?

  8. Ossian M Avatar
    Ossian M

    Hi Eric,
    I’m in the Scottish Highlands.
    The part about a port or a dock and a storm coming, made me think this may be a consequence of the British Government’s proposed Internal Market Bill, which reneges on the Withdrawal Agreement with the E.U. and effectively breaks international law and threatens the Good Friday Agreement.
    This could see the very real possibility of a return to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which may reignite the troubles of the past.

    The sea crossing for goods , (as well as passengers) in and out of Northern Ireland is between Cairnryan in south west Scotland ,and Belfast in Northern Ireland, so don’t know if this might have some bearing on the prediction.
    You also mentioned flying up into the night sky and being above a dense , lush forest;
    Quite close to Cairnryan ferry port, is the Galloway Forest Park, which is indeed very dense and lush and it also has what is known as “Dark Sky Status” – ie; it is unaffected by light pollution, and it is often used for astronomy purposes by school parties and other tour groups.

    This is all pure conjecture on my part but it’s what came to mind when reading the prediction, but may have some relevance.

    Best regards


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for all of that information.

      1. Ossian M Avatar
        Ossian M

        You’re most welcome. Thank you for all your selfless good works. 🙂

        1. justin Avatar

          Just curious, testing my memory.
          Im not from the UK,
          in school i was always pretty good in geography.
          i think i can say that.

          Ossian, the southwest scotland, isnt that ayrshire and dumfriesshire?
          and highlands is more towards invernesshire?

          1. Ossian M Avatar
            Ossian M

            Aye more or less.
            The Highlands is broken up into different regions now although at one time it all came under Inverness-shire. Now we have Western Isles, Skye & Lochalsh, Argyll & Bute, Moray , etc, etc.
            I’m also familiar with Dumfries & Galloway though, because my mother has lived there (Stranraer), for a number of years. 🙂

  9. Hugo Sanders Avatar
    Hugo Sanders

    Perhaps the Real IRA and/or the UDF are going to start up the troubles again. There’s plenty of individuals on both sides capable of horrific acts as they have proved in the recent past.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information

  10. justin Avatar

    Yesterday, Mr. Lee Cain, Director of Communications in Downing Street, a high chief aide to the UK prime minister announced his resignation.

    He is from Southport, a large seaside town on the Irish Sea.
    This town is bordered by Ribble and Alt Estuaries,
    The Ribble Marshes National Nature Reserve is 2,302 ha (5,688 acres) in extent and it is located in the middle of the SSSI which extends to 9,226 ha (22,798 acres)

    His resignation is over a power struggle in the inner circle of the Prime Minister.
    He was to be promoted to chief of staff, but the Prime Ministers fiancee. mss Carrie Symonds and her allies blocked the promotion and want the hardliners out of office.

    Dominic Cummings, Chief Adviser and hardline dictator of downing street is said to have internally announced his resignation by christmas.
    after losing his key ally and losing power fight with ms symonds.

    the following in your prediction are in this story, 2 factions in war over control of downing street and prime minister
    A port town, something Irish and a nature reserve.

  11. justin Avatar

    Irish Expats clashes with Irish Government over traveling home for Christmas

  12. justin Avatar

    First Lee Cain, a top aide resigned for not getting promotion, see my previous post

    Now Dominic Cummings the chief adviser to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has resigned in shock move.
    remainder of the Hardliners team around PM are thought to resign or to be replaced soon.
    Fears within Tory Party that their PM will loosing his job within a year from now.

  13. Brandon Parnell Avatar
    Brandon Parnell

    could this be pointing to a possible Terrorist attack in either Ireland or the UK?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am waiting for more details. My guess some type of Jack the Ripper type. They have eyes on it. Olive is clearly a name. Oliver Olivia

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