World Predictions 9-2-20

Let’s begin with a beautiful truth from Spirit:

“We can hear you. All messages are received. Know that.. From loved ones, to us, to our father, we do hear you.. always… know you are never alone.. we stand with you always.”

Predictions: The main message from Spirit is several predictions are about to happen, now. They also seem to be correcting errors I have made. That’s new.

I had a visual of four zeros lined up back to back. Then an F.
Then I had a visual of a large 2

I can’t speak to the F, but the rest of the message means multiple predictions have reached zero and are now about to happen.

The prediction:

I had a visual of a jolting collapse, sudden loud cracking noise. Then I could see what looked like a large whole or crack on the ground. Earthquake? The scope of the size seemed extensive.
Originally the message was for Australia or around Australia. Oddly they attached India, however it could be two back to back incidents.

The prediction:

I had a visual of a spider. The spider had this hard shell around it. Then Spirit drew a large box in mid air as if drawing a plan up. Off to the side of the large square was the spider. In the center top was an event. 
The event seemed to be ceremonial in nature. Two different groups coming to a compromise or understanding. 
Then just as hands shakes the deal done, attacks followed. 

I had a visual of a clock counting down then it showed 1 very large followed by spirits voice saying, time is up.
Spirit has separated the two different spider attacks. They are not a message of one incident. So this message above is most likely the deal between Israel and UAE.

The prediction:

”You have a traitor among you.” 

I had a visual of a newspaper that read scandal. Then it shifted to show ribbons upon ribbons with Chinese text. The visual shifted to show a man holding a case. It felt stealthy and spy like, as if holding secrets. 

I was briefly reminded of the ribbon by Spirit, pointing to it, asking me to think about it? The ribbon looked similar to the tape in the ‘Russian scandal prediction’ PREDICTIONS 12-12-16 Perhaps the scandal isn’t about China. Perhaps China is facilitating a scandal about President Trump. Just as there was Russia interference in our elections. This prediction could be about China now interfering. Thoughts on what the ribbon could also mean? Pun?

On WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-20-20 I drew a crude drawing of a hurricane that would strike Florida, then I assumed that same drawing was related to Laura. After the post Spirit quickly responded “Eric what are you doing? That hasn’t happened yet”

The Prediction: Spirit showed troubling news from France, an attack or malice. Perhaps this old prediction WORLD PREDICTION: PARIS ATTACK

Eric—- Sorry for my absence, I have had multiple doctors appointments to end the health issues that has latched itself to me.
I do have a topic I would like to present you. Spirit view, Spirits opinion on the topics of the day.. should it be included in the new way coming here. I am honestly on the fence. I personally hate hearing opinions sites, just give us the information and I will form my own opinion. Many of you have voiced that opinions should not be apart of the predictions. However in this case there are so many stark difference in their view. Topics like justice, sex, inequality, our system!! All of them so different.
The Spirits have already chimed in on the idea. Though they never said yes or no they did bring up a good point. It would be difficult to truly present their view, opinions, and ideas without context and history of them and their own home.

Coronavirus update is coming soon. I just need to clarify why some news is polar opposites.

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  1. For the beautiful truth..thank you Spirit. It helps to know that we are heard and they are all with us down here! We are not alone. I hope the coronavirus is good news, I’m thinking that with the flu season coming and holidays and schools opening it may be very complicated at the very least. It might be why its conflicted since it is worldwide. So in some places may be over and other places not contained. As far as what people want, Id say do whatever Spirit feels is appropriate, after all they have far more experience than we do!!! Take care and I hope your health problems are over for now at least! Good health to you!

    1. Coronavirus is ending. Bye bye, don’t let it hit you on the way out. I just need more specifics and there is something else dark yet to come but is that dark spot Coronavirus or another natural disaster. I need to fine tune details before posting.

  2. I like it when you post opinions. Although they usually align with mine, so I would! But I think now is the time to be brave and stand for love at all costs. I appreciate it when you do so.

  3. I think the ceremony with shaking hands might be a reference to the recent agreement between Israel and UAE. Even though they might be friends now, there are a lot of fringe elements that might be upset about the new arrangement.

    I think the reference to the Chinese might be related to the CIA agent that was recently caught selling secrets to the Chinese.

    Just a few ideas.

    1. Hello Eric Spirit and SWC!
      Raymond- is this the Chinese scandal you are referring to?
      This sounds about right- unless there is another Scandal about to drop that we don’t know about yet…..

      Eric- I am sending extra special prayers and lots of healing angels to help get you back to 100% and feeling better, on the mend once and for all-
      Please take care of yourself. I am praying this is the absolute end of your illness. 🙂

      1. Yes, that is the same man.
        I wonder how many spies we have in our intelligence agencies working for foreign govts that we don’t know about?

    2. What CIA agent! I don’t remember that in the news? Can I have a link. Sorry everyone it really is tough to watch. I immediately want to throw something at the TV when I watch the news in 2020. I know it’s a part of the job here but omg.

  4. The India Australia link could mean an earthquake in Western Australia which is on the Indian ocean coast

    And eric is the prediction of a world leader dying due to an international incident still happening? Hence the “deal” prediction you spoke about in this and a previous prediction a few weeks ago

  5. that earthquake could be referring to another Indian Ocean earthquake. My guess would be the Sunda megathrust, Indonesian scientists have warned on a possible megaquake and tsunami that couls reach as high as 30m, which could impact as far as Australia, Sri Lanka and some Southern parts of India. There have been some serious earthquake activities in the region too.

  6. Ticker tape was the earliest electrical dedicated financial communications medium, transmitting stock price information over telegraph lines, in use from around 1870 through 1970. Wikipedia
    As I was reading about the tape it reminded me of the above.

  7. This might be a coincidence, but tornadoes go by the F-scale, or Fujita Scale, and F-2 is a type of tornado. Basically, F-1 tornadoes are on the lower end of intensity, and F-5 tornadoes are the ones that typically cause the most damage. Could that message be about a tornado?

    1. The zeros were created long ago as a safety net. As all of you know sometimes I post ‘a prediction has happened‘ because it sounds similar when it did not happen yet. The zeros are their way of saying that’s our prediction around the corner, that way I don’t make those mistakes. (Even though I just did recently)

  8. Eric the ribbon reminded me of an old accounting machine. Possibly used for taxes, stock market, quid pro quo?
    You do have an old prediction which mentions, “Later I had a visual of a receipt machine from the 90’s. It was rolling out a slip that read “Christchurch”.
    I believe you mentioned that you thought it could be related to “rolling quakes”
    Here is that prediction.

    1. Eric I just noticed this older prediction I included above also makes mention Spirit showing an old newspaper add.
      It also starts out with Spirit pointing out a wave of multiple events.

  9. I’d love to hear Spirits’ opinion on a wide array of topics. You could create an opinion column like newspapers have – but for Spirits!

  10. Thank you Spirit for reassuring us that our prayers are answered and that we are not alone.
    Thank you Eric for being the translator from Spirit to us.
    Praying Eric, you have better health.

  11. Eric,
    Ref:::On WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-20-20 I drew a crude drawing of a hurricane that would strike Florida, then I assumed that same drawing was related to Laura. After the post Spirit quickly responded “Eric what are you doing? That hasn’t happened yet”

    Tropical storm..”Rene”
    Formed on Sept 7,2020

    Tropical Storm “Rene” formed at 21:00 UTC on September 7, 2020, as the 17th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Rene is also the earliest forming 17th Atlantic named storm on record, breaking the old record set by Rita on September 18, 2005. The storm is moving across Cabo Verde today, bringing locally heavy rain and life-threatening surf and rip current conditions.

  12. “When Israel’s “diplomatic progress” depends upon normalizing relationships with Arab dictators, it follows that democracy in the Arab region would be a severe diplomatic setback for Israel. Israel’s regional ally is dictatorship.

    “Israel’s normalization deals with the UAE and Bahrain will not bring peace to the Middle East. If anything, they will only embolden oppressive regimes and encourage abuses of international law.”

  13. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of four zeros lined up back to back. Then an F.
    Then I had a visual of a large 2

    Massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska sparking tsunami warning
    A 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Sand Point, Alaska, on Monday evening
    The National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for South Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula
    The cities of Sand Point, Cold Bay and Kodiak were listed in the warning

  14. Gaza militants, children among 24 dead as Israel hits Hamas
    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel unleashed new airstrikes on Gaza early Tuesday, hitting the high-rise home of a Hamas field commander and two border tunnels dug by militants, as Hamas and other…

    Three women in Israel were killed by rocket fire, and dozens of people wounded. The death toll in Gaza rose to 35 Palestinians, including 10 children, according to the Health Ministry. Over 200 people were wounded.

  15. May 10th:

    Today’s Jerusalem Day march ends in an orgy of hate at the Western Wall. They sing: “Remember me! Strengthen me! Just this once, God, that I may with one blow take vengeance on the Palestinians (may their progeny be erased!) for my two eyes!” (altering Judges 16:28)

    The 1996 song, “remember me” is associated with the Israeli far-right. In gained renewed attention after it was played in 2015 at a wedding while attendees celebrated the torching to death of Palestinian baby Ali Dawabsheh by Jewish militants

    Re: the ancient curse used by those attending. At 00:07 you can hear the crowd scream “yimach shemam”. Literally “may their name be erased.” It is mentioned in the Bible (e.g. Psalms 109:13; Deuteronomy 25:19) in the context of erasing the progeny of a person/people (Amalekites)

  16. Victory ice cream shop in the town of Bat Yam, owned by Palestinians. Being torn to pieces by Israelis:

    “An organized pogrom took place tonight against Arabs in Bat Yam despite the fact they they all learned about Kristallnacht. Today, in my Haaretz article I wrote, “We need to see, what a blatantly racist society we have become.” I wish I had been wrong.”

  17. At least 126 Palestinians, including 31 children, have been killed and 920 have been wounded since hostilities flared up on Monday. Hundreds of Palestinian families have taken shelter in United Nations-run schools in northern Gaza:

    “Thousands flee as deadly Israeli air strikes pound Gaza:

    “The UN says 10,000 Palestinians have been forced out of their homes in the Gaza Strip, as the death toll from Israeli strikes on the enclave reaches 137.”

  18. Hamas requested ceasefire; Netanyahu refuses in favor of committing more war crimes:

    Netanyahu delivers an 11pm speech and indicates Israel will continue strikes in Gaza.
    “This operation will continue until we reach our targets,” he says.
    He thanks Biden for his support and does not appear to be feeling pressure to head for a ceasefire.

  19. More than half the Palestinian dead in Gaza are civilians, according to the UN; almost a third are kids:

    “Humanitarian update via @UNRWA: According to OHCHR, of the 200 Palestinians who have been killed in Gaza, 116 are civilians, including three pregnant women, two disabled persons, and 61 children, of which 18 were UNRWA students. #gaza”

  20. Unlike the Palestinians, Israel has the tech to target their rockets. This is deliberate:

    ‘A Heinous Crime’: Israeli Airstrikes Damage Gaza’s Only Coronavirus Testing Lab
    “It was bad enough when Palestinians in Gaza weren’t able to get vaccinated, but now to reportedly lose their only coronavirus testing lab is… beyond words.”

  21. Following AOC’s lead, Bernie Sanders will introduce a bill to block the sale of bombs to Israel. This is historic. And under Senate rules, this WILL get a vote, forcing Senators to go on the record about the sale of deadly weapons to Israel.

    “Sen. Bernie Sanders to introduce resolution of disapproval on $735 million U.S. arms sale to Israel”

  22. A “ceasefire” for Zionists is a return to everyday terror for Palestinians:

    Israeli police stormed Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque hours after the Israel-Hamas ceasefire, firing rubber bullets and stun grenades at Palestinians.
    Witnesses say some Palestinians stayed after Friday prayers to celebrate the ceasefire. Police claim there were “riots.”

  23. Israeli pilot says they intentionally targeted civilian residential buildings as “a way to vent the army’s frustration”:

    An Israeli pilot revealed that the destruction of residential towers in Gaza Strip was “a way to vent the army’s frustration”. In an interview w Israeli Channel (12) with pilots who participated in blowing up 9 residential towers in Gaza, inc one that housed media offices.

  24. “The cease-fire may hold. But Israel’s treatment of Palestinians won’t change — We’re second-class citizens in what’s supposed to be our country, too

    “I’m an Israeli citizen, yet every time I return home — as I do often — I’m asked by officials at the airport, ‘What is the reason for your visit?’ That’s a question most countries’ border guards reserve for foreign visitors; Israel asks it of its minority citizens.”


  25. “Ireland becomes first member of EU to recognize & reject Israel’s de-facto, illegal annexation of East Jerusalem/West Bank. 2morrow in the Dail there will be a vote to expel the Israeli Ambassador & seek economic sanctions against Israel”

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