World Predictions 8-20-20

Florida, the gulf, prepare yourself things are about to get really rough. So much of this sounds like the old predictions? PREDICTIONS ON 10-26-15

I had a visual of three hurricanes. All of them shown as if I was staring at a radar.
The first would head towards Hawaii and swipe the island state from the side.
The second is below and looking very much like the storm forming now.
The third, was a mega beast. Huge on a historic level. It was coming. They even compared the last Hurricane as a twig while this was an elephant raging towards the US.

”You have a traitor among you.”

I had a visual of a newspaper that read scandal. Then it shifted to show ribbons upon ribbons with Chinese text. The visual shifted to show a man holding a case. It felt stealthy and spy like, as if holding secrets.

The impression was China had covert operations in which information or knowledge was being stolen. and all of it was going out a very open back door, on a huge scale. Unfortunately this part of the prediction was more feeling.

Belarus: I still need to work on details, this is only the start of the message.

I had a visual of so many people protesting with rage. Then it faded to black.. then I had a visual of those same people celebrating, excited and happy.

In WORLD PREDICTIONS: FLORIDA STORM AGAIN 8-10-20 Here is what I crudely drew as a prediction, compared to what is in the news, explains why they need to point out “It shifts”. This is one of three. Clearly my perception still needs a fine tuning.

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  1. I have been watching this for a few days on the NHC. FLORIDA can handle a cat 1. But now nervous about what else is coming! Thanks Eric! Keep up the great work you are doing! Is the Chinese prediction meant for China or the U.S.?

  2. One only has to look at who Trump appointed as Head of the Dept of Transportation, none other that the Chinese shipping magnate family Elaine Chao! She’s Mitch McConnell’s wife. It’s very easy to google her and her direct family connections in China. A friend of mine went to boarding school with her. She’s pretty wicked and I have no idea why she would ever be put in that position to exploit the US. NPR (National Public Radio) did an entire topic on her and her family along with Senator McConnell. Steve Bannon was just arrested which is adds to the long list of the corruption going on currently among past appointments. I believe your prediction is regarding ‘Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation” that includes import/export. Just google her and read the current news about her.

    1. Bannon has nothing to do with Trump. He hasn’t worked for him for a long time. Bannon and his cronies did it on their. People need to stop blaming our president for everything.

        1. yes I am . The hate for our president has gotten out of control. The rioters and looters are getting paid by the higher up Democrats . Biden is a treasonous old man who couldn’t lead a kindergarten class. Let alone our country. I do not want a socialists country .

      1. It sounds like he is the most ignorant president on earth. Anyone close to him can do any fraud without his knowledge. Country doesn’t need to baby sit a president. President must take care of the country

        1. I am amazed at how many jail birds surround him, I mean come on it’s obvious he is the don of these shady birds. You don’t need to be psychic to see it.

    2. thank you JON, there is a lot more, that in time, a lot more will come out. thank you for your posts!

    3. Hi Jon, You could be right. A lot of psychics have seen her for a while now as being a spy for China.
      I guess we will all see the truth sooner or later.

    4. Just so everyone is clear the prediction is about a China scandal they might be taking things from the US government, but it might also be completely unrelated to the current administration.

      1. Elaine Chao has worked under several presidents so whatever she’s doing has been going on a long time way before the current administration.

  3. eric, was the third meg beast hurricane, the same one hitting Florida, in October? conditions in the gulf, this years, looks to have a lot more hurricanes to come, before November ends…..

    1. I believe so, and I also believe it’s an old prediction, the one I have talked about for a long time, Sandy’s equal. I just need them to confirm

  4. Eric, hope u r well! Am missing ur predictions on Facebook.This one is scary! Monster hurricane.
    R u not using Facebook anymore?

  5. Is there any possibility that the storm message was not actually about hurricanes and went with the scandal/traitor message? Or just not be a literal storm even if not with the next message? Elephants are the symbol of the Republican Party. Could this mean a Republican is causing a massive storm that does an insane amount of damage?? Just a thought. The elephant imagery is what made me wonder if it wasn’t actually about a physical hurricane. (Maybe it’s Republicans creating havoc in Florida during the election if it was Florida tied. Or everywhere honestly- they’re sure trying! Or if for example Trump refuses the results of the election I can’t imagine that not causing an unprecedented storm even bigger than all the other storms he’s caused?).

  6. Or perhaps this has something to do with the hurricanes and that drawing? It’s possible with current storm tracks we’re about to have two hurricanes in the gulf at the same time. Although they would be low category if that happens two at the same time would be unprecedented apparently , maybe that’s the massive one you saw???

    1. This one was always expected to be moderate, I was expecting category 2 but that still holds a threat to a specific location to both a shoreline area and the states above Florida. None of this compared to the beast that would follow.

  7. At this point, I’m no longer worried about this monster hurricane. Based on Eric’s visual, it looks like most damage will be done on the west side of Florida (I live on the northeast side of the state). I just pray people on that side of Florida will get safely evacuated; but then again it’ll be difficult due to COVID quarantines. I’m still holding out on hope that the monster hurricane will be the final part of the trifeca.

  8. So apparently the two hurricanes are basically going to be pummeling Florida/Texas/the south during almost the entire the GOP convention next week. Could the Elephant reference have been timing?

      1. Given that these two will be hitting at the same time the convention is happening it seems like a reference to these hurricanes – also it would be collectively massive in size if they’re both hitting simultaneously- even if strength isn’t that high. As far as shifting- apparently if they end up within a certain proximity to each other one or both can shift courses and/or start spinning around each other (something called Fujiwhara effect). And then they may merge into a bigger single hurricane- not necessarily stronger but massive in scale.

  9. CNN News:
    Justice Department says former Green Beret allegedly provided secrets to Russia

  10. Do you have any more information about the situation in Belarus? The situation is getting dangerous here.

  11. Why will there be such a huge storm? The weather is getting more and more extreme, snow in china in the summer and enough rain fall to flood the dams.

    Nature or nurture?

    Is there human manipulation involved like harp? Are we in an un conventional war that is hard to understand as it is unlike any war before it?

    Is Nibiru entering the solar system. Are we heading into a pole shift?

    If the storm is devastating is it worth people moving back in and rebuilding or will they keep coming? Should people be looking to move inland and abandon living on the coasts?

  12. Eric,
    Is there any new information on the attacks predicted for Ireland or Israel? Do you think they’ve been prevented somehow? I’m hoping that’s why they haven’t happened yet–good news would be very welcome in these weird times!

  13. The new police brutality incident you saw happened in Kenosha Wisconsin tonight. Please pray for Jacob Blake who is fighting for his life after a police officer shot him in broad daylight multiple times while he was unarmed and trying to get into his car. WARNING the Video is graphic and horrifying but it’s here:

    Protests already forming.

    Full context here:

    What on earth is wrong with these evil police officers?

  14. I commented and not sure where it went. The police brutality vision you had a week or so ago happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin tonight. I don’t know if the link was the problem- but if you look up Kenosha or Jacob Blake you’ll find all of the details. Unarmed man was shot 7 or 8 times by a police officer at point blank range while he was trying to get in his car- in front of his kids. Horrifying. Kenosha is in major protest now.

  15. Eric,
    Update ✔️
    Tropical Storm Laura reaches hurricane strength as it barrels toward Louisiana and Texas with 75mph winds and more than half a million are given mandatory evacuation orders from coastal cities

    🔹Officials in Louisiana and Texas have declared states of emergencies as they prepare for Hurricane Laura

    🔹Laura, which gained hurricane status Tuesday, is expected to hit states as Category 3 hurricane Wednesday

    🔹As of Tuesday morning, more than half a million residents in Texas and Louisiana were ordered to evacuate

    🔹Texas Gov Greg Abbott declared state of emergency for 23 counties and 400K people were told to evacuate

    🔹In Louisiana mandatory evacuations were issued Sunday for coastal cities, affecting more than 125,000

    🔹The Louisiana National Guard has mobilized 98 high water vehicles and 55 boats for response efforts

    🔹If Laura becomes Category 3 hurricane, it could bring storm surge as high as 11 feet and up to 10 inches of rain

    🔹Laura passed Hispaniola as a tropical storm where it killed at least 12 people and left thousands without power

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