Notes on 6-22-14

I had a vision, I was sitting at the table looking at a newspaper in a coffee shop. The back of the newspaper showed bad weather in Europe and Hurricanes forming. I flipped the newspaper to the front page and saw a picture of an explosion or fire with massive smoke (symbolic to damage). There was so much smoke it covered the upper half of the picture. — I need to ask for more details.

I had a visual of my hand reaching for a glowing door knob, on the knob was the number 11. — Thoughts?

“Climate is the second worst situation your century faces.. first massive hurricanes and flooding.. then the ocean will begin to consume pockets of lands and cities will be consumed.. mass exodus.. but the worst comes later as the summer burns hotter and the freezing winter becomes far-reaching, there will be a global famine.. the problem will arrive faster than you expect.. this is the century.”

Topics I still need to focus on:

  • Details on this explosion
  • Vancouver flood timeline.
  • The 3 big hurricanes coming
  • 4th of July stadium explosion?
  • Boko Haram



75 thoughts on “Notes on 6-22-14

  1. The global climate and famine situation is very sad. I agree it will happen this century. Do they give you any idea of what we can do now to help lessen the effect? Usually they tell us so we can avoid it.

    1. I don’t think this one is stoppable. However they predict science and technology is the solution. We can lessen the timeframe of how bad things get. As we get closer to the timeframe I am sure they will be advising more details.

    2. The planet is just re-balancing as it raises it’s vibration, it’s not really much of a concern. There are some messes we need to clean up, the help for that will come from off world

      1. Hi RJ. – You sound like Paul Selig – the white light in the center of our world’s apparent chaos. I keep re-reading Paul Selig’s channeled books; they are of a high vibration. are you saying the help will come from spirit, aliens, God, or all or some of the above? Just curious:)

      2. The help has been coming for quite a while now lia. But the planets vibration was too low, it is raising to a point where those helping can soon show themselves, but not until the god energy gives the go ahead, it is close. The answer is all of the above, the ets are just higher vibration spirits from off world

      3. never heard of Paul Selig but have just had a google to see who he is. Things are far closer to happening than people realise. But in some respect far latter than those of us who came to your world o help expected, hahaha

  2. With the assistance of Al Qaida, Boko Haram may use 4 July to commit a terrorist attack at a stadium.

    1. Both predictions are hazy. On one end they want to discuss boko haram, with the 4th they discuss an explosion, its still unclear if its a terror attack or accident, we need to get clarity from them.

  3. Eric, on 9-29-13, you posted a prediction that the spirits said would happen in Florida in October, they even showed the path. At the time they mentioned not sure of timeline.i wonder if they meant year? If so it means this year 2014. We have many references to October, being a ” marked “month. So the circle could be closing on What, where,when. On one Hurricane.

      1. Eric, in those dreams with my grandpa, he kept talking about “October, you would understand. Just be patient, son. You will be safe once you move. October. October. October” But thats all I remember regarding that month or the exact whys. Remember I left Chicago to come to San Diego. I had never ever been here. I don’t have friends here and miss everyone back in the midwest but knew he told me to pack and leave Chicago quickly. I am trying to feel safe in San Diego. I’ve met a few friends but feel this is only temporary. Well, for a few years. I really, really want to move to England, Ireland or Scotland, as I’ve mentioned before. I don’t want to be in America anymore. Its too polarized and Americans are scary and very uncivilized. Gangs, kids killing kids, the extreme right wing judging everyone. Will the Creator wipe these people away so we can feel at peace again? I know tornadoes and hurricanes seem to wipe out areas that are filled with those kinds of people. I feel stuck because I cannot remember everything he said to me.

        1. Try and remember as your going to sleep or waking up. As for the future you get the impression that the future humanity is very humble, one thing that clearly goes away in our future are the ego, arrogant type of individuals. That in turn eliminates a lot of other issues. Its a very beautiful future, but first things have to get really ugly, or sort of purge.

      2. The future is really quite beautiful and amazing jon. But as people need to release energy blocks and lower vibrations to raise their vibration, so does the earth

      3. I found out that Hurricane season 2014 started June 1——–the heart of the season is Aug, Sept, Oct.
        Hurricane experts are predicting :(::not spirit)
        10 tropical storms/,
        5 Hurricanes ( 2 major)
        A slow season is expected. El Niño is expected,which means cooler surface temperatures, which means lower numbers. 1 or 2 in June or July.
        Storm surges maybe higher. The weather experts stated that this season is shaping up to be like the season 22 years ago that spawned Andrew(cat 5)
        The watch areas are- eastern Louisiana, East thru Florida and up thru Carolinas and Virginia coast.
        Including cities; New Orleans, Tampa,Miami,Key west, Charleston &Norfolk
        This is predicted by the weather agency.
        Information to focus questions to spirit..

    1. Interesting thread… I had a dream last summer that was so vivid yet it never happened. I dreamt that Chicago was devastated. I saw the aftermath of either a bomb dropping or a horrific earthquake or tornado. The buildings were crumbled. In the dream I sensed it might be October.

      1. Maybe it really is coming, Lia. That is what my grandpa showed me in my dream. The apartment building I lived in had fallen, so had most of the buildings in that neighborhood. I always thought I would live in that apartment. I am only 40. I moved into it at 30 and the landlord loved me and kept my rent low and it was a 2000sq ft place. It was home and I had made it very beautiful. I never ever wanted to leave it. It was because of his visits to me that I knew I had to. Sometimes I feel I jumped the gun, but maybe not. To me, he showed me an earthquake and explosion. I miss it there, and I miss my friends there. But I followed my dreams and gut. It was definitely October for me as well. I am still uncertain of the deeper meaning. I remember him showing me these signs on the street corners that said something about “Martial Law is now in Effect. No persons out after dusk”. I sort of remember flying over the city and seeing some buildings I know, like my hospital so packed with injured people that they were flooding out onto the streets. It was nighttime and felt cold outside in that dream. The strange thing is when I woke up, I was still laying down on my bed, it was not yet morning. But something was literally pulling my cheek downward. Like an invisible hand pulling my cheek into the pillow. I kept brushing my cheek thinking it was a twitch. I got annoyed, got up and went to turn my bedroom light on. It would not come on. Nor did any of the lights in my home. I got a little scared and had to build up the courage to go down into the basement of the building and found that all my fuses had blown. While down in the basement, I noticed the foundation of the building was slightly settling. The next morning, I called the landlord and an inspector came out to look at the foundation. They had to repair the foundation. I moved out a month after that. I don’t know what any of it means really. Nothing like that has remotely happened, though everyone in Chicago is now able to Conceal Carry after 40 years of the ban on it. So who knows. I appreciate everyone’s comments. I do know the world goes through its major destruction and repair. It happened just as Rome started to fall and the plague of Cyprian. It brought the spread of Christianity. And in early Christianity, gays, women, and diversity were all accepted because Christ was about Love. It was a little piece of heaven on earth for a while. I do remember one thing, he told me to avoid all meat as it would one day bring about a great plague. I didn’t really understand it. Specifically, there was a dream after that in which I was eating raw chicken and as I ate it, I was having to long pull push pins out from between my teeth. As I pulled the push pins out, I could hear animals crying. It was after that dream, I woke up feeling very sick. For a long time I stopped eating all meat except fish that are not ‘bottom feeders’. I am far from a vegan advocate or anything. But after all of that, I have become more aware of trying to avoid eating animals. (trust me, I was not like that before). I miss the taste of meat and on occasion will have an organic grassfed burger or chicken meal. The one thing I cannot have as I am now allergic to trypophan, is turkey. I used to love turkey. Now it makes my tongue swell and causes increase in seizures. That all happened after that dream. Weird, huh? Sorry, I seem to share a lot on here. I share with you all because I can’t talk to my friends about it as I don’t want them to think I’ve gone coo coo.

      2. dreams are dreams, too many people focus on the lower vibrations and try to bring those into creation rather than focusing on higher vibrations. What is meant to happen will happen, where people are at the time of an event happening is where they are meant to happen. People, especially some here focus too much on the lower vibration and live in fear, create fear, rather than create love.

      3. RJ everything according to your own belief system..yes we are creating we are co-creators and there is truth in everyones personnel and collective reallity…to dream is to fore warn and fore arm some cognitive and some pre-cognitive…we all have the spark of the creator in us that is of extreme high vibration…we are one please try not to put forward negative lower vibes into the collective conciousness.

        of this family group… i hav e respect for you and yours but these guys are doing acommendable work…and so it is.

  4. Doorknob
    If your dream strongly features a doorknob, this symbolizes your opportunities and expectations, both positive and negative. You may be seeking assistance and/or spiritual guidance with a particular situation. Eric, this is from a dream imagery dictionary. Glowing and with a number, my guess is your about to get it, and the number is a time frame reference.

  5. Hi Eric
    I live in Florida and for the past two years I have been having dreams of water coming in island in Florida. My dreams seem to be more of a tsunami instead of a hurricane. It was devastating and I saw a lot of dead people floating in the water. In my dream I couldn’t find my family. It scared me a lot but for some reason I get the impression that this is more than a dream. I hope to God that it is not a prophetic dream because if it is. It is not a good outcome!! Eric do you think my dream may have any vadility. I try and not to think to much of it but I only mentioned it because of your thread on hurricanes. By the way love your blog and the job that you and the spirits do! Thank you!!

    1. It could be more symbolic to yourself, a message that eventually you will move, but you are torn by it as everything you know is in florida, the dream could just be validating its happening either way.

      1. Interesting that you say that because I will be moving from Florida next year. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Eric could the 11 be like the 11th hour then 12 since they have mentioned a lot of the number 12 previously. And either it’s about Vancouver,BC or about the predictions and yourself and this site changing to another level? As in opening the door up to having a greater potential in predicting these things?

      1. I agree you said it… An “opportunity” I have seen the white door with the glowing white knob emanating with energy in my meditations, each time I’ve opened the door I’m taken to a beautiful setting so peaceful and serene. They show me opportunities that are coming up that I may choose… It’s all about “the opportunity” I believe this may be a personal message for you Eric, about the work you do. I feel you are branching out BIG time… You are growing… Expanding… Reaching further my friend…. Has this blog been growing?? 😇😇😇
        *food for thought*

  7. Wow… That’s all um…. Terrifying. Is the famine along the lines of an overpopulation issue? Or something else? Also… Is Spirits indication of century the same as ours? Or something else? Thanks! Appreciate all of the info

    1. In the year 77, that would be 2077 or 2177, is the famine, there very little food because of the weather both cold and hot killing the crops which in turn kill the animals.

  8. Eric, Jon and R,J, what a present all to gether (3 experts)

    Eric, thank you for your blog and predictions
    Jon, thank you for your long messages
    R.J., thank you for your comments

    I love to read about all your experiences, dreams and predictions

    1. I am no expert at all. I don’t even know what all this is about within the context of my normal. I never really believed in much of anything that I couldn’t prove with science. I am MUCH different after my recent experiences. I am just the average guy talking about what I dreamed and envisioned. Experts are people trained in this. I am still a tricycle compared to psychics who know what they are doing and seeing. Thank you for letting me get it out.

      1. Sharing what we have learned or experienced from the Spiritual Realm is our obligation. It doesn’t matter if its predictions or experiences as long as its the truth.

      2. Hi Eric, I was taken aback that sharing what we’ve learned from the Spiritual Realm is our OBLIGATION ( as long as it’s the truth). I’ve been on the fence in that regard. Is this your own belief, or did spirit tell you this directly? Did they indicate to you why it’s our obligation? Is that why you do this work? I suppose fear of reprisal for putting myself out on a limb is the reason for my fence sitting – which can get pretty uncomfortable in itself 🙂 Thanks for saying that to us. Maybe it’s a nudge from spirit for me and others here to share our truths.

        1. It comes from spirit. You have to choose whether or not you are willing to work for a spiritual realm above or answer to the opinions of others here. I choose to serve something greater than any of us could ever be.

        2. As for why I do it? I think for a long time in my youth I would see these events and see it as a curse. Why would you show the horrors of the world and not be able to do anything about it? In my early twenties the conductor presented this idea that we could actually change them, that just like a reading for an individual we could warn the world what was coming. We have been working towards that ever since. But I still have things to learn.

      3. Eric, thank you for answering my question. Yes, I am less concerned with what other people think of me than I used to be. Working for spirit is more rewarding – I am coming to that conclusion. I still do question why I see what I do in dreams. So yes, maybe there is change that I can bring about. I’ve often hit resistance from others when I tell them of a prophetic dream – a pre cog dream always feels different from an ordinary one. Even my family (except my mom) thinks my premonitions to be odd. Hard pill to swallow. So yes, I do have this underlying belief system that I need to feel liked, approved of, etc. But, that is slowly changing. The more spiritual I become, the less concerned with the material world 🙂 Thanks Eric. Keep doing the good work you do on behalf of spirit!

        1. I would encourage you to keep working at it. When I was a teenager I knew when an earthquake was about to happen, felt it but had no other details then that feeling. Now with their guidance I can give you a date, possible location, and estimated damage. Its working at it that makes that fog of meaning more clear.

        2. One more thing, write it all down, compare it to the facts that happen. You will learn that their is a specific language. One symbol never changes. For instance I had visuals of spiders and learned for what ever reason it was used to describe a terrorist, or school shooter. Now every time I see a spider in my visions I know what it means.

  9. Hi Eric, for what it’s worth I warned my sister about the west coast bridge prediction. She lives in San Francisco. And last year I warned people about the Fl hurricane where I live. I think no one will believe now if I warn them again……but I will try to be prepared because I believe what the spirits tell you. From the map I believe we were in the path.
    Jon, my daughter moved to Chicago and I always am concerned about her. I hope it will be okay.
    Eric, thanks for all you do!

    1. I will wish your daughter well. But I know that it is not the city it once was. 14 years ago it was much safer. Currently unemployment is at an all-time high, police rank and file have reduced the number on the clock and the mayor is far worse than Daley ever could have been. They say violent crime is at an all-time low but this is just a fancy foot dance to hide the truth. The current mayor is hiding the actual crime stats by making certain things misdemeanors instead of the felonies they should be. If you are attacked and beaten for you mobile phone or wallet, it is considered a misdemeanor once it gets to court and they downgrade the charges and let the perpetrator go free. They keep releasing the bad guys back on the streets so tourism will stay up. Sadly, even with the wonderful friends and the great life I had there, I doubt I will ever return.

  10. Eric, are we to focus on 4th of July——- Explosion—– 2 Seperate events?
    Old post on Bridge. New post in paper( I thought it sounded later than July..due to info Hurricanes forming.). What are your thoughts?

    1. The bridge is separate, the July 4th explosion had a target sign and in both visuals there was a stadium or crowd in the background. As for the Hurricanes its becoming a race to bring clarity to old workings while presenting the new predictions.

        1. Notes on 1-31-14 – Notes on 1-25-14 – Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack. That last one is questionably connected, doesn’t match up with people dressed in cold jackets.

  11. I used a Stadium as key , you mentioned (visual )stadium or benches.. We are unsure if attack or accident?
    We need specific location.. You mentioned in notes –explosion / 1-31-14
    On post 1-15-14 .. You said fireworks going off, people cheering, massive explosion on ground.
    Behind something( below and behind) Cheering turning to terror..

    My question is the post below also to be added?
    ( they mentioned Northeast in this)
    On 2/10/14 – there was a post re -Time of the dance,when fireworks run,as it all closes up, it’s ending- in Northeast( an attack) from fireworks.,
    What are your thoughts?

      1. It leaves not a lot to close the circle .. We know what -explosion. (Fireworks or explosive) We know when -4 th of July
        We need location (?) ————————– attack or accident would be nice to know but not essential. am I helping here?

        1. Are you helping? Allways! I have a huge list of questions, and they want to start new predictions, I have made a list so we will see what can be covered. We are doomed to run out of time for one of these events. But I will do my best

  12. Eric, I will send email with some information regarding your question regarding angels..and symbols..
    I know a focus sheet helps . There are many people reading this now, who will jump in and do reviews of what spirit has already revealed, to assist you close the circles.
    Let us be of service..

  13. Nigeria’s capital ABUJA, people where in the shopping Mall to see the match Nigeria-Argentina, then a bomb, they heard the explosion and then the building shaking, more then 20 people killed en more 17 people wounded, (in my Australian Paper to day)

    Eric is this 1 of your preditions ?

    1. Yes Under 6-22 this is the large smoke they talked about. Unfortunately we did not complete the prediction in a timely manner. Spirit wanted to talk about Boko Haram but I kept putting it off because we were trying to find answers for other predictions. I also question whether this is related to the mentioned of ‘Argentina’.. noting my mistake.

  14. Eric, regarding this paragraph“—-Climate is the second worst situation your century faces.. first massive hurricanes and flooding.. then the ocean will begin to consume pockets of lands and cities will be consumed.. mass exodus.. but the worst comes later as the summer burns hotter and the freezing winter becomes far-reaching, there will be a global famine.. the problem will arrive faster than you expect.. this is the century.”

    Verification of summer reference in U.K..—-

  15. Eric, climate..Tasmania,,,
    1 – Extreme Weather – Australia – Tasmania’s second largest city, Launceston, is on high alert as floodwaters approach and residents evacuate low-lying areas. Major northern river systems have risen from record rain after a deadly deluge that has battered three states. In the low-lying Launceston suburb of Invermay about 3,000 residents and 800 businesses have been advised to evacuate. Police are also pleading with Tasmanians to be careful around floodwaters as the search continues for two missing men. An elderly man is still missing from Ouse in the south, and the search continues for a man whose car was swept away by rising …

  16. Eric
    Ref:: famine..

    Lake Chad Basin..staving off famine.,,
    Millions of people…
    🇳🇪 Niger, Nigeria 🇳🇬, Chad 🇹🇩,Cameroon
    Exasperated by Boko Haram

    Nine years into a crisis that shows no sign of abating, 11 million people in the Lake Chad basin are in need of urgent help, a high-level conference has heard.

    More than two million people have been displaced and five million regularly do not have access to enough food in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, where the armed group Boko Haram has waged a nine-year insurgency. The insecurity means people who are used to supporting themselves have no access to the land they farm or waters they fish in, making them dependent on outside help.

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