Popocatepetl continues to Erupt

México’s Volcano continues to be more active. Four eruptions in one day. Stay safe Mexico. The earthquake is expected to follow, I will do my best to ask for an update on that timeframe and details.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 5-19-19 “Volcano.. eruption.. pinto..” That implies Mexico.

This prediction could mirror a previous one: 

World Predictions 4-25-19 I had a visual of a map of Central America. Then the southern shoreline of Mexico was circled. Earthquake 66 (6.6?) in about 3

Predictions 6-13-18 “Pinto is starting to boil.. caution” That is a reference to the Volcano is Mexico. In the previous predictions it ended up being the Popo volcano.

6 thoughts on “Popocatepetl continues to Erupt

  1. segun parece el popo va a hacer erupcion, no tarda, el dia que haga erupcion hara una gran erupcion a las 4 o 4:30 de la tarde y luego otras dos, la tercera sera devastadora, hara muchisimo daño, sera una erupcion como las que no ha hecho en 40,000 años, pero las autoridades no van a hacer nada por evitar el daño a la poblacion, eso lo sabemos los que vivimos cerca, pero es tan dificil sino imposible saber excactamente cuando hara erupcion…

    Sabemos que no falta mucho, pero no sabemos connexcactuitud cuando y nadie nos lo puede decir.

    Si pudieran avisarnos seria maravilloso yo lo pondria en un grupo que tenemos para avisarnos de la actividad del volcan.


  2. Eric,SWC,
    A strong eruption took place at Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico at 01:57 UTC on June 22 (20:57 local time, June 21). Incandescent fragments were thrown a short distance from the crater.

    Intense activity continued at Popocatepetl volcano on June 22 with a strong eruption at 01:57 UTC. According to the Washington VAAC, volcanic ash was observed on webcam and satellite imagery moving W at 28 km/h (17 mph) and rising up to 7.6 km (25 000 feet) above sea level at 02:01 UTC.

    Remnant volcanic ash emission was extending approximately 214 km (134 miles) SW of the summit at 09:50 UTC and was expected to dissipate within 6 hours.


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