Brazil School Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for all those in São Paulo.

It was only a few days ago that we posted the prediction Sao Paulo Brazil Flooding , now São Paulo has a tragic school shooting.

The list of predictions: World Predictions 3-11-19
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Predictions 10-10-17
Notes on 6-3-15

I had a visual of gun shells falling to the ground, a shooting spree was unfolding. The bullet shells that fell to the ground was surrounded by dirt, and either hay or weeds.

“Eleven casualties, shot, at a campus.. charter.. what a despicable act.”

My assessment of Spirits message: There will be a school shooting where  8 to 11 people are shot or killed. Even though they say ‘Campus’ from the look of the faces it seemed more likely a high school. That is assuming the two predictions are related. 

Where? I had a visual I was half deep in water, then it shifted, I was pulling out leaves with my hand.

Then the visual shifted again. I saw several people, talking to each other and all of them began to run in one direction.

l had a visual of gun fire shooting in all different directions, it was a massive shoot out, or perhaps it was the start of battle or war, the implication was Latin America, the location was jungle like.

I had a visual of someone who had a red laser target on their shirt, then a gun was being pulled out.

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  1. Sara Avatar

    It’s awful that school shootings keep happening like this. Kids should be safe at school, not living in fear of the lockdown alarm.

    I hope the families will be okay, or at least as okay as they can be, under the circumstances.

  2.  Avatar

    Again, how can you take credit for the pseudo prediction? No tangible link whatsoever

  3. Ruth101 Avatar

    A hate Shooting at two Mosques in Christchurch New Zealand. 27 dead including childern. Central ChristChurch, all schools and the hospital in lock down.

  4.  Avatar

    Update: 3 men & 1 Women have been arrested. This is one of New Zealand darkest days in recent times. Love & light to all the families.

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