World Predictions 3-8-19

I had a visual of college students walking back and forth on a campus. Then the visual shifted to show guns being pulled out. I had a visual of a young man trying to tackle the shooter.

I had a visual of college students dressed in what looked like boy scouts uniforms.

“At a large concert.. Washington.. circled back around to the first target.. facial ailment.. 10.. 11”

Germany.. what a horrible train crash.

On 11 multiple attacks at one time.

Later Spirit would add the word James. However I question if it is related to the prediction. Here we are again talking about a mass shooting, one that is expected to be historically bad. The implication was that the boy scouts uniform had something to do with the location or event.

38 thoughts on “World Predictions 3-8-19

  1. Eric I wonder if this has anything to do with girls being able to join the Boy Scouts as of Feb 1, 2019.
    Were these Eagle Scouts then since it sounded like they were older? Or could it be something like Nazi uniforms for youth?
    This is very enlightening even though it is a long read and has some references that others used that are derogatory. But I keep hearing about these type of movements with the youth which are just absurd to me. And I keep hearing references to it being brought about by pretending to be a socialist group. Very sad.

  2. Does “10.. 11” for the mass shooting and “on 11 multiple attacks” both mean this month?

      1. The “circled back around to the first target” and “10.. 11” makes mean wonder if the shooter does it twice on seperate days “to the first target,” which means the shooter wouldn’t be stopped or killed the first time around, or maybe “10.. 11” means the shooter does all of this during the transition between the 10th and 11th.

  3. The Boy Scouts uniforms makes me think of military colleges. The maritime colleges have blue uniforms that look more like the blue Boy Scouts uniform to me.

  4. Military school…possibly 1st or 2nd year cadets…would make sense that such ‘students’ would attempt to disarm a shooter. Very few military schools left in the U.S., narrowing it down should be relatively easy…Annapolis, West Point, Air Force Academy, then a handful of ‘high school to Associates’ Degree schools’ left, such as New Mexico Military Academy…

  5. Eric/SWC … here is another person I found “Nathan Domigo” founded this “Identity Evropa” white nationalist/white supremicist hate group. He and “James Allsup” were members of the same group and in Charlottesville during the protest there when someone was run over. I think I remember a prediction with the name “Nathan” in it froma while ago. I’m just wondering if somehow they are linked.

  6. Students dressed like boy scouts could be from a boarding school. Here’s a link to the “Top Washington Boarding Schools” where it lists the top 4 of 2018-2019 in Washington. One that got my attention was The Northwest School because I remember one of the predictions said northwest, so maybe the prediction could also be talking about this school’s name and not just the location of Washington state.

  7. Eric here’s another one, “Patrick Casey” elected official precinct officer in Whatcom County, WA… same exact place where James Allsup is at in similar position. All three of these individuals I mentioned are members of Identity Evropa, a hate group.
    I’d like to see these groups banned from the face of the planet frankly and all hate speech banned. It makes me angry this is even allowed in this day and age. I hope people are waking up to what’s happening. If not read the article. This is like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  8. Santa Barbara City College / SBCC … wear Boy Scout Uniforms ? They have a Twitter Account with a pic of their uniforms.

  9. “On 11 multiple attacks at one time.” Is this related to the terror attack prediction on 2-1-19? That one read “There will be multiple attacks at one time.. 9/11.. three places back to back.. airplanes.. Texas.. and North California bay.” Or are they two separate predictions?

  10. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashes This morning, March 10th, en route to Kenya killing all 157 on board. So tragic. Prayers for the heart broken families.
    Eric, you had a prediction of a plane crash on 12-6-18. In that you said – “Horribly tragic.. emotionally tragic.. Airplane crash.. the visual so utterly emotional.. tragic.. 10.. “.
    Don’t know if this is what that prediction was referring to but thought I’d post it here anyway.

    1. A horrible, tragic event. I hope the families of the victims will be able to recover, as much as one can recover from something like this, anyway.

  11. Eric/SWC. Here’s another one I found googling “Nick” + White Supremicist”… I was looking at the old prediction with “Nick in the big city” in it. Nick Fuentes trying to rally and spew hate in Iowa at the University… also a member of “Identity Evropa” and attended the Charlottesville White Nationalist/Supremacy Rally. These people need to be watched and/or shut down! I hope everyone is awake and paying attention.
    Could this group be planning a domestic terrorist attack? Which brings to mind the “Timothy McVeigh” prediction.

  12. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of college students walking back and forth on a campus. Then the visual shifted to show guns being pulled out. I had a visual of a young man trying to tackle the shooter.

    I had a visual of college students dressed in what looked like boy scouts uniforms.

    Kenya 🇰🇪
    University attack…147 dead…💀
    More than 300 of the university’s 815 students were unaccounted for last night. Kenya’s National Disaster Operation Centre said 70 people had been killed including two attackers, and at least 79 people were injured. Nine were emergency airlifted to the capital, Nairobi, for treatment.
    Many of those who had been killed had their throats cut, according to one source who had spoken to morgue workers. The report could not be immediately verified.
    Security analysts feared that the gang intended to keep their remaining hostages overnight ahead of further violence on Friday, to maximise attention for their attack during the Easter holidays.

  13. Eric,
    Ref;;;Boy Scouts scandal

    Sexual abuse
    Thousands of Boy Scouts of America leaders face new charges of sexual abuse, claims that are expected to be revealed in detail Tuesday in New York and New Jersey. Names of nearly 200 of the accused are also expected to be released.
    The allegations came to light Monday night and a group of alleged victims was expected to testify about the widespread pattern abuse within the scouting organization later Tuesday.

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