Nepal Helicopter Crash

What a horrible tragedy. My heart pours out to the families.

Though there was a helicopter crash, it did not have children in the background.

World Predictions 2-26-19 I had a visual of a military helicopter, then I had a visual of the helicopter crashing, then it shifted again to show school children.

World Predictions 2-24-19 I had a visual 427. In the past 4 represents ‘for’ so this message implies ‘for the 27’, marking the 27th or the 2nd.

2 thoughts on “Nepal Helicopter Crash

  1. There was a school bus crash in Charlotte, NC, this morning. Apparently, no one was seriously hurt, but a lot of children were pictured escaping from the back of the bus. With that, the helicopter crash, the hearings at the capitol, the two gun bills passing, Trump’s two speechs/press conferences from Vietnam, and Netanyahu’s indictment in Israel all coming in less than two days, is it possible that in your 2/26 post. spirit was just pointing to unrelated events that would happen in the next day or two?

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