Mexico Earthquake

This prediction is starting, please pray for all those in Mexico, Please also stay safe if your in North California, as we expect another earthquake there soon. Unfortunately the dates are lining up.

Prediction: Earthquakes Coming

In Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes  they showed 7, then 7 2, but then shifted to show 2 and 4. Part of the prediction uses the word ‘Giants’ it reads

“Stadium.. Giants.” That points to San Francisco, however it’s also possible they are pointing to both locations. An earthquake in North California and another in Mexico.

South of San Francisco would be San Jose. The numbers 702, 703 most likely means the 2nd / 3rd. The number 7 in the past has been used to represent ‘date’. Its also possible they are unclear on the date, sometime around the 1st and 4th. As this month ends I will ask them to clarify the timing. My hope is to have a specific date for this earthquake, instead of multiple possibilities they have for the beginning of the month. 

Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes

The countdown to this prediction has come to its end. “0001”  These earthquakes are coming, the dates moved from showing  2 then 4? The same issues are presented in the old predictions.

I had a visual of two boxes of ‘Crackers’ on the table.  The fact that they were boxes and not the normal handful of crackers goes to the large size of the quake.

Where Spirit? Where?

They wrote the word Mexico. Then after a small pause they wrote, San Francisco.

That’s points to this previous messages, perhaps 7 2 is the 2nd: 

I had a visual of a port, then the map extended outward to show what looked like Mexico. However the port looked like the San Francisco bay. “Earthquake very soon.. 15.. mid time (are they saying mid day or afternoon?).. 7.. 7 2.”

I asked them to clarify are you talking about Mexico or North California? They said;

“Stadium.. Giants.” That points to San Francisco, however it’s also possible they are pointing to both locations. An earthquake in North California and another in Mexico.

Later Spirit added South Beach. They actually said that before when pointing to the LA quake. I truly believe we are expecting a North California earthquake instead of a Southern California quake.

Perhaps these predictions as well:

Then the introduction of a new prediction one that will have our undivided attention: I had a visual I was above looking down at an area, the area was completely destroyed. The buildings in rubble, towering metal rods sticking up from the ground. Nothing was left of the area that wasn’t destroyed.

“Earthquake.. wed.. 1 left.. over 500 losses.. North California, San Francisco area.. such horror” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of people gathered together, then the ground shook and people began to scatter in different directions, people stumbled on each other and you could hear screaming. (Are they saying Wednesday?)

Predictions on 11-8-15 San Francisco Earthquake In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
The 25 will be lost to this.

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  1. Giant stadium may be a feference to the san franciso giants baseball stadium in san francisco

      1. lossie2020 — 2019 season doesn’t start until March 20th; April 5th is Giants first home game. So this is likely just a reference point for where the earthquake is going to strike considering the fact that small earthquakes are already happening in CA.


    This article mentions that, in Japan, an increase in oarfish sightings has some believing a quake is on the way. (Oarfish usually live in deep water, and some people think seeing a lot of them in a harbinger to a quake).

    Scientists don’t totally believe the legend, but they think oarfish could be reacting to changes in the earth. But, it’s just as possible they’re following food sources. In any case, with talk of earthquakes, thought I’d bring this up.

  3. The government earthquake site ( ) shows three small tremors all within the last 18 hrs in exactly the spot you showed where fault lines meet. Near Petrolia CA just south of Eureka. Hopefully not precursors to a big one

  4. 4.4
    13km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-02-03 22:18:13 (UTC)
    7.7 km
    6km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-02-03 07:37:41 (UTC)
    4.8 km
    12km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-02-03 01:38:24 (UTC)
    6.9 km
    11km WSW of Petrolia, CA
    2019-02-03 00:36:51 (UTC)
    8.7 km
    59km SW of Ferndale, California
    2019-02-02 16:00:16 (UTC)
    10.0 km
    13km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-02-02 11:18:26 (UTC)
    6.7 km
    12km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-02-02 10:52:23 (UTC)
    7.3 km
    5km WNW of Hamilton Branch, CA
    2019-01-21 04:11:01 (UTC)
    8.1 km
    3km NNW of Piedmont, CA
    2019-01-17 14:11:07 (UTC)
    10.5 km
    3km N of Piedmont, CA
    2019-01-16 12:42:08 (UTC)
    11.7 km
    10km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-01-15 20:21:37 (UTC)
    5.2 km
    13km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-01-15 20:20:20 (UTC)
    7.5 km
    60km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-01-13 09:35:48 (UTC)
    -0.1 km
    18km W of Petrolia, CA
    2019-01-10 00:05:58 (UTC)

    This is the list of 3.0 and higher eq’s in the area in the last 30 days

    1. Another thought… The moon runs high on the 16th three days before the full moon….

  5. Oarfish surfacing in Japan within recent couple of days has Japan very nervous. The Oarfish is a deep sea fish, that lives up to 1000m down into the ocean. The ones surfacing are 4+ metres long. The Japanese believe these surface when there is a deep sea Earthquake and/or an impending Tsunami (based on previous occurrences of them showing up prior to Tsunami arrivals).

  6. The San Francisco Giants are a baseball team in San Francisco. They have their own stadium they play out. We always watch them on TV. Must be an earthquake during one of their games.

  7. Eric, just wondering does this new information relate to your prediction ?
    6 Mar 2019 : In a new report prepared for Russia’s President Putin by the Institute of Physics of the Earth, they have warned that America within next 2 wks is in danger of catastrophic proportions. An Earthquake, Magnitude 9+, that will create a deadly Tsunami with 30m high waves. Area: West Coast of USA. Focusing on the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, and the region along the west coast of the New Madrid zone Fault.

    This could be a natural disaster that creates multiple natural disasters for it to be catastrophic, OR
    It could be Putin/Russia and Kim Jong Un/North Korea planning a Nuke attack on USA ?

    Either way, without a doubt, a 30m high wave will travel across the Pacific Ocean from USA West Coast … to the Asian Countries including Australia if this event occurs.


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