Indonesia 6.4 Earthquake

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of all those in Indonesia

The Spirit originally set the prediction on the 24th, perhaps the 8 was used to correct their original date, trying to show 28? It did not happen one day later like they said. This prediction was coupled with a Tsunami prediction, I was trying to figure out whether it was a Tsunami or just an earthquake.  Unfortunately we never narrowed down the city. Tonight I plan to ask again about New Zealand because that was their focus in the last set of messages.

Predictions: Major Events Coming The 28th is marked.

Prediction: Mueller Findings  In other news:  Spirit showed the words NOW on a large rock.

Predictions: 7-23-18  In big bold words was “Major Earthquake”

With the countdown at ‘1’ coupled with this previous post, I could see this prediction unfold between the 21st and 24th. I am hoping more detailed information will follow to narrow that down and verify my assumption. I will also try and gather which locations get hit the hardest other than just saying Indonesia. Indonesia is a fairly large nation. We need to know the cities.

Spirit showed the number 8 multiple times, presenting it on different days this week. Its unclear what the number 8 could be, perhaps 8 o clock?

Right before I wrote this post I asked again how many days are left before this Earthquake happens, using fingers they showed the number 1.



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  1. Revvie Avatar

    Fortunately, there shouldn’t be any chance of a follow-up tsunami, according to local watch. It’s still pretty messy there, though.
    Also, 8 turns out to be the location. (NTB is at around 8 degree South Latitude, with the earthquake predicted to have happened at around 8.4 degree.)

    You should still ask more about the tsunami prediction.

    1. MK Avatar

      That’s interesting Revvie,
      I have wondered before if numbers are map coordinates but it’s not an matter I know much about.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We are expecting a Tsunami this year. I believe it will be later in the year. As we draw closer I will ask for details.

  2. petemedium Avatar

    I’ve been having strange sleeping patterns the past few nights. The first one I woke up with a jolt to the sound of a truck hitting something up on the road. I was dreaming, but I got up and checked around anyway. Just as I was heading back to bed, the first strike of lightening, right out of the blue, struck. The storm went on for about a half hour and thankfully the ‘wakeup’ caused me to close the windows. The second night I think there was a quake in the Islands, but I don’t remember.
    Last night, actually 3.30 this morning I woke again with a shock. I turned on the computer, made a cupper and returned just as the first of the quakes hit east of Lomboc. That’s when I posted it on the previous page. There have been quite a few large quakes since that one, as can be seen on the Quake Map:

  3. Mighty Dog Avatar

    I’ve been traveling in Indonesia for the past 8 days. The quake was quite a wake up call in my hotel room in Bali. While there has been loss of life and damage most people here are very ca about the quake.

  4. Sara Avatar

    Seems like there have been lots of disasters lately–fatal fires in Greece and in California, a deadly quake in Indonesia, a flash flood in Laos.

    And I’m really surprised this hasn’t gotten more media attention, but in Syria earlier this month, ISIS suicide bombers attacked a Druze town called Sweida, and other terrorists went house-to-house in the villages outside Sweida and massacred people. All in all, over 200 people were killed, most civilians.

    And 14 Druze women and girls were kidnapped by ISIS, and they’re being threatened unless Syria’s regime stops attacking ISIS. I guess ISIS is worried about losing their last stronghold in southern Syria.

    Pray for the 14 captives, pray they get home safely.

  5. Panda Avatar

    Eric, what do you feel Mueller findings NOW means? I’m hoping it means he will be revealing his findings very soon or is finished with his investigation.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The NOW was in reference to the rock prediction unrelated to Mueller. It has no ties to the investigation.

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