Predictions 4-20-18

I do believe an earthquake is about to happen.

Too many messages point the same direction. 

“We said 20.. 20 minutes..” – Spirit said correcting me.

“Its coming.. keep an eye out” Spirit then pointed to the TV.

In a previous post Predictions 4/18/18  Spirit reminded me of an old prediction saying that it was about to happen. I assumed that meant a post written on the 28th. Here is the original message:  Then a few hours into sleep  Spirit said “twenty minutes ago.. the prediction arriving.”

But what if I remove ‘ago’? Honestly I can’t remember if ago was used or not? Could they be talking about this prediction? Is this prediction on the ’20th’ with olives ‘rolling’ just like the metal rings ‘rolling’. Is this the event they have been counting down too? Is this earthquake about to happen NOW? Prediction wise, its overdue.  click-  Predictions 2-20-18

Or are they referring to another message about the Tsunami, 207 could mean the date of the 20th.  Predictions 1-3-18


I had a visual of a large bright light fall from the sky. Then I had a visual of a bright light cross a set of mountains, then you could hear a shockwave.

Sounds like a meteor strikes the earth. The Spirits have this set for something coming soon. Earthquake then meteor sounds familiar: Predictions on 10-22-15 California Earthquake / Meteor Strike

I had a visual of battleship that had smoke bellowing out of it.

“The cruel one, the unsympathetic, chirps into the president’s ear.. 3318.. affected by such an egregious act… the world condemns the US action.. take note America your choices, your government hurting people.. ruining lives.”



43 thoughts on “Predictions 4-20-18

  1. There was an earthquake near Detroit last night. People who felt it said the sound was different, more like an explosion. Earlier I saw a clip of Lake Michigan receding, then wash back to shore in a circular motion. Residents saying they have never seen that before. Others have said to warn residents near the Great Lakes.

  2. Eric I agree with Spirit on the choices our government is making. Something is just not feeling right to me and in my opinion there is a lot of corruption going on and choices being made that have nothing to do with what is in the best interest of the people/world but more to do with power, egos, greed and fear.
    I have to say as an American citizen it gets to be a bit much at times. Praying for Peace.

  3. eric.

    you did mention that a tsunami is coming up for australia in several predictions, could the earthquake in this prediction be the catalyst for this tragic event?

    • I have a doubt there, it could be but they implied the Tsunami was next month? I will say in all the messages they said 4 or 5. My feeling is we are talking about CA or India. But you could be right.

  4. Eric,
    Any idea what kind of incident leads to US condemnation? The battleship especially sounds worrying. Another strike in Syria, or do you think it’s something else?

    This is unrelated, but Kim Jong Un has announced the closures of it’s nuclear plants and an end to missile tests. It sounds good….aybe I’m just paranoid, but it seems odd that KJU is suddenly telling us everything we want to hear, being cooperative, when a few months ago he threatened us. I can’t shake the feeling there’s something else going on here.
    I don’t know. Maybe just paranoia.

      • Swampy11, Trump is the same. Always flip flopping. Cannot trust in or believe anything he says. It’s just terrifying to have someone like that running a country!! No regard for its people! I am sickened by what selfish greedy decisions the people in my country are making behind closed doors.

  5. Hi Eric..just wanted u to know that there was an earthquake yesterday at 8:01 in Amherstburg, was felt in what we call downriver Michigan which is a group of cities located south of Detroit. I also live in one of these cities..The magnitude in Canada of the earthquake was 3.6..but it was also felt here where i live too as Canada is just across the Detroit River from where i live. Just wanted you to know. Take vare and hope hou are feeling better today!!

  6. When I saw ‘3318’ my very first thought was ‘they left a number out’…was it supposed to be ‘33118’?
    If so, the comment associated to ‘3318’ is chilling…because 33 Latitude by 118 Longitude is EXACTLY 50-miles South of L.A., and 50-miles West of San Diego! A bomb, a chemical or biological attack would affect 40-million people, if it hit at that very location!

  7. ‘The cruel one, the unsympathetic, chirps into the president’s ear..’ — John Bolton?

    Former United Nations ambassador and newly designated national security adviser John Bolton reportedly made an implicit threat to a former Brazilian diplomat during the lead-up to the Iraq War in 2002.

    “We know where your kids live,” he is said to have told the diplomat.

    Bolton and the US at the time had been opposed to the diplomat’s negotiations with Iraq and Libya.

    “John Bolton is a bully,” the former diplomat said this month.

  8. The vibes from the ground is very, very strong and ongoing faint rumbling like. Possible both strong quake and volcano soon to erupt. Still going strong.

  9. Eric, I know your prediction said “all women” but this is too close for comfort. As you well may know, in Toronto, Canada
    9 dead after a van plows into a crowd of people on the sidewalk!!!!
    “A visual of multiple pictures all women; “9” Spirit said. “All killed””

  10. Eric, Glad you’re feeling better. lists current and recent vulcanic and earthquake activity. Many earthquakes have been shaking in Italy, daily, from at least last Sunday through yesterday, April 27th, 2018. Mostly in central Italy, including on Mt. Vesuvias in Campagna region, and in Messina area of Sicily. Felt in Slovenia and Croatia. A global map on the website shows many earthquakes elsewhere in the world, too. According to an acquaintance in northern Italy today, the (10) earthquakes there yesterday were small, did a little damage, but no reported major damage or loss of life. This entire past week, there were multiple, small earthquakes each day; 21, I think she said, on Wednesday; 12 on Thursday, and so on. Maybe are aftershocks. There are other very good earthquake/volcano watch/report websites, but I only had time to check quickly and looked only on that one site. (Your “Truth 12” is written very, very beautifully. Should be shared all over. Thanks very much).


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