Philippine Volcano Eruption

Is this prediction happening? Its possible they are showing two different locations and the first ‘Asia’ one was unclear to them then Indonesia would be next. I do hope everyone stays safe in the Philippines.

2- day Gap

Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami Arriving I had a visual of one massive volcano eruption. They first implied Asia, I asked for more clarity and then they implied Indonesia.






9 thoughts on “Philippine Volcano Eruption

  1. I’ve read through some of your predictions it says tomorrow is marked and also the weekend is mentioned but as above it says 2 day gap which would into Saturday for the tsunami to hit

  2. In the last week or two we have also had eruptions from Mount Agung volcano in Bali, Mount Sinabung volcano in Indonesia and the Mayon volcano in the Philippines. The volcano on PNG has also been causing problems/evacuations. There does seem to be something worrying going on in that area of the world.

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