Earthquake in Kermadec Islands

This prediction has happened. the line running through it might represent the false alarm it created in New Zealand, as if it was crossed out, this is the 2nd of 3 earthquakes expected soon, it reads:

Notes on 10-7-13  I had a visual of a seismograph running wild, this time it had a line through it, off to the side was the letters AU. An earthquake perhaps around Australia, more likely New Zealand because it has a fault that runs straight through it.. I also had that shaking under my feet that would imply an earthquake is coming very soon, it could be two separate situations..

Notes 10-11-13  “Seismograph with line, is in the islands, next week”
Marked dates:  12-13..  18..  11:15 or 15

WELLINGTON, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) — An earthquake of 6.3 magnitude struck off the Kermadec Islands on Saturday.
GeoNet said the quake occurred at 10.24 am on Saturday (21:24 GMT Friday) near Raoul Island, which is about 1100 km from New Zealand.
New Zealand government geological agency GNS Science said there is no tsunami risk to New Zealand.
But the large earthquake located to the south of Raoul Island has triggered several quake alerts in New Zealand.
The jolt triggered two false quake recordings in New Zealand’s North Island around the same time.

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