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World Prediction: Another Police Incident

Seriously another one! We are expecting it very soon.

I had a visual of two police standing side by side. Then below their feet a stain was forming. Then the stain turned black. Then I had a visual of fire growing and growing. “Rage!”

“Lies.. view hidden.. the cities will burn with rage.”
I had a visual of multiple files, one buried in the mix.
Another police brutality incident? Spirit oddly showed one of the police with odd hair.

A reminder / reference of their prediction about what would unfortunately happen to Jacob Blake.

WORLD PREDICTIONS: FLORIDA STORM AGAIN 8-10-20 On a separate note they showed an image of fully tactile policeman, or perhaps ICE. Then they showed a black blemish. A black spot. “Filth” 

Another brutality incident?

Unrelated prediction: Are they talking about Republicans or the gulf on WORLD PREDICTIONS 8-20-20

I had a visual of two elephants standing next to each other, then a zero was under their feet. This is symbolic message that the elephant prediction is now coming.

Wednesday and Friday are marked.

Canadian Protest Over Police Misconduct

Is this Prediction unfolding in Canada. With the surge of police brutality escalating perhaps it is unfolding, but nothing to do with homeless? My heart goes out to the family of Mr. Yatim, The prediction reads:

Notes on 5-9-13
In ”the place of leaves” that’s Canada,  they presented the homeless, the unfortunate, being grossly mistreated by officials. There was a train in the background but its unclear if that is apart of the location or they are using it symbolically by saying its a repetitious issue.

Reported on 7-29  Hundreds march to protest deadly Toronto police shooting on streetcar. Hundreds of protesters shouted at police and called for justice Monday as public outrage grew over the death of a young man shot in an altercation with police officers on a city streetcar.   The mother and sister of Sammy Yatim, 18, were among a crowd of protesters that stretched more than a block as marchers left a downtown square for the west-end intersection where the teenager died on Saturday morning.   The shooting has sparked a flood of anger at Toronto police, who have suspended an officer involved   The crowd chanted “Shame!” with a handful of protesters angrily confronting police monitoring the march, yelling phrases such as “He was innocent” and “What about a warning shot.” Quoted News: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/ontario-ombudsman-review-police-shooting-young-toronto-man-135148931.html