Austria Terror Attack

We stand with you Austria and Australia. Prayers please.
Spirit seem to be merging an earthquake prediction with an attack? The earthquake has not happened yet. Both terror attacks are around the 1st. Austria is about to start a new lockdown. Is that the ceremonial act? It’s unfortunate that I never clarified the location.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 9-2-20 I had a visual of a jolting collapse, sudden loud cracking noise. Then I could see what looked like a large whole or crack on the ground. Earthquake? The scope of the size seemed extensive. 
Originally the message was for Australia or around Australia. Oddly they attached India, however it could be two back to back incidents. 

I had a visual of a spider. The spider had this hard shell around it. Then Spirit drew a large box in mid air as if drawing a plan up. Off to the side of the large square was the spider. In the center top was an event. 
The event seemed to be ceremonial in nature. Two different groups coming to a compromise or understanding. 
Then just as hands shakes the deal done, attacks followed. 

I had a visual of a clock counting down then it showed 1 very large followed by spirits voice saying, time is up. 

Predictions: Major Events Coming    “The spider lays wait in the bush” Spider represents a terrorist or someone who commits a sinister act. Historically when they say ‘bush’ its a reference to Australia

The plane, its target, France.. such pure evil.

26th and the 1st is marked.

I had a visual of a radical man wearing a flag of red and white on his back. He was a radical mad man who was making horrible plans.

NOTES ON 1-25-15

10 thoughts on “Austria Terror Attack

      1. Apologies, only read what was seen. Definitely worse to come. Hopefully it can be averted.

  1. There was also an attack on a college in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed 22 people. ISIS claimed responsibility for both that and the Vienna attack. Prayers and best wishes for the people of both cities.

    Such attacks might inspire other extremists, so people should definitely take precautions if they’re in public.

    1. I thought ISIS said they didn’t do the college attack. Am I confusing them with the Taliban?

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