Senate Votes on Trump Impeachment

This prediction has happened.

WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-14-20 I had a visual of a dot placed between red and blue. The dot was in the red with a small margin. The vote complete and the red prevailed. 
Sounds like the Senate vindicates Trumps final stage of impeachment

PREDICTIONS 3-7-18 No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication!  . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass. Through the lense of multiple shady deals; What’s in it for me, what can you offer me. It will cripple his leadership.

PREDICTIONS 8-20-18 “Explosive transcripts.. two different stories.. so many lies.. but historically this has happened before.. from multiple accounts..”

PREDICTIONS 4-11-18 “Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”. Spirit implied that the house of cards would fall apart in July for Trump. Spirit showed a picture of Trump and then tore it. Could the message mean something else? They also showed 12 as when all things would come to a head

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  1. allen Avatar

    oh please, let this terrible period, in America, finally be over……….America needs to be healed, and prepare ,for weather related changes, that will effect us all and the world.

    1. Trevor Avatar

      allen – Gonna have to wait on preparing for weather related changes because this administration views it as a Chinese hoax.

  2. Chewdy Avatar

    There were no ‘multiple shady deals’, no ‘what’s in it for me’ no “explosive transcripts”, and the “scandal” was solely of the democrat’s own making. And this time the ‘scandal’ DID pass because it was partisan sham impeachment. Next.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      Having trouble getting into the site today, so I hope I’m not duplicating this.
      Being Australian living in Australia, I have no axe to grind with American politics and yet I’ve been getting the same kind of messages as Eric has been getting. This year ahead for the US in particular will be one of upheaval politically, and all political parties will be under intense scrutiny over the next few years. It has nothing to do with political parties, more to do with greed and manipulation, and tension by both sides bringing America to her knees. And that all has to be cleared away before America can again function according to it’s constitution, and will of the majority of the American people.

    2. Ed Avatar

      And who are you, Chewdy?

    3. Trevor Avatar

      Chewdy — Transcripts, emails and multiple Trump officials verified that Trump committed quid pro quo when he extorted a foreign ally by withholding their congressionally approved aid until they did him a political favor that would personally benefit him in his reelection. That’s illegal and abuse of power; even the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office said Trump broke the law.

      The explosive transcripts were explosive because it contradicted what Trump and the White House were originally telling us before they released it, forcing them to move the goal posts. Trump and GOP went from saying “no quid pro quo” to “so what if he did quid pro quo – it’s not illegal”. Hilariously hypocritical of them.

      If Trump did nothing wrong, he wouldn’t have blocked key witnesses and key documents from seeing the light of day. That’s not the actions of an innocent person.

    4. Sara Avatar

      Chewdy – The ‘multiple shady deals’ is about the Trump corruption bombshell that will be exposed, that will cripple his leadership and that will eventually lead to his resignation. The emoulments clause of the Constitution will come back to haunt him because you can illegally profit off the presidency for only so long before law and order catches up to your criminal ways.

      Oh and Trump doesn’t need to take his presidential salary because he’s making way more under the table by violating the emoluments clause as president. Pretty clever of Trump not to accept his presidential salary because it creates a cover for his corruption while also convincing his blind and guillable sheep that he is not the corrupt person that he has always been. Can’t wait for his corruption to be exposed!!!

      1. LM Avatar

        I agree, this was my interpretation too – there will be more to come that will eventually “cripple his leadership”.

    5. tracypaints44 Avatar

      :::eyeroll::: go home Trumper, you’re drunk

  3. Vicks Avatar

    Have you read other predictions that Eric predicted? If so you would know that he is not a partisan Psychic.
    Unfortunately your take on his predictions from spirits is incorrect or most likely an inconvenient truth.
    Please, I invite you to read pasts predictions and know that those of us that come to this page is because we like to pray for others and are in acceptance that what spirit says we trust.
    I hope you continue to join us and partake in making this a better world through prayer.

    1. Ed Avatar

      Vicks, this site seems to periodically attract “hit and run” trolls.

      1. Vicks Avatar

        Probably. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
    Juan Jose Perez

    Sadly, all was a waste of time and energy that could have been used for the good of the country. I hope the Spirit is correct in saying that Trump’s administration is at an end. The Democrats are in chaos. See no hope for the good of the country. Washington D.C. has truly lost its moral compass. I want out.

    1. anonymous Avatar

      If it makes you feel better, I read from some psychics that the collective energy of the GOP of that day wasn’t even joyous. They described that the GOP felt like they got a pit in stomach and dreed. They knew what they done and know they’ll pay a heavy price very soon. Plus it turned out that they only acquitted him out of fear. Even Trump isn’t much happy about acquittal, all because Romney made US history to be the very first to vote to convict one of their within their party.

      It may be dark now, but don’t lose hope. The majority of the US don’t like Trump and GOP and they’ll make sure to get out to vote and get family/friends registered to vote. Already people who were lifelong Republican voters had begun to leave the GOP and changing to Independent/Democrat after the whole sham trial. The GOP had sealed their faith and it’s up to us to make sure they pay the price.

      Just keep in mind that as gloomy as it looks, many people are still fighting againist the GOP and Trump (either through voting and running local offices). Like they always say, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t lose hope.

      1. allen Avatar

        very well said! thank you…….we all need to hear this again, that after this is over, their is light, at the end of the tunnel, even thought, I know this. it was so good to hear again.

      2. Sara Avatar

        Here’s a hopeful quote from Martin Luther King Jr. “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

        And one from Jesse Jackson. “At the end of the day, we must go forward with hope and not backward by fear and division.”

      3. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
        Juan Jose Perez

        Thank you for your insight. It looks so dark to me now.

    2. LM Avatar

      I’m with you Juan, 100%. I have lost faith in both sides, which presents a real dilemma when it comes to voting.

  5. Paul Avatar

    Eric, You have not posted any input from Spirit regarding this whole situation in a while. Any new insights you can share?

  6. Sara Avatar

    I was hoping this prediction wouldn’t happen, I hoped Trump would be convicted, but I’m not surprised at what happened. I applaud Romney for voting to convict, since he risked political fallout. But he did the right thing. He knows how unstable Trump is and how badly his policies have hurt America and the world. The fact that the trial didn’t even have witnesses and blocked key documents shows what a sham it was.

    I don’t understand how can so many people ignore the bad things Trump does? The accusations of sexual assault and rape that have gone back years, long before he was ever a presidential candidate? The fact that he hurt the fight against ISIS by yanking our troops out and betraying the Kurds? He hurt the climate by pulling out of the Climate Agreement, and continues to reduce protections for clean water, which endangers people’s health. He praises dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un. He inspires hatred against immigrants. He did a ‘quid pro quo’ because he cared more about digging dirt up on Biden than he did about what was going on in Ukraine. If it was a Democrat doing all these things, the Senate would have voted to convict without hesitation.

    I don’t mean to rant on here, it just really scares me that so many Americans are ignoring all these red flags of Trump’s behavior. He lies constantly, and seems to make up stuff off the top of his head, which is the reason there are now so many fact-checks….because a president has never before lied on such a large scale, practically every day. One such lie is how he says Democrats want ‘open borders’, when this isn’t true. Democrats still want border safety, they just support different measures, but Trump gets people hysterical with fears of an unsafe open border and migrant gangs. He uses that lie to keep people on his side.

    Both Democrats and Republicans need to weed out their corruption, but how can so many people not realize that Trump is just as corrupt as the Clintons…and a serious risk to our safety? Trump is not a solution, he makes the problems so much worse. People aren’t working so hard to get him out just for the heck of it, or because they ‘can’t let go’ of 2016….we’re frightened by Trump’s policies, behavior, and instability. Just as the Germans in 1933 should have done more to get an extremist like Hitler out of office, now we’re trying not to make the same mistake they did.

    All in all, I hope all the corrupt people, including Trump and the Clintons, are removed from office. The country would be a much better place if we had real leaders who cared about the people, not about money and their careers.

    I don’t mean to sound hateful in any way, I’m just trying to explain why so many of us fear Trump so much, why he scares us. All I can do is plead for Trump’s supporters to take a step back, look logically at his behavior, and see him for what he is. I know the Democrats are far from perfect, and there are many of them I believe need to leave office. But Trump is more unstable than anyone else right now, and that’s saying something, considering all the instability on all sides.

    1. anonymous Avatar

      Trump does have an Achilles heel that’ll be his own undoing. He’s, for a lack of a better term, an idiot. Like his ego will get in the way that’ll make him “miss a spot”. Even some his cronies missed some spots and will eventually be uncovered. Like I’ve told people that if he wants to launch nukes, he’d have to go through the long process of authorization and half way through he’ll just get bored and call it off.

      As dangerous as he is, just keep in mind him he has weaknesseses that’ll be his own undoing. Like he couldn’t get the wall built and broke a lot a promises to his own voters (they haven’t noticed just yet).

      I fully understand why you and many others are fearful about him. But from understanding his psyche and mentality, he really doesn’t much know squat how to pull some things off. Maybe back then he was much more smarter o how to do it, but at his current age, his health is declining.

      If it helps, just pray and hope none of the dangerous things don’t ever happen. Until then, the majority of the US have him and the GOP on their shish list. So whatever they try to pull off, people aren’t going to let it fly.

  7. Cody Avatar

    The president’s lawyers saying it’s okay for him to abuse his power for the purposes of getting reelected if the president believes his interests are in the best interests of the US. That’s exactly what Nixon did in Watergate – that is, he covered up the Watergate break-in to get reelected. And guess what. We voted for Nixon’s impeachment and he had to resign from office because he covered this up.

    This today by the president and his lawyers is Stalinist revisionist history – the president’s lawyers ignore history, they make up the law and now we’re beginning to see some of what it means to have a president who thinks he’s got absolute powers – a king rather than a president.

    Then you’ve got the Trump’s Treasure Secretary now releasing confidential information about his political opponents while covering up Trump’s tax returns by ignoring and refusing subpoenas for them to be released.

    We are now beginning to see a politicized government never seen before in our nation’s history – and we have not seen the end of it. This is a threat to our democracy because the purpose of the impeachment was about protecting our democracy, reigning in a president who thinks he’ a king and saying there are limits to his power. The Senate just said I don’t care.

  8. Anthony Avatar

    Trump is an idiot. He was dealt a royal flush and could of came out like a shining sun. He has done very good at creating jobs. Sending military bill to others . Not a fan of training . Proclaiming to others troops are there as peace keepers and will not do bidding of others.
    The debt has not been addressed nor has the image which made USA great . I understand his frustration but mitt Romney speech is correct about serving god.
    Not even god would want this job as president. That’s why he is the pope. Everyone has problems. It’s a thankless job. The fact is USA is not sodom and Gomorrah but can be guided. 10 men . Fact is there is many millions in the USA like mitt Romney. It’s good he shook many by his speech. Everyone has a different gift. Mitts gift different than Donald’s. Trump needs to address Russia to congress . Many there are anti Russia Cold War and it has been explained the entire white race is related. One family. Same goes for most in South America. Christians built the nation based upon what Jesus said which is correct. Love thy neighbor as yourself as everyone comes from god. Jerusalem has always been about the people . The people make the holy land. You need heart plus brains. End of the day you need to look 50 years down the road. Middle East is a blood sucking pig and Jerusalem explained properly.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Anthony please respect other people’s culture here. People in the Middle East are just like everyone else in the world. They want happy normal lives. Attacking a race or culture is not allowed here, please stop these incendiary comments or you will be banned from comments altogether.

      1. kelly714 Avatar

        Thank you Eric. I have been reading all the comments and some name calling. We all have a right to have our own opinions even if they differ from others points of view. In the end we are all still 1 in the same. We are people. I have to say that I’m very disappointed and I understand why the world is so divided. The respect of freedom of chose and freedom of speech without being degraded in some way seems impossible as of lately. Nameste Eric. I wish everyone a great evening.

        1. petemedium Avatar

          But isn’t freedom of choice and freedom of speech a two way thing? For example, is it acceptable for an anti Semitic Christian to freely speak their opinion in a nearby Synagogue? Is our right to voice an opinion greater than the forum/site we choose to speak in. Yes we do have a right to freedom of speech of our opinions, but we also must respect those to whom we are expressing that right. Basically it is HOW we express our opinion, in respect of others, that is more important that just delivering it, I believe.

  9. Lynn Ryan Avatar
    Lynn Ryan

    Eric predicted that he will resign and not serve a second term. He’s been pretty good so far. Even predicted Kobe dying, he just didn’t post that it happened! He said a Robert or Bob which could look like Kobe! And he said Jan 26 or 27th a great passing. I mean… I’m going to believe Trump will resign.

    1. anonymous Avatar

      You also got to factor in his declining health. Some other psychics had seen him suffering a stroke and thus he resigns for that reason. I do suggest that people need to tune out the fatalists saying he’ll win reelection. He already is showing very visible signs of declining health and I realistically can’t see him serving a second term at that state.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Both his health and the economy shift unfortunately towards a negative

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I plan to ask again on the elections. They also talked about the ‘military one’ becoming the president but that doesn’t seem to fit anyone?

      1. cat Avatar

        Hi Eric, Spirit and SWC!
        Just a guess here, but is it possible the ‘military one’ is Pete Buttigieg? (he served in the military.).
        if Pete is not the one referenced, and If I remember correctly, I believe you/Spirit posted that the ‘Military One’ would come in as a third party and would come into the election race at the last minute. (?)

        I am thinking maybe it is Admiral William McGraven???
        (I know he said he was not going to run for election, ….but just thinking aloud..)
        Thank you again Eric for all that you do every single day and night, thank you for your right-on, bullseye-accurate predictions and your sharing of Spirit’s words and Spirit’s wisdom and teachings every day.

        1. cat Avatar

          whoops- sorry for the typo…
          Should have typed Admiral William H. McRaven

      2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
        T W Longtime Lurker

        Pete Buttigiege is a veteran.

        I’m sorry for spelling his last name wrong.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It is a possibility

      3. Lovewarrior Avatar

        Could the “military one” be Pete Buttigieg? He served in the military and has had a strong military presence in his career.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Yes that is possible.

  10. Lynn Ryan Avatar
    Lynn Ryan


    Did you realize this?

    Try and tell me this isn’t Kobe.

    Great passing. Sadness on 27th. Robert or Bob passing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I believe it is Kobe. I will note it in the coming post. But it’s a bit vague and off by a day. Need more details. Thanks

      1. JB Avatar

        Or could it be actor Robert Conrad who just passed away

        1. petemedium Avatar

          Kirk Douglas also passed this week.

  11. petemedium Avatar

    PLEASE DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER, is my latest Blog. Is our only option to watch the world around us crumble and burn? Surely there must be an alternative.

  12. Trevor Avatar

    The president is now retaliating against those who dared to tell the truth about his criminality. This is what happens when you let corrupt leaders who are wannabe dictators get away with their illegal behavior.

  13. petemedium Avatar

    This is a good read:
    “America, indeed the whole world, is at a major Crossroads.
    What values are our highest values now? What values are we choosing to live by? Who do we want to be? What do we believe in?”

  14. Cody Avatar

    “Previously Unreleased Defense Dept. Email Confirms Trump Made ‘Final Decision’ on Withholding Ukraine Aid”

    1. Cody Avatar

      “White House withdraws nomination of Defense official who questioned Ukraine aid freeze”

      “The White House is withdrawing the nominee for a top Pentagon post, according to two Senate aides, following reports that she questioned the legality of the administration’s efforts to freeze military aid to Ukraine.”

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