California 6.4 Earthquake

This prediction has happened. It is the last two predictions that I am concerned about as events around the corner. Please everyone stay safe. The 4 seems to be the date, I am unclear on the 9. They predicted a 6.8 and it’s a 6.4.


The earthquake.. CA.. fault line in the middle.


Earthquake.. California.. more central located.. very wide.. very distant in size.. 4 with a circle around it.. 3 to 4..  3.8.. 3.9.. last night.. take caution California.. 6.8.

The predictions that have not happened yet:

The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”  I had a visual of a map of Central America. Then the southern shoreline of Mexico was circled. Earthquake 66 (6.6?) in about 3

WORLD PREDICTION: CHILE EARTHQUAKE Chile mega quake, mass destruction, at the beginning or end of the month.

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  1. Panos chronopoulos Avatar
    Panos chronopoulos

    Sorry eric this is not the big one the big one is somewhere between 8-10M and as i told you this will happen before WW3

  2. star48 Avatar


    San Bernadino update..
    Other counties have been reporting…monitoring 👀

    No injuries were immediately reported,
    but the San Bernardino County Fire Department tweeted that buildings and roads have been damaged in Trona, a remote community located about 10 miles northeast of Ridgecrest.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s good no one was injured.

      1. star48 Avatar

        The military has facilities out there..much closer to epicenter.
        Also Golstone tracking station.China Lake !Ft Irwin. Just a few…
        Still monitoring 👀

  3. star48 Avatar

    Another report..

    11:40 a.m.

    Officials in Southern California say emergency crews are responding to at least 24 medical and fire incidents after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck near Ridgecrest, California.

    There were no immediate reports of injuries in the Los Angeles area, which is about 125 miles (240 kilometers) southwest of Ridgecrest.

  4. Samantha Avatar

    They are saying there’s a 1in20 chance that there could be a bigger one yet to come Like 5% chance there’s a bigger one yet to come in the near future today -Saturday

  5. jules104 Avatar

    Eric is this prediction for “Earthquake Coming” related to this? At the bottom Spirit mentions Mexico and North CA and Southern CA also.
    Glad to hear no injuries as of yet.

  6. Sara Avatar

    That must’ve been scary for the people of southern California. They’re probably more used to quakes than others, but it’s still got to be anxiety-provoking.

  7. Samantha Avatar

    My brother is in Vegas and he felt it strongly!

  8. Aiden Avatar

    Another hit for dutchsinse earthquake forecasting, update on this and where the pressure will go

  9. Jon Blue Avatar
    Jon Blue

    Great job to Spirit and to you for communicating it. And being so accurate. Thankfully we did not feel it down in San Diego above Old Town area by USD. Blessed to live on solid ground in my neighborhood. You are doing great Eric. Stay focused and don’t let the negative doubters get to you. After my near death experience and dreams with my grandpa’s warnings, it was only my truly loving friends that believed the dreams even though they could believe the NDE because I could prove I coded. Funny how religious people believe it in their bibles but not in actual real life. It was so hard on me that now I only tell those I greatly love what I dream. Know that I use your site to possibly verify my dreams and meditation visions. Peace and blessings

  10. rhona2 Avatar

    stay safe California …im sending love and light and prayers for you all ..

  11. Sara Avatar

    Have you received any info on the big one in CA that everyone keeps saying is going to eventually happen? They’re saying this one could be a sign of the big one being just around the corner.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I haven’t picked that up, damaging but the last quake with heavy destruction I had a visual of was the Tsunami in Indonesia. This one in Chile is extensive

  12. star48 Avatar



    A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck early Friday near the same region in Southern California where a significant tremor hit one day before, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes my thought too. Perhaps it isn’t over.

      1. star48 Avatar

        It is a good reminder for people to be preparing for large eq’s in the future…
        I was watching some CCTV during the quake…saw people running to stand in open door..
        Wrong..very dangerous for being injured..
        Better to get under heavy furniture

        Also people need to prepare for days..of being self sufficient…
        Medicine… (solar?) ..batteries…showers..barbecue (propane)
        11 days worth or longer if it is the “big one”
        You get the picture..

  13. star48 Avatar


    4th of July earthquake won’t delay the Big One. And it might have worsened quake strain

  14. star48 Avatar

    Watch the waves from the earthquake roll across the world 🌎

  15. Anne Avatar

    Another 7.1 hit 30 minutes ago, same location in S. CA – 7/5/19.

  16. Anne Avatar

    Another news source states 6.9 mag. USGS website down at the moment.

    1. Holaca Avatar

      Bang on Eric

  17. star48 Avatar


    Usgs lists Eq…7.1–6.9……very shallow….more chance of damage…

    On trying to pull up report off line…on USGS site..

    Now the original Eq us officially a FORESHOCK….

    We are in Sequence.. more coming…

  18. star48 Avatar


    Now have report..upgraded✔️
    🚨M 7.1
    17km NNE of Ridgecrest, CA
    03:19:52 (UTC)
    35.766°N 117.605°W
    -0.9 km depth

    Very shallow..more chance of damage…nearer Garlock fault
    11 times stronger than yesterday’s officially in Sequence..

  19. luisa gol Avatar
    luisa gol

    The worse por us here in Mexico is that if EQ had hit Califirnia EQ at mexicoi is comig and still doesn’t arrive an its going to be hihgter than the one at California

  20. star48 Avatar

    During 7.1.. this video..
    The quake, which initially was reported as magnitude 7.1, would be the largest temblor in the region in 20 years; Jeff Paul reports from Ridgecrest, California.

  21. star48 Avatar


    Update 🚨

    Evacuations at China Lake…Not mission capable at this time..

    s Southern California dealt with the impact of Friday evening’s magnitude-7.1 earthquake, an important U.S. Navy facility near the quake’s epicenter was still dealing with the impact of Thursday’s 6.4 temblor in the area.

  22. Luna Tic Avatar
    Luna Tic

    Does this mean we are watching for N California for the next eq?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There focus seems more towards Chile. However we do have the SF earthquake prediction, the China one, and Chile one, all of them expected to be extensively damaging. The new prediction rolling out talks about a huge quake in the coming days.

  23.  Avatar

    this guys predicted a 9.2 for san fran end of this year.

  24. star48 Avatar

    Event details..update

    Earthquake in USA on July 07 2019 04:37 AM (UTC).

    The small town of Trona, Calif., suffered more damage from Friday night’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake and was inaccessible because of rockslides, residents said. Trona resident Ivan Amerson said there was “significant damage,” with some houses knocked off their foundations. State officials said they had heard reports of at least one structure collapse. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said there were numerous gas leaks and that deputies were helping with evacuations. Ridgecrest police said Trona is in need of water and urged people to make donations at the police station. Caltrans said Highway 178 in the Kern River Canyon area was closed because of rockslides. Just before 1 a.m. Saturday, Kern County announced that Highway 178 through the canyon had been cleared in both directions, according to Trona is near the epicenter of Thursday’s 6.4 magnitude temblor, which damaged roads and some homes. The town has about 1,500 residents, many of whom work at the Searles Valley Minerals plant or the local high school. After Thursday’s quake, officials said their main priority was checking the industrial plant. The site produces materials such as boric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate and several specialty forms of borax used in soaps and other industrial materials.

  25. star48 Avatar


    Mohave desert
    Giant cracks–Fissures

    There were multiple fissures that broke the ground in the Mojave Desert in southern California on Thursday and Friday after two major M6.4 and M7.1 earthquakes struck the area.

  26. star48 Avatar


    More than 6000 aftershocks so far..

  27. jules104 Avatar

    Eric is this prediction related to the Southern, CA eqs that happened?

  28. star48 Avatar


    Aftershocks are increasing dramatically.

  29. star48 Avatar


    Reporter stated
    have been keeping my eye on Cal Tech’s recent earthquake map, and as I write this article it says that there have been 10,953 earthquakes in California and Nevada over the past 7 days. I have never seen that number so high, and southern California is being hit by yet another new earthquake every few moments.

    But as you can see from Cal Tech’s map, there has been a tremendous amount of seismic activity along the San Andreas fault as well. As I discussed the other day, the San Andreas fault is “locked and loaded” and it is way overdue for “the Big One”.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  30. star48 Avatar


    Newly drawn fault line maps for Los Angeles area..

  31. star48 Avatar


    California was shaking again Tuesday, with six earthquakes of 3.5 or greater

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