World Predictions 6-8-19

I had a visual of 00

Then I had a visual of 000

Multiple predictions are about to happen in the next few days. I asked which and they replied ‘3’. Either a post that was made on the third or a prediction in which the prediction was expected to happen on the third and did not.

The two major possible predictions that come to mind for me is:

This prediction which was posted on the 3rd and marks the number 3 in it: World Predictions: US Attack Coming

The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”

Other possible predictions with 3:

I had a visual of a map of Central America. Then the southern shoreline of Mexico was circled. Earthquake 66 (6.6?) in about 3

“Emergency.. heart.. heart.. in Britain.. 3 (or 30)” I had a visual of an ambulance race down a street.

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23 thoughts on “World Predictions 6-8-19

  1. sorry but believe its the new zealand quake.

    Notes 8-1-15 “Sorry Eric, its 1130″ “NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice

    quake 7.2 for new zealand either on 11th or 12th june. times up. u have to read all the predictions on new zealand and put em all together. theres a couple now coming. one wellington new plymouth area. and soon after the megaquake near christchurch. between christchurch and wellington.
    take care all.

      1. spirit is working maybe on two different time zones. sometimes giving the local date maybe sometimes giving a world date pr american date.

    1. No such thing as a significant quake warning from GNS. That being said, a moderate quake of this size is quite the rare event directly on the Alpine fault. I’ve had a look at the past 20 years of seismic activity in this area, and the only other quake of M5+ on this fault occurred only 8 months ago, in the same area…Looks like there’s enough pent up energy for a potential large event.

      1. Do you think turkey will get the s400 in july or late 2019 or beginning of 2020?

      2. Erdogan is planning to get russia military system S400 in july do you think erdogan will get them in july/august or late 2019/beginning 2020 ask your spirit just in case

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