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World Predictions 6-8-19

I had a visual of 00

Then I had a visual of 000

Multiple predictions are about to happen in the next few days. I asked which and they replied ‘3’. Either a post that was made on the third or a prediction in which the prediction was expected to happen on the third and did not.

The two major possible predictions that come to mind for me is:

This prediction which was posted on the 3rd and marks the number 3 in it: World Predictions: US Attack Coming

The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”

Other possible predictions with 3:

I had a visual of a map of Central America. Then the southern shoreline of Mexico was circled. Earthquake 66 (6.6?) in about 3

“Emergency.. heart.. heart.. in Britain.. 3 (or 30)” I had a visual of an ambulance race down a street.

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