Updated Most Accurate Predictions

Here is the updated version of the “Most Accurate Predictions” page. I would ask all of you to please share it with as many people as possible. This is our opportunity to share the work we do here. To show the world what we are trying to accomplish, while allowing the work to speak for itself.  It is my mission to one day alter these tragedies through awareness and it isn’t until recently that we have started to crack through our mission in small ways. So please share it in every way possible, share it with your college newspaper, your local media, start a thread on ATS or other social media outlets, share it on Facebook, Twitter, or print it out and put it on a cork board. Now more than ever before our mission is in sight.

The link to our page:



4 thoughts on “Updated Most Accurate Predictions

  1. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Eric and, Happy Mother’s Day to Bea!💐.
    Praying for all of the immigrant mothers, and fathers who are separated from and are not able to be with their children today. Praying that the Angels protect them from any harm and that they may all be united soon.😔🙏🏻❤️🌟

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