Predictions 7-14-18

The secret service exposes the president, sharing what he is doing.. sharing it to the world.  Is he a hero or rat? It depends on the side you take.  Pressures mount and paranoia sets in. His disapproval, historic.

They will say the president has gone insane, crazy, as he fails to help those Americans in desperate need.. and then he commits cruel vicious acts.. Spiraling out of control with crazy decisions, the US representatives are forced to take action. Then he resigns. Afterwards the US humbles itself with apology after apology.  The US name now cold, cruel, mean, it’s reputation stained.

I have to assume they are talking about the previous prediction about a future president: Predictions 6-13-18

“Get off of me” I heard,.. this is bigger than harassment, an explosive claim as the cruel one is to blame.

Though they never said it, the impression was this was about a white house official or the Capitol. 

The 16th is marked, then spirit said 16.5 as if implying in mid day.

New Zealand? I say that only because that was predicted mid day as well.

We need to regroup with our earthquake predictions, timing continues to be an issue, unlike our storm predictions that seem to be on mark. 

58 thoughts on “Predictions 7-14-18

  1. Off topic but it is the world cup final tomorrow in Moscow. Russia has hosted an amazing world cup and I hope every one has a safe and joyous final.

    “Terrorism is back! One after another: I had a visual of Moscow. Spirit is pointing to Russia as one of the locations. I had a visual of a Spider crawling on someone’s face, then another crawling. “Terrorism is making its resurgence”.

    The 15th is marked

  2. Was what happened yesterday with the 12 Russians the July bombshell prediction Spirit talked about?

  3. Why do you not think they’re referring to the current president? There’s already a lot of damage to the US’s reputation done and a number of apologies owed.

    1. Good point. I thought this president and not a future president due to the “Then he resigns.” since an older prediction said Trump would resign.

  4. Joy and mhb, I also had the same thought! I believe it is the current president. But Eric, maybe they indicated otherwise?

    1. I am making educated assumption as I always do. But all of you might be right, they did not say. If it is Trump then someone in his security team is spilling the beans.

  5. “Get off of me” I heard,.. this is bigger than harassment, an explosive claim as the cruel one is to blame.

    Could this be Melania about to speak out?

  6. The usa will change in a blink of an eye when the fbi,nsa,cia expose what is hidden. On another note the president is no higher or better than the people who work there. Many good people within and the end of the cold war with russia. The white race is all related from god aten. Same has all India and all black. Your all brothers brothers sisters of fire. This is what is being hidden. Add to the fact that trudeau and harper from canada is the image of god not trump. God is not an asshole. The cold wars between white nations are finished. They will not use religion or kill in the name of god ever again

  7. The “Get off of me” comment sounds like what one would say during a physical or perhaps sexual assault.
    If Trump commits such an assault, is the S.S. bound to step in?

      1. I sure hope Miller (Stephen) is taken down with the rest of them. He is pure evil!! He is the main architect of the separation of children from their parents at the border. I knew he was evil the first time I saw him and read about him. Why do you think he stays in the background? Because he won’t be as scrutinized by the press and the public. That way he can create more damage. I pray they are all exposed soon and held accountable.

    1. Last year, ironically, Trump appointed Miller to be in charge of women’s issues, working alongside Ivanka Trump on women’s issues, including family leave and childcare policy. Maybe Ivanka is saying “Get off of me” to Miller.

  8. I was on a YouTube channel and someone mentioned your page and here I am! I find your predictions very insightful and will follow your post! Thank you!

  9. Another Psychic has mentioned a large Earthquake for NZ (no dates given) and says the area will be left uninhabitable ?

  10. I wonder what the “insane, crazy” aspect means…things have already been shaky enough.

    I have a theory was to why the 16th is marked–that’s when the summit between Trump and Putin is scheduled. Maybe it means something happens there. Probably not, but just wanted to throw it out there.

    1. I agree that this meeting with Putin could be interesting, maybe due to a betrayal to the USA, the price is too high for someone close to the President & they turn on him, which could start the fall of our economy.

  11. Eric in this old bridge being destroyed prediction Spirit says “fear sweeps the United States”. I’m also wondering about the prediction for “protect your ships and ports”, and the lockdown. Could the lockdown be the old prediction for the US is attacked with everyone stuck in the airports and in lockdown. Have the Spirits brought up anything with Russia and the US at all? Could any of these predictions be related to them, considering what’s going on lately? I get the feeling things are about to get much worse.

    1. They really implied a return of the Cold War, after Trump the new leaders really make a point to hit Russia in the wallet, unfortunately that gives Putin an enemy to Blame for all the problems in Russia.

  12. We still have the possible attacks in New Jersey, California, and Vermont to keep an eye out for, as well as the possible Ontario bombing and a school shooting.

    Definitely keep your eyes open and be cautious in public places….don’t panic, but make it a habit to note exits and have plans on what to do.

  13. If Trump resigns, will Pence become President? Or will he be asked to go along with Trump. I want to know who will be our next President to see us to the 2020 election.

  14. Eric, Could this part of the prediction of “They will say the president has gone insane, crazy…as he fails to help those Americans in desperate need”… be about the federal employees not getting paid?
    Also I have the feeling this part of the prediction which states, “The Secret Service exposes the president, sharing what he is doing, sharing it with the world” is coming up…(or already happened?)
    And then because of his mental disorder (in my opinion) … “ then he will commit cruel viscous acts…spiraling out of control with crazy decisions, the US Representatives are forced to take action”.
    Possibly the cruel viscous acts will be his trying to use his Execitive Powers to pass “shock and awe” type laws?? (Just a guess.)
    I just feel it’s all about to unfold.🙏🏻

    1. I have been following that message in the last few day and yes it looks like it is unfolding, but I plan to hold out until the majority of the message comes to pass.

  15. Afterwards the US humbles itself with apology after apology. The US name now cold, cruel, mean, it’s reputation stained.

    John Yoo is the Bush torture lawyer:

    “Trump eyes Supreme Court ruling on DACA as license to skirt the law

    “Lawyer John Yoo believes the ruling paves the way for Trump to implement policies that Congress won’t.”

  16. I wonder if this is how the military man comes to power? Look at all of the whitehouse videos on YouTube, Facebook etc. dislikes are 3x the amount of likes in everyone pointing at disapproval. I’m not bashing Biden but there has been many reports of him “losing his mind” it’s sad to witness honestly. After this year I’ve vowed to only elect officials that are below 70. It’s unfair in my opinion for them to live out their final years in such a high stress position. I know anyone can pass at any point in life, but once we reach a certain age; there is no denying that time is limited. Hope that makes sense.

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