Guatemala Volcano Eruption

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for those who died in Guatemala during this horrible event.

I expected this prediction to be about Hawaii, but it was not.  I question whether or not this is the Pompeii prediction or Hawaii?

Predictions 5-23-18 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami  I had a visual I was watching TV, on the screen was a volcano that erupted, there was a massive amounts of smoke surrounding the area.

Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes  We are moving closer to a time when the earth reacts very violently.

Predictions 2-28-18  I had a visual of one massive Volcano eruption. The ground shook violently. The sky began to turn black. I have never seen an eruption so massive. It looked more like the historical Pompeii eruption. I need to find the location.

38 thoughts on “Guatemala Volcano Eruption

  1. I do think this was the Pompeii type prediction, I thought immediately of your warning when this happened

    1. Thanks melbrake. Indeed mother of Mary gave warning last March and April. Praying for those who are suffering and deceased.

  2. Eric, you are right on. This fits the prediction. Unbelievable. Pompeii is incredibly powerful fast.

  3. Huge prayers out to Guatemalan people. How horrific! I can’t handle those pictures, hurts my heart. Sending love and prayers…so much pain and suffering.
    Eric you nailed this prediction. We have had a meteorite and volcanic eruption. Earthquake has to be next. Tonight? Its the 4th…northern or southern Cali? Weird thing happened and someone else posted this too awhile back, flipping channels and Carole King song on. “I feel the EARTH move…. under my feet…”

      1. Yes, I recall Wednesday was predicted. Yikes! The Pompeii like vision is spot on like Star48 said, a new volcanic eruption.

      2. Oh my..I kept thinking just about every Wednesday as what if this is the day of Wednesday. When you mentioned that now…made me little nervous. Take a deep breathe. It could be tomorrow or maybe on other Wednesday but not knowing which Wednesday. Yikes. …I wish there is NO WEDNESDAY. :/

    1. Scary stuff. Even when experts don’t foresee a second eruption, sometimes it happens. It’s important to remember that, in any natural disaster, even the experts can’t always guess how things will play out….so you have to be cautious.

      I hope both volcanoes–in Guatemala and Hawaii–calm down soon, and the people living there can start to recover.

    1. Oh my..this is awful news. Praying for all being affected. Right now they need water not from the pipes or rivers. So sad…imagine 2 millions lives.

  4. They’re definitely comparing this to Pompeii, at least in the similar make-up of the eruptions. Sounds like the prediction was accurate.

  5. Know what….I am little confused about the constant pains I have and had. I had back.pain for one week..can’t recall when and it occurred either Volcano and earthquakes occurred. Again my lowerback shoulder to left arm for e weeks. That was the time before and during hawaii volcanoes. Now the pain is back which I have from left elbow to hand which is burning sensation and sharp pains. It’s occurred in Guatemala volcano. How crazy that sounds if it connected to different places and time frame. I’m still in lots of pains and learning to cope with it. Medicines doesn’t help me much. I should record it on my personal dairy with chronic pains as well as the volcano and earthquakes time frame. It may not be related to physical earth but it’d be interested if it’s coincidence. Just noticed it occurred one thing to another.

    Just wanted to document on this post ad and look back if that’s true for me or not. So we’ll see. 😉

    Have a good night sleep! ♡♡♡

  6. Eric,SWC,
    June 6 (UPI) — At least 75 people have died and nearly 200 are missing in Guatemala after a second round of eruptions at Mount Fuego that scattered ash over a wide area and forced authorities to issue new evacuations.

    Authorities said explosions from the volcano, which again streamed pyroclastic flows Tuesday, are threatening villages southeast of the mountain.

    1. Thanks for updates Star48. Did you notice they are telling people what’s happening at Pacaya is not related to what’s happening with Fuego? 🙄😤 Of course it’s related. One of their biggest mistakes in my opinion. The scientist keep saying “this is so far away it can’t be related”. Anyone who keeps up with dutchsinse knows better. That’s the reason he is able to predict correctly so many EQs and volcanic eruptions now. Dutch had a warning for a Guatemala eruption prior to it happening. And he’s just a Youtuber. Imagine what real scientist could do.

      1. Really?? Wow…scientists are entitled to their opinions and doesn’t have a clue yet. Of course they (Feugo and Pacaya) are related, no matter how far apart. I’ve read that the Mt Rupahue in New Zeland is rising heat, also Yellowstone had 7th steamboat all within time frame. It has to be connecting to the very core from inside the earth like the ants underground colony (sort of but get the pic). I’ve learned something new about the volcano. Noticed that the Hawaii and Guatemala have different character. That’s cool and it’s all different like the mountains, lakes, oceans, Grand Canyon,’s all come into different forms and shapes. So, the volcanoes are not all the same as the way it expode or erupt. It was incredibly amazing that Hawaii has 20 plus fissures. Its rare to see that in our lifetime. And Guatemala was very scary that gave NO warning…it’s exploded out of the blue. Yikes! Now, imagine as what might happen to Yellowstone with no warning…What if this is the mega monster 10 times worst than Pompeii? That I do not want to known the real answer. That’d be very scary and bizarre. It probably wiped out the dinosaurs billion of years ago. That’s one theory. :/

        That’s what I love about Dutchsince. He is super awesome with his gifts by brainstorming and observed thr patterns over period of times. It became his passion and hobby. Also, I’m grateful for Eric sharing his predictions with us, especially willing to share the Truths that was lost in million of years before the bible was established almost 2,000 years. Forever blessed to be a team of SWC with Eric and Spirits to help us discover as who and why we are here on this planet. ♡♡

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