Predictions 6-3-18

Throughout the night and morning I heard the word ‘earthquake’. The earthquake message is still a focus of theirs.

The previous predictions about the west coast was focused on the 4th: Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes

Then this prediction talked about Monday the 4th but brought confusion on the location: Prediction: Earthquake Coming Soon

Cambridge Analytica.. liar, liar.. they lied to the counsel.. and now they are in trouble with the law.  I had a visual of people being arrested.

I had a visual I was in a town and in the distant background was a huge smoke stack, it looked like an explosion took place.




43 thoughts on “Predictions 6-3-18

  1. Again, very highly earthquake activities in Hawaii for these past few hours. Stay alert for tomorrow quake in west coast of USA.

  2. Eric,
    Ref::I had a visual I was in a town and in the distant background was a huge smoke stack, it looked like an explosion took place.

    See. Today eruption..Fuego..

  3. Hi Eric,
    I was wondering if you’ve ever considered registering for Patreon. I’d gladly send a few bucks a month for all of your efforts and it might allow you more time to recover and heal. Just a thought. You do a world of good for us.

      • Patreon is a web site where people who follow a particular person with expertise and we can make a small monthly contribution to the person we follow. You set the amount from $1 a month to any amount you want.

        It’s a blog type site but it’s also a way that people who wanted to contribute could do it easily. Several tarot readers use it and have several hundred followers who pitch in $2 to $5 a month. It helps them provide their services to the masses by giving them a little extra income that offsets the time they are spending on blogs.

        Most either have a separate YouTube channel or blog like you’ve got here where people who don’t want to contribute can still see the content. I personally subscribe to two people on Patreon. I also think Dutchsinse is on Patreon to help support his earthquake reports.

        I think you spend a lot of your time doing this, we all benefit from it and I certainly wouldn’t mind committing a small amount each month to your efforts. You could also use Patreon to post private video links to the group that’s trying to get the word out to events.

        I can email you on a couple of folks that I subscribe to if you want to see how it works. It might give you just enough income from your blog efforts that it would let you heal and rest.

  4. Just came across this news of a shooting in texas at football game
    2 shooters on loose. By the way I live in AZ and work in Scottsdale AZ and had a man killed a 4 people in a day and found dead in a hotel room
    From volcanoes to quakes and mad people shooting up places. What is going on?


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