China Earthquake / UK Flooding

These tragic predictions have happened. The implication behind it continues to speak to a California earthquake. Please pray for the safety of all those in China.

On the same post as the China earthquake they also predicted flooding in the UK. Please if you’re in the Britain be safe. Spirit predicted that it would continue to grow between the 24th and 30th.

Tropical Storm Alberto  Message from last night: I had a visual of cracks going into different directions, then it shifted to China, south Asia, Mexico, and California. Spirit is still predicting a mass upkeep of earthquakes.

Predictions 4/18/18  Then the introduction of a new prediction one that will have our undivided attention: I had a visual I was above looking down at an area, the area was completely destroyed. The buildings in rubble, towering metal rods sticking up from the ground. Nothing was left of the area that wasn’t destroyed.

It’s very possible this last message is connected to the India / China earthquake. In both instances they talked about a ‘collapse’.

Prediction: Bridge Attack

“China earthquake.. heavy destruction.. please take caution.”

“Great Britain.. the water just kept going.. growing.”

We are expecting a major event in the coming days. I am going to look over the old predictions to see if any predictions point to a date between the 24th and 30th. If anyone remembers a prediction expected in that timeframe please let me know.

6 thoughts on “China Earthquake / UK Flooding

  1. One of the older predictions referenced today (Prediction: Bridge Attack), is concerning. That prediction mentioned the China quake and the UK floods, and in that same prediction they talked about someone destroying a bridge on purpose.

    In that older prediction, they said “two”, and Eric thought at the time it meant two days. But maybe it meant months. That prediction was made in late March, so it could mean two months from then–which would be around now.
    Maybe they were warning the bridge attack would happen at the time the other events did?

    It’s kind of a wild guess at this point, but it’s weird how some of it seems to match up. But it could be coincidence.

  2. eso significara que luego sigue uno en sur de asia luego el de mexico y luego el de california?

  3. I also thought of Truth 8 which references “One very large mud or landslide.” A dam in North Carolina is in danger of failing due to a landslide It also mentions the coming tsunami. I feel like connecting the occurring predictions could give us the road map to narrow down then next predictions coming forth and locations so we can help get the word out to those that could be effected.

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