Texas School Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. Oh how change is needed, these tragedies need to stop.

In 5, could be seen as May, the 16 is the date making it off by two days. I believe this is one of four zeros. There is another message about ‘Joey’ but we need to wait for the details. Then there is another shooting about a baseball field.

This has been posted in the past.

Predictions 4-11-18  I had a visual of a man with a cowboy hat turn a corner and then leave.

I had a visual of 4 different zeros lining up. Four different predictions are about to happen. In the visual they looked like silver metal thin rings racing down a road. They the rings lined up one after another.

Texas Shooting Coming I heard gun fire while people scrambled for safety. In the background was a van or mini van.
“Coach.. uniform.. 16”
“Get your hands off me!” I also heard what I believe were dogs barking in the background.
“In 5”
“Texas” I had a visual of a small star in the palm of ones hand implying the capital Austin Texas or an area around Austin.
It was implied;  a campus

This is coming.. now.. Texas.. at 2” “Mortally wounded.. leg.” Then they said what I believe was Flynn or Fin, they could just be saying we are finished

Predictions 4-15-18  I had a visual I was up very high in the sky looking down at a shooting spree unfold.

25 thoughts on “Texas School Shooting

  1. This is another school shooting tragedy. I guess it will take the younger generations to stop the madness because many of the people in charge probably will still resist any changes to gun laws…I want to put a song up that I feel is comforting and I hope some people can listen and realize that we are all angels if we are compassionate and humane to each other…

  2. The problem is the people, not the gun, why do people always blame the gun for the shootings

  3. “why do people always blame the gun for the shootings” Uhhhhhh, because people without guns don’t do school shootings? It’s not the people. IT’S THE PEOPLE WITH GUNS! How god-awful obvious is that.

    I hate that this is all starting to feel normal. Our comments are getting sad and snarky. I for one am still really pissed off.

    To congress people who are afraid of the NRA – These dead kids are on you. You let them down. YOU let them down. How many more bullet riddled bodies will it take for you to get a spine? How many children screaming in pain and bleeding out on the floor of their school, before you come to your senses? We didn’t pull you kicking and screaming into the legislature, you signed up for this. Do the damn job you were hired to do. If the NRA takes you out then you’ve done the job you were hired to do – so prepare yourself for private life and do the right thing while you have the power. Otherwise you’re just taking up space and preventing someone with more guts from getting the job done. Your job security is NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LIVES OF SCHOOL CHILDREN.

    You won’t die if you lose an election. You won’t even be sadder then the parents of these kids. You won’t be jobless for long. You’re not poor. You’re not hungry. The NRA won’t kill you. School children shouldn’t be the collateral damage demanded by the NRA.

    To voters who forgive congress people who are afraid of the NRA – You’d better hope it isn’t your child next.

    1. Thanks for standing up for the truth kginoregon. God help us all if this is normal. When it is your child ..god forbid…a psychic change will occur. Pray for love, peace, courage to change what is no longer working.

  4. Dear god, another one. Something needs to be done.

    Personally, I think the effort needs to be two-pronged: better mental health stuff, and better restrictions on guns. I’m not calling for a ban on all guns, people have a right to defend themselves….but we should be much more responsible.

    Civilians shouldn’t have access to military-like weapons such as automatics.They can defend themselves with pistols or rifles perfectly well.

    And there should be a national database of people *not* to sell guns to. We have a no-fly list for potential terrorists–surely we should have a list of violent criminals, seriously mentally ill/homicidal risks, terrorist supporters, and abusers who are too dangerous to own guns.

    The second amendment is good, but it should not be carried out so recklessly. Better mental health services, a national do-not-sell-to database, better controls on automatics and semi-automatics, all that would make a major difference in stopping shootings.

    It’d identify and try to help people with mental health issues, it’d alert gun-sellers that the person in front of them is a terrorist or had threatened to shoot his school or girlfriend, and give them the power to refuse to sell. And if civilians didn’t have access to automatics, people in shootings would have a better chance at survival.

    I encourage everyone to contact their congressional representatives and urge them to implement these things. That way guns can be handled safer and seriously cut down the risk of shootings, and law-abiding citizens would still be able to buy weapons if they need them for self-defense.
    I’m writing to Congress later today, myself.

  5. I was married to an NRA lifetime member so I understand the feelings of the gun loving public pretty well. I prefer less guns myself in general. My ex wanted me to get a small pistol and carry it everywhere in my purse. After I was divorced I thought about my gun training and I realized that I didn’t want to tote one of those things around or have to worry about it getting into the wrong hands. I also realized that I don’t have what it takes to kill another human even if it means the worst outcome. I don’t think I can do that, even if I am threatened. So I decided to put all that training my ex-husband gave me to shoot pistols in the back of my mind and not worry about it–my intuition and my spirit guides will hopefully protect me. Shooting paper targets was fun for me though.
    The gun laws are so seriously lax that anyone can get quite a lot of firepower and tons of ammo. Is that reasonable? People act like it is a game to have the most powerful shooting equipment and ammo money can buy–special bullets that mushroom out to make bigger exit holes and do more destruction, bullets that explode inside the body etc…all the things that make my skin creepy crawly if I think on them too much.
    All I want is some reasonable laws, but I think hunters should still be able to hunt if they are law abiding citizens (by the way I don’t think I can shoot innocent animals either). Its a touchy subject here in the US where some people want to have all the guns and ammo they can.

    1. It’s a difficult debate, I lived in a part of Arizona riddled with dangers from nature like wild animals, everyone had a gun. But I also lived in the belly of Chicago where the worst animal was a rat, yet gun violence soared. We have to remember we are share this massive nation with so many different lifestyles, sacrifices need to be made for the greater good.

  6. In the May 16th post, Eric wrote “In 3 minutes”, and he said minutes often mean days. Well, maybe the spirits were warning the shooting was coming in 3 days…the timeline’s pretty close, though not 100% accurate.

  7. I watched a documentary on John Hinckley Jr, he was asked how we could’ve prevented him from shooting Ronald Reagan, he said if he had to fill out paperwork to buy the gun, that he was too mentally ill to do that. I cannot believe that anyone can look at this situation & be more concerned about their gun being taken away, than the fact that innocent children were murdered, how selfish and sad. I will pray for those families & pray that this doesn’t happen me & my children.

  8. The President issued a Proclimation for all Federal facilities for the flag to be flown at half mast. I recall Eric mentioning this occurring in a recent post.

    1. Melbrake
      Thats the word weary…
      I live in Australia and can only imagine how this makes you all feel .
      We here feel it for you all ..if we are feeling as we do about it …its exponentially more heartbreaking for you all..
      Prayers and love light to families and all of you ..

  9. So sad. The “loners” need to be reached out for mentally, emotionally and socially. The students and employees at schools MUST stop “bullying ” the loners. These behaviors and attitudes are solely responsible on individuals towards the loners to make them feel they are accepted and welcomed by society. For one, Trump needs to set an example of his morally towards others. For example : omit the words “Crooked Hillary”, etc. Not a great model affected the young generations. That attitude is not helpful to the young civilians. Even the adults should know better to act and behave appropriately. In our America society, we lost many great respective from civilians…we need more people to act and changed to be better models for our young civilians to make the difference and live in peace and harmony.

    May God rest the souls that lost in Santa Fe high school. Please forgive the sinner for he doesn’t know better. Help us to be better toward other people by our smiles, generous and acceptance. Show our love and mercy by overcoming the darkness. Bring light and love toward one person and all. We are all in One. In His Might Name. Amen.

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