Texas Shooting Coming

“This is coming.. now.. Texas.. at 2”

“Mortally wounded.. leg.”

Then they said what I believe was Flynn or Fin, they could just be saying we are finished.

The Previous prediction expected to happen soon:

Predictions 2-19-16 Texas Shooting  I heard gun fire while people scrambled for safety. In the background was a van or mini van.
“Coach.. uniform.. 16”
“Get your hands off me!” I also heard what I believe were dogs barking in the background.
“In 5”
Assuming its a countdown that should be sometime around this Monday the 22nd.
“Texas” I had a visual of a small star in the palm of ones hand implying the capital Austin Texas or an area around Austin.
It was implied;  a campus


24 thoughts on “Texas Shooting Coming

  1. there was a dream i had about a guy going into a cafe like setting and doing small bomb. his name was bruno. not sure were in the world but hopefully can be averted.

  2. If you meditated yesterday i guess it means that from yesterday it was 2 days until the event was about to take place, which means it lands on 5, tomorrow. I can also see that it implied the number 5 in your first prediction about this, so perhaps it’s about to take place tomorrow?

    1. It definitely lines up well, I didn’t even notice it until I was about to post. However its always ‘around’ the timeframe with Spirit, there have been countless times where they predict a specific date and it happens one or two days later.

      1. It lines up, but nothing happened so it has to mean something else. At the moment i have no clue.

  3. Just in case it is “Flynn”. Here is a Ryan Flynn new head baseball coach with Texas A&M International University. There will be some sort of Induction Ceremony on Sunday, March 7th, during half time at a game in Oklahoma. On the back of his hat (in second link) is the number 17. Not 16, but close.

  4. Just an idea, but on Friday March 11, the will be a dedication ceremony for the Fort Hood Memorial for the mass shooting thay took place in 2009. There will be uniforms there by way of soldiers. Fort Hood/Killeen is near Austin.

  5. There’s the shooting in Dallas downtown tonight. 11 officers were shot, 3 officers dead and 2 shooters. Does this match to this prediction of TX shooting?

    1. Mary,
      I believe this particular reference already happened with Ballerina student?
      there are a couple other references..
      Let’s wait for Eric/ spirit to confirm..okay?

    2. Mary, Star48 pointed out the 6-3-16 post. Look at that one. It seems to match somewhat. But yes we need to wait for Eric to confirm. I worry about the plane reference now. Praying for Dallas and the protesters and Police Officers and their loved ones.

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